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Pa Mugo, the Senator of the Masses

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Pa Mugo is a periodical editorial in Pidgin English (broken english). On this page, Pa Mugo's focus will be on events in our country Nigeria and among her people both within and outside the country. We promise our visitors that nothing or no one will be spared in situations involving Nigerians. Pa Mugo- the Senator of the Masses, will talk about everything under the Nigeria's Universe. The opininon does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff and management of KEK Technology Inc. and its affiliates. Click here to send message to  Pa Mugo.   Home   News  


Pa Alex Ekwueme na Cry Baby

My people he don shele o, the thing wey power by force go cause for our Obodo, I no sabi where he go end o. Se una don hear say our Papa and brother Ekwueme (former vice president) don take Uncle Sege and him party go court say dem do dabaru. The man talk say President Obasanjo no resign from their executive committee before he contest for their party election. He even talk say the man no follow guidelines wey dey their party constitution. Him talk say since the man no follow the thing, make court cancel the election wey dem do three weeks ago and come do another one. He even talk say as the man no resign as dem talk for party guidelines, make dem comot Obasanjo and come put him make he run for their party.

My people se una dey hear our former Vice President. Where him dey before their primary, no be dis our Obodo. You mean say him no fit talk dis thing before dis their yeye election three weeks ago? D man surprise me self, him be person wey I respect well well not because me and am come from dis same village but because na man wey get integrity and dey respect himself. But as he dey behave so, dis man don dey yeye himself. As una sabi, Uncle Sege no be my favourite but the thing be say I no dey like person wey no get backbone, and no sabi when he don lose. He want force himself on us abi na wetin, you mean the man no sabi when to call am quit? The man don lose make he move on, all dis afterthoughts ideas don pass me o. Sebi no be yesterday dem born the man, he sabi all those games wey dem dey play for politics. Dis one own na crocodile tears wey no go solve anything. The man come dey behave like small pikin wey no want gree say he don lose for fight. He for say the man talk all dis talk before election people for support am but as the thing don pass and his party don elect Uncle Sege, he go good make him just go sit down jeje. Why he no complain during election? You mean he want tell me say he go allow dem make dem do another election if to say na him win and Uncle Sege come lose, and Obasanjo supporters come talk say since Uncle Segen no resign, make dem do election again? I beg my brother all dis because of power to chop our money. Sebi him and Shagari play dis same game on our Elderstatemen Pa Zik and Awo 20 years ago. Na the thing wey Oyinbo dey call Nemesis be dis, God don play am as he play those men of great honours.

All dis him hilahilo na yanyampu and he dey too late. I hope say no be say the man dey take style want cause problem for President Obasanjo so our fellow Ibo candidates wey dey other party go fit win. Dat one na abomination and he no good for person of him caliber.

Sebi the man na doctor and him get sense well well, how come he no declare him candidacy long time ago wey he com come out three weeks before their party election. Nawa Uncle Alex, you no play am smart out, you want contest against current President and you no declare your intention wey wey before election, how you want tey win my brother? Dis thing na common sense and our brother Dr Alex no get case for dis one o. Person wey don declare two years ago no win, and you come expect you wey declare three weeks before election go come win against the President? He be like say our Uncle Alex think say na village election dem want do for here.

My advice to am be say make he just go sitdown jeje dey enjoy him grandpikin dem. People wey dey advice am just want make am yeye himself.

Na here I go stop my people, make una take am easy o.....................


Southern Politicians Na Babanla Mumu

My people Happy New Year, I hope say una rest una body and soul well well o. I for don talk to una but I talk say make I allow una rest small, as say plenty of una travel una village go enjoy. Another thing be say una village no get light wey una for take dey read my tory for Internet.

Any way sa, I pray make dis year better pass last year own for all of us (Amen / Aminat Yarabi). My people make I ask una dis question especially una dem wey come from southern part of our great obod. How come plenty of una so call Politicians no too dey use dat their korokoro head self? Na everybody sabi say for Nigeria, na people wey come from anything below River Niger dey read book pass. Na there you go see wey a whole family go be professor for University. Anything wey involve book own na Southerners people go first look before dem go think about us wey be Northerners. But the question be say with all those advantages, my people for south no sabi use the thing to their advantage. All dis tribal politics and greed no make our so call leaders use their common sense at all.

I know say as una dey read dis thing plenty of una don dey cause my mama and people wey dey for my village. But my people make una hear me out first o, before una start dey call Pa ‘Mugo names. Sebi all of una dey read all dis politics wey dey happen for our Obodo Nigeria Papers. Last time wey I hear, dem talk say since my people for North don rule dis our Obodo for long, dem talk say dem go allow make person wey be Southerner rule for sometime before the thing go shift base again. But as he dey so, make una no surprise say na my kinsman from North go rule us again. The reason be say plenty of our southern Leaders dey too selfish for their own good, dem too dey play dis do or die stuff wey be say if dem no fit win dem no go allow their fellow southern win the thing. As for some, since dem don taste power, dem no want give chance to other people from their region. See Uncle Sege wey be say him don rule twice already o, I no sabi why he no fit gree retire for the thing so other southerners wey come from South East or South South go fit run for the thing. But as the man don taste the thing, na how he go repeat time na him be his goal. Dat I see say na greed and dis talk say he be God fearing person and no like material things na rubbish. Wetin to be in Power come be, no be material? I beg make una go sitdown.

And as for other southerners wey dey All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP), make dem go bury their heads for sand including dat useless Okadigbo wey no get any sense of decency for body. Because the man want rule at all cost na him make am dey sell him soul. The thing wey I no sabi be say why the man no fit say no to number two position as everybody don talk say make dem give southerner a chance. If to say him too refuse just like him fellow southerners, Buhari no go fit be number one. He no possible make Northerners be number one and two. Dat one no go work for our country, but as he be say our so call Southern Leaders na everybody for him own, dem don outplay dem selves again as usual. And na dat dey make my people for North dey win the thing with no problem. Se be Senator Okadigbo be Doctor for Politics, if to say I be the man I go tell the University wey I go school make dem give me my money back. Because the man no sabi opportunity if he see am. If to say he refuse the thing like his fellow Southerners, him party no get choice, dem for make one of dem as the presidential candidate by force. If to say he do dat one, an Ibo person go get clear path to Aso rock for the first time since our Late papa Zik. As he be say plenty Northerner Power brokers no too take to Obasanjo, the next best thing for be ANPP southern presidential candidate wey for be person from South East or South South. Instead na second fiddle na him he want play. Make he forget say he go ever become President, dis don show say the man with all him education, he don fail for pratical na only theory he sabi. The thing wey him no sabi be say, wetin make am dey sure say even if his party win and him come become VP, come Year 2007, dis Buhari too no go play the same game wey Uncle Sege too dey play now? Another thing be say, even him fellow South Easterns fit no gree am easy passage just like the Yorubas fit no gree make their kinsmen no dey for position of power for two elections.

So my people make una no blame my kinsmen for North o, dem just tell our Southern Politicians say dat book wey dem sabi no be anything when it come to Nigeria Politics o. Thanks to our southern Politicians like President Obasanjo, Senator Okadigbo and the rest of dem, the road don open again for my fellow Northerner.

My people na here I go stop, make una dey do jeje o.


Haba Yoruba Leaders, where una sense of fairness?

My people how dey go dey go? I pray say dis New Year bring us plenty money and booze. Another injustice don happen again for our Obodo wey I no sabi why. No be two weeks ago I hear say our Leaders for Osun Assembly say dem go comot Deputy Governor Omisore. I hear dem talk say the man action dey affect his position and political Party. Dat one na their palavar but the only thing wey me dey against the kind talk wey follow from some of our so call Yoruba Leaders dem. I no like the way some of our Yoruba leaders dey treat the man and Deputy Governor for Lagos State. Even if dem no gree with the two deputy governors he no mean say we go dey treat dem like lepers. Sebi dem be Yoruba people like us, how come because dem no gree with their Governors dem na him be say we must bury dem alive. Which kind government we dey run self for Nigeria?. As he be so, plenty of dis so call Leaders dem no get any respect for my face. Sebi dem talk am say as person grow na so him sense too go grow with am. But the kind thing wey dis our so call Yoruba leaders dem dey do I no sabi am atall. Dem too dey take side for matter (wey plenty time he no concern dem) wey I go think say as dem dey old so dem go apply dat their wisdom small tay settle the matter, instead na kerosene dem dey pour for the thing.

Immediately wey we hear say Osun State Assembly don impeach Deputy Governor Omisore na him we hear say some yeye Leaders dey talk say make Police arrest the man. Me I no sabi if the man dey among people wey kill our Leader Ige but the thing be say which person appoint dem as Jurists and executioners? Why dis so call Yoruba leaders no fit let police do dem work instead wey we go talk like say we dey there when the crime occur. The way things dey go for South West, make una no surprise if another “Wet e” (war) happen again o. Na the same thing dey happen for Lagos State between Governor Tinubu and his deputy. I hope say no be chop money wey Governor Tinubu dey give our so call Yoruba Leaders dey make dem no too dey use their sense of justice for dis matter? Sey dem want tell me say Asiwaju of Lagos na saint him be for the palavar? Sebi na Yoruba belief say person wey hear one side for quarrel before he decide na yeye leader/ Elder he be and must be condemn. Why dem no fit use dat wisdom settle the matters instead na how dem go tay destroy the house na him dem go dey plan. Where all the other fair-minded Yoruba leaders dey self? My people the kind path wey plenty of our so call Nigerian Leaders dey follow fit dabaru the whole country o. Dis problem no be Yoruba problem o, I see the same trend for all our Obodo corner corner o. Na the same thing dey happen for South East when Senators Anyim and Nzeribe dey fight, wey some yeye Leaders dey talk say make dem ban Nzeribe for Senate. The thing too dey happen for North o. Na pray I go pray for New Year say make God / Allah/ Ozonubua / Chineke / Olorun help us raise leaders wey go do right by us.

Na here I go stop my people make una dey do jeje o. Happy New Year……


Wetin Commander-in-Chief mean self?

My people, we don plan before for our office say I no go release any comment till next year, but all dis things wey I dey hear for our Obodo no gree me keep quite. For example, dis talk from some states say dem no want our President make him come campaign for their states I no want hear am atall atall. My people as una sabi no be say I like Uncle Sege, but the thing be say since say for our Obodo now na him be our President, he go good make we show am dat respect. All dis yeye leaders and governors wey dey talk dis yanyanpu talk, how many of dem fit talk so for Military own. No be last month or so we hear say some of our Leaders for South East dey talk say make the man no come their states. Now I dey hear am again say some states for North no want the man come their states too. Which kind democracy we dey run wey be say na only people and parties wey we support we go allow come visit our states? Just as other people get right na so for our current Commander in chief- Obasanjo. If una no support the man na una problem be dat, no mean say commoner like us wey dey una states no want support the man. Even self if to say na only one person like am, the man still get right as a candidate, and he fit go any state wey he likes just like any other candidates. All dis una yeye talk fit divide Nigeria. Dis kind thing wey una want start fit dabaru Nigeria o.

Wetin una go do if Obasanjo people too come start the same thing say any person wey no be Yoruba dem no go allow am for South West? And the thing no stop there, dem come talk again say any goods wey dey go another part of Nigeria no dey pass their area wetin una go come do? Small time Midwest start their own, South East follow, North Central begin their own, North East, North West, before una sabi the thing don cover all Nigeria. I believe say for election own, we must give everybody equal access and chance. As for una wey no like Uncle Sege, dat one na una personal problem. Plenty of una na the money wey the man no let una chop na him dey make una dey attack am now. Last time wey him people for South West talk say dem no want the man una no hear, as the man no come give una everything as una dey enjoy before una come dey talk say the man must go. Una dey look for person wey go support una interest like say other parts of Nigeria na stepsons wey no get rights. All dis yeye interest palava stuff, I no sabi why our National Assembly no put am for Constitution wey every tribe and part of Nigeria interest go dey protected instead of all dis Tribal politics wey we dey practice. As my brother for America dem talk “ make una deal with it”. The man na commander in chief, no means say na for only poor people or him kinsmen, na for all Nigerians. If una no like am, April go soon come wey una go let una voice count and vote against people wey una no support. But my people before then, na the man be our President and we must respect am even if we no agree with him policies and progrmmes.

As for Yoruba leaders, na shame on una. He come be like say the man no get any support at all even from his own people. I know say una no support am during last election, but no mean say una must abandon am when we know say the others no they fair to am. Dis no be because na Yoruba man but because na our President.

Ever since I sabi una, una be one tribe wey dey fight for justice. And una always dey dey fair to people. The Yoruba people wey I sabi before no dey vote for person because he be one of dem na because he get good programmes for all Nigerians. If una no like a man programme even if the person na una pikin una no go support am. Why una come dey quite? when una know say all dis yeye people wey dey talk bad about Obasanjo na chop chop dem dem dey look for no be say dem no like the man because him programme no good for common men but na because dem no too find money chop as before na him dey make dey complain about his regime.

My peopole na hear I go stop o, I hope say all better stakeholders wey we get for our Obodo go think hard about dis things o. If people no want Obasanjo again na their right be dat, but the man must get access to all voters just like Ekwueme, Rimi, Nwachukwu, Buhari, Gemade and all other contestants. Make una dey do jeje o.


Elections 2003: Make una Leave Am Alone

Wetin dey happen my fellow Obodians, se una dey manage small small? Make una no worry, small small he go better. Any way sa, we pray say as dis year dey end, make we dey among people wey go see year 2003 and beyond o, Ami Yarabi, Amina.

I know say plenty of una say Amen for my prayer but as things dey go so for our Obodo Nigeria, he go good if we add to dat prayer o because na dat year we go do election. And for our country na real palava. I hear say people wey get plenty money no be the wannabies o, I dey talk money wey Ghana must go bag no fit fit, don dey buy tickets for their family make dem run go obodo Oyinbo as dem sabi say wahala fit happen. My people I no blame dem o, if to say I get money, no be me and una go spend Christmas and New Year for dis our country o. I for don dey for Switzerland dey miliki but as I no fit buy spoke for my keke own, na him be say Pa Mugo go dey here kampe.

So my people na dis come bring me to all dis talk say make our President no run for re-election. Some people say make our Uncle Sege do the same thing wey our baba for Africa, Pa Mandela do for South Africa. But the thing wey I no sabi be say Nigeria no be South Africa and Uncle Sege no be Pa Mandela. If the man talk say he want run for another election make he run. Na him get himself, sebi if he no win, Ota dey there wey he go pack him load go. No be say I dey support our President o, but the thing be say as dem dey talk for America, "the man get right" and even self, sebi he dey for our Constitution say President fit run for re-election. All dis yeye talk say make he allow South East person for President na yanyampu. No be three years ago the man reach the thing, wetin happen to dis talk say make each region do am for two terms before the thing go another region. No be for almost 30 years our brothers for North rule us, the man no reach four years and we don dey talk say make he comot. If to say no be magomago our Leaders dem dey do why dem no allow our people vote am comot if dem no want am, abi wetin dem dey call Democracy? if our people for Nigeria no want am the man go hear am for election. I think all dis people wey dey complain dey afraid say if dem compete against am dem no go win. All dis talk na because dem no get better thing wey dem fit sell us as their pass don dey catch up with dem.
My own be say if the man dey bad as dem talk why dem no allow us make we take vote comot am for him Post. If people think say the man no deserve another term dem no go vote for am and if we think say na him better everybody na him be say the man go sleep for Aso Rock for another 4 years.

As for our so call Leaders for South East wey dey talk say make the man allow person from our region, I hope say dem sabi the adage for Yoruba land wey talk say "stick wey dem take drive first wife comot for house dey for roof top and na dis same stick dem go take do pattern for second wife back". Na beg I take beg my fellow Igbo make we remember say if the man come resign because of our us, make we no complain if other people come bring the same palava four years from now. Before we blink our eyes, four year go pass fiamm, wetin we go come tell dem if other people talk say make we comot? I dey pray say make dis our so call Leaders no let their own greed and ambitious spoil our turn when we fit rule for two terms. If dem follow all dis yanyampu talk say our turn na now, na him be say four years from 2003 the thing go return to my people for North.

Make I tell una true true, I no believe say our President deserve another term but the thing be say if he want run make we let am run, he no mean say we go vote for am. All dis yeye people wey dey for National Assembly I hope say people wey get better program go drive dem comot for next election because dem be BIG DISGRACE.

Na here I go stop, make una dey do jeje o.


Our President Na Wayo Man

Wetin make our President think say people for our Obodo na mumu? I no sabi the man o, person wey think say the man no dey use agbari na him be say dat person na real Kutelu. How una dey my people, I hope say una don dey ready for Christmas and as for my Muslim brothers and Sisters dem, Happy Ramadan. I for join una but the worms wey dey inside my belle no gree me o. If food no enter my belle as I dey so na him be say time don dey reach wey my forefathers dem go get visitor for yonder.

Make I continue with my tory ojare. No be last month our President Uncle Sege talk for Plateau State say him dey sorry for the wahala wey happen last year wey plenty innocent people die for our Zombie boys hand. Plenty people dey ask me say why the man no talk so last year when the thing happen. I no even think say the man visit the place as he dey busy dey fly around the world like bird wey no get diretion. But my people I hear say plenty Leaders for Plateau State no buy him yeye apology because dem see through him wayo mind. Sometime dis kind thing dey make me wonder which advisers dey advise our president self. He be like say the people and the person wey dem dey advice, na all of dem dey face west like Cows for Apapa wey no get direction. But I no fit too blame dem because our President sabi right from wrong, Uncle Sege sabi the thing wey he dey do. As for me o, I dey behind the thing wey those leaders talk for Jos. Make we look at the thing self, how come our President just dey visit the place, why he no visit dem last year? I know say plenty of una sabi the thing wey our Uncle Sege want pull. As the man don dey hear for Core North say dem no go vote for am, na him make am change him plan for my Middle Belt Kinsmen. The man think say if he tell my people for Middle Belt say he dey sorry for the thing, the people go talk say our president beg make we forgive am and he go fit use dat win their votes. But my people, I think our President don fail for dis one o. I pray say the people no let him yeye apology fool dem for eyes o because the thing wey happen last year no better leader wey dey think about him people go do dat kind thing. I trust my Tiv people dem don shine their face well well.

My fellow obodians, which people dey talk say our President no want become president na beg dem beg am make he take am self, with all the things wey dey happen he be like say our President go even sell him pikin for dis post o. If una look the kind deal wey the man dey make una go know say person wey go drive am comot go try real hard my people. No be two months ago I hear say the man ask General Banbagida wetin he want make he do for am, if he want his support. I hear say the man tell am make he comot some minister dem. As I no dey there, I no sabi if the people wey talk am dey nack tory or na true. If the man comot his friends na him be say his political career don finito be dat. As my brother for America dey talk say "IF YOU NO STAND FOR SOMETHING, YOU GO FALL FOR ANYTHING".

Na here I go stop my people, I pray say our country go be like America wey people wey lose Election go take am kampe no be like our people here wey be say Na hire killer and Juju dem go take settle the thing. Na wa for us o.........


M. Abacha Money Trail Saga: See as our Asewo Leaders dey Sell their Souls

How dey go dey go my people, I hope say una dey kampe? I know say plenty of una dey wonder say wetin happen to me, my people I thank una wey send me messages o, may dis our Almighty God, Allah, Chinenke and Olorun bless una proper.

But he no good if I no tell una the thing wey cause my missing in action (MIA). Se una sabi say soup wey sweet na money kill am, na our Oga send us home make we go rest small as him money run out. Na only God say the man get wife wey get small money, if not, our company for don packup. I hope no be dis kind talk go make our Oga comot me patapata as I don put him business for Internet. But make we talk true, how come people no dey think well well before dem start business, when no be by force. I dey think before say our Oga na won Agbari o until dis palavar sele, na him be say part of our Oga brain dey for him yansh while the other dey sleep for Jankara market. Because I no sabi why he no put him thinking cap for dat him Hurbert Macauley head before he start dis yeye thing wey he call business. Anyway sa, no be him be my palavar today.

My people which kind Obodo be our own wey be say na Barawos dey call the short? If dem say make Uncle Sege jump de man go say how high. Nawa o, how person go thief our country dry and people go dey flock him house like say Ole na better name. Sebi una see how Mohammed Abacha treat our government like say our country na him papa kingdom. Dem talk say the man and his Barawos Family make agreement with our yeye government say if dem free am for jail, him go give us back our money wey him and his scum for dis earth friend (Kashoki) thief for our Treasury. Una believe say soon the man comot for jail, him talk say he no make deal with our government. Before I pound on am, make I talk about our yeye President, if una dey talk about person wey don sell him soul, na our President be number one. The man too dey talk double talk, how you go talk one minute say you dey against corruption and come turn around and release person wey commit greatest crime person fit commit because you want win re-election by force. Una mean say if our President no win re-election him life go stop? The man release the bastard because he want our Power that be Northern leaders votes. As if to say the rest of my people for north na zombie wey no get mind of their own. Since dat day, I don loose respect for am, the man no get principle at all.

Na him bring me back to those yeye Politicians wey flock Abacha house because dem want collect some ill-gotten money and get his support at the same time. The one wey pain me pass na dis yeye Governor Kalu. I no sabi why my people for East no stone the man when he come back from his shameful trip. How one family go thief money wey our Government for take improve our lives, and some people we no get back bone go dey sing their praises like say dem be God. No be dis year UN report talk say our country dey among countries wey poor pass church rat. And no be say we no get resources, the problem be say the only people wey our country dey punish if dem thief money na highway robbers and poor people like us. If you dey big and you thief money, na deal our country go make with you and you no go smell prison if you sabi your game well. Na dis bring me to the yeye Sharia law wey our Governors for North talk say he go help clean our society. How many of dis yeye Governors and Leaders talk say make Abacha dem face Sharia law, but dem fit use am punish poor hungry person wey thief Goat for Zamfara. Na there you see am my people! dis country no get leaders na wolfs dem na him plenty for our National Assembly and State Houses. I pray say make spirit of our innocent pikin dem wey die because dem mama no fit find money buy food haunt dem and their household till dem yamutu (Amin Yarabi) because our so call leaders na murderers and dem be excuse for human being wey no fit live among us..

Na here I go stop for now, I dey beg una my fellow Obodian make una shine una face well well o if una no want be victim of our wayo/pen robber Leaders wey dey for our mist.


Haba National Assembly, Why Una Want Impeach Uncle Sege?

How life now my people, I hope say una dey manage? I sorry say he don tay wey una hear from me, na because we no too find tory cause dis long silent be dat.

The thing wey I want talk to day plenty of una don hear for radio and television. As for una wey no hear the thing, dem talk say our National Assembly dem want comot our President because as dem talk since I no dey there. Dem talk say since dem don dey pass Bill wey our President send dem, dem talk say the man no too dey implement the thing wey dey inside. Na him be say the man no dey carry out projects wey dey for the Bill when the thing comot National Assembly. Na because of dis dem say make dem comot Uncle Sege as the man no sabi him work.

My people I know say I no too sabi our Constitution for our Obodo, na all of una sabi say na Standard six I stop for school. But for dis matter own, I go talk say our House of Representatives na dondy United plenty of dem be. Even self people wey no sabi book like me know say our National Assembly no fit impeach person because he no fit carry out all the projects wey dey inside bill wey dem pass. Sebi I hear say our National Assembly job be say make dem pass bill wey our Executive send dem, wetin concern dem if the man no implement everything wey dem for the Bills? Sebi all of dem sabi say soup wey sweet na money kill am, se na all of us dey here wey dem talk say our Country no too make money for Oil own dis year. Where dem want make the man find the money since we hear say our National Assembly dem add money to the Bill wey our President send dem. Make those yeye barawos no tell me say na because the man tell the whole country for the magomago wey our House of Representatives want try as dem want take style thief money from our Treasury. Se yeye allowance wey dem dey allocate dem no do? See the yeye people wey want impeach person, who we for impeach for the place if no be dem? How President go talk say na only 1 Naira he go need for the projects wey dey inside the bill wey him send dem and our National Assembly dem go come turn around say na 3 Naira.

My fellow Obodians make una tell me, who be barawos for dis matter if no be our yeye National Assembly? The thing wey pain me pass be say with all those yeye lawyers wey dey wakaabout for our courts dem dey look for work, una want tell me say dem no fit carry our National Assembly go court for dis kind Ojukoroju fraud wey dem want carry against our beloved Nigeria? As lawyers plenty so for our Obodo, na real shame say our so call Leaders go dey carry fraud day and night as for say dis na lawless country wey our politicians dem go fit do as dem want.

Dis yeye man wey dem call our Attorney General where he study law self? If the man no fit take dis kind thing go court which one he go fit carry self? Se na our Uncle Sege appoint people wey be say no fit sabi their left hand from their right? No wonder people for Obodo Oyinbo dey call our country LAWLESS.

Na here I go stop make una dey do jeje o, one day sa the country go better.


Plenty Of Our Northern Leaders Na Cry Babies

How una dey my fellow Obodians, I hope una don dey prepare una backyard for Malu and Rice wey plenty of our Politicians go start dey bring una as dem want make una vote for dem? As I see am, if person bring me Bag of Rice and plenty Ogogoro wey I go take wash am down, I go take the thing and wack am, he no mean say when I go Polling Station na him I go vote for am. My advice to my fellow obodians be say make una take their thing and chop am, se dem don see mumu wey be say na only food he sabi. We go show dem say the time wey dem dey take food buy our vote don pass, dis time we go chop their money and no go vote for dem. Na my own contribution be dat o, I hope una go think first before una start dey vote for dis Barawos dem wey be say na only when Election dey na him dem go sabi say we be person. Anyway, make I start my tory before Oga NEPA use him power.

My people wetin una think about our Leaders dem for North wey be say since we give power to our Yoruba man, na soso complain we dey hear from plenty of dem. Since 1999 wey Uncle Sege don retire plenty of my people wey dey for Army and Ministry, na him our Leaders dem don dey cry "MARGINALIZATION" as oyinbo people dey call am. As the thing popular so, even person like me wey na Standard Six I stop for school, don dey use am for talk too. The thing wey I no sabi for the thing be say which people wey our President go retire when plenty people wey be Permanent Secretary when Uncle Sege first start for 1999 na my people- na us Northerners full am. Se na Southerners wey occupy 20% for Permanent Secretary Post na him dem want make the man retire? Why we no hear dis crocodile tears when Babangida and Abacha dey for power. Abi because na our people full the place when those Looters dey for post, dis injustice cry no dey for our minds? If we talk say dis country belong to us while we no oppose those Military Leaders when dem put plenty of our people for the thing? I don tire for dis "na we put the man for Power" cry self, se dem mean say because the man na we vote for am make he come ignore other Nigerians wey dey because dem no vote for am? Abi we don become the CHOOSEN ones as dem talk for Bible. Even self with all dis complain, why be say when our people dey for power, South still get plenty Industry pass us? Plenty of our people na Beggars dem be all over Nigeria, se dis our "so call Leaders" no dey alive when all dis things dey happen? When our Past Leaders dey give dem billion Naira Contracts, why na only their family and friends dey enjoy the thing? Wetin dem take am do for all my fellow Obodians wey dem now dey call their people? As Southerners talk, the only answer wey I guess for dis "Parasites" be say since dem no fit win contract and all the money wey dem use dey chop for our National Reserve no dey again na dat time dem remember say we be Northerners like dem. Se dem want tell us say no be dis our Obodo we dey when their pikins go dey travel plenty Obodo Country like say Planes na their own Danfo?

So as their season don end, dem come remember the poor people wey before, their pikin go take BMW pour gutter water for him clothes because he dey beg for road wey dem think say na their papa private backyard. Na all of us be Northerners now, I guess say dem still believe say we be mumu wey no get sense for head.

The thing wey I go talk be say all dis their complain na only small pikin go dey cry like dat, dis pot belle Rogues na Cry babies. I no sabi why dem no want accept say their time don pass. Dis Northerners talk no go work again since we poor people don sabi their wayo. How many of dem go allow their daughters dem marry those beggers pikin wey dey for road even if the bobo go University? As we don sabi say Class dey for Nigeria, we go tell dem say we too get one small power wey dem no go fit take from us unless we no learn from the thing wey dem do us in the past. I go advice dem say make dem go cry for person wey go accept their yeye complain, no be here. Because na only person wey go do right by all of us whether you be IGBO, YORUBA, HAUSA, TIV, EFIK, FULANI, IJAW, IBIBIO, IGBIRA, ITSEKIRI, URHOBO, ISOKO, IKALE, ETC, he no matter. We be all Nigerians, dis obodo na our own.

Na here I go stop make una take am easy o.


Our President Na Hypocrite

My people I hope say una gbaladun dis weekend wey just pass? But as for me, I no kuku enjoy am because of yeye thing wey dey happen for our country. Dis week I get plenty tory for una. The first one na about our yeye President wey small time he go do things wey una go think say na God send am to us and sometimes the man go behave like him fellow Leaders wey be say na only their own dem sabi. The next tory again dis week na behaviours of some of our so call Northern Leaders wey too dey act like say CRY BABY if things no go their way. And the last one na dis ethnic politics wey plenty of our Leaders dey practice. If dem no take time the way wey everything dey go make una no surprise if the country wey wey dey NIGERIA no dey for Map again.

Anyway sa make I begin my tory about our Uncle Sege. Plenty time wey una see the man, una go think say Messiah for our Obodo don come when he dey talk about him plan for our country. If una compare am to plenty President wey don pass dis our Obodo the man dey try small. At least the man sabi the talk and dey do the work small small. But lately I no sabi if the man na dat the same man wey for 1999 talk say him go make our country become obodo wey we go fit call our own and go dey proud of. He talk say all the yeye injustice and corruption wey dey for our Obodo don become history as he no go tolerate the thing for him regime. True true the man dey try him best. But as my own be, since na we dey pay am salary, I no think say the man dey give the thing all him power. But dat one na another tory for another day.

My problem with am na his announcement for last week own. And he don tay wey the man dey show dat kind traits especially if the thing go benefit am. The thing wey I no sabi be say na the same man dey talk two months ago say make House of Representative dem tell am and the Nigerian public how much dem dey get for for salary. Today me I go ask our President dis question, how much of him money dey for dat yeye celebrations wey dem do for Abuja and how much come come from our National Treasury dem? The man dey talk about corruption but wetin we go come call the one wey him and his Arije (Waki and die) friends do for our National Capital? For una wey no too sabi the thing, Rice and Drnks very Plenty, I hear say dem even close plenty public road for the thing. And small time dis pot belle President go come dey talk say some of our leaders no dey live by example. I guess say we don see the kind example him go show us for our Obodo, na soso mouth and no action.If our President be person wey too get sense and dey think well well, no be with dat kind fanfair he go announce him re-election for Obodo wey almost 80% percent of our people dem dey live below poverty line as UN talk. Small time him go talk about corruption, wetin Ben Bruce and the rest of dem wey head NTA dey do for him committee wey dem be federal workers? Dat kind exposure wey dem give am who go come pay for the thing. Se those parasites and Asewos go devote the same energy and exposure to other politicians wey go contest for President, abi NTA na Uncle Sege personal Television?

Those roads wey dem block during his Declarations, se him and his Personal Nigerian Police Team dem go do the same for other Parties. I hope say if dem block the roads wey him dey pass during him opponent Declarations, he no go tell our new IG make him go dabaru the thing? My people na so he be for our Obodo o, small power wey people get like dis dem go take oppress others especially their opponents. If na true true our President mean the thing wey him talk for 1999 say no person dey above the law and and the same rules and justice for everybody for our Obodo, he go good make he ask him re-election committee make dem put the money wey dem take style comot from our National Treasury andorganize him Celebrations back to our National Account since na for him own personal re-election the thing dey for no be official business. Before I stop here, I want ask the man self, why he no fit do the announcement for Ota, Ogun State self? No be there he come from?

I notice say our President too dey afraid of our Northern Leaders dem. Him too dey dance to their tune. I guess dis him talk say he no want power by force na HOGWASH as my brother for America dey talk.

I go dey talk to una my fellow Obodians, make una dey do jeje o.


Who Dey Fool U Now Oga Executives

How dey go dey my fellow citizens, I hope say una dey kampe? Se una don hear say Auditors for our Accountant General Office dem talk say plenty money our Ministry dem for put for Goverment Treasury dem don dissapear and dem no fit find the thing wey our Civil Servants and Minsters do with dem. Books no fit balance against goods wey dem say dem take money buy. If una hear the amount, una no go fit close una mouth.

Na so I sit down jeje for my Abode dey gbaladun with Palmwine wey my neigbhour Papa Ezekiel bring me from his farm. As I sit down jeje dey enjoy the thing with am na him Mallam Shehu wey dey sell Suya around the corner ask me if I don sit today paper? I come ask am wetin happen to am since I no say the bobo no fit read or count except Kudi. Na him he come tell me say the Student wey dey live near him house talk say dem read am for paper say Federal Auditors talk say plenty money wey our government talk say dey for Banks/Safes, Abrakadabra don happen to dem; accounts come no gree for plenty Ministry dem. The Mallam talk say as dem talk say we no go fit count zeros wey dem talk say dey behind the numbers wey dem no fit find as the money plenty so. My people se una dey hear, how money go just waka comot no gree me o. Which kind country we dey self wey na Barawos we dey get for Top?

The thing wey I no sabi for the thing be say, with all the talk wey our Uncle Sege dey talk say him no go tolerate make person dey thief money or dey corrupt, una go think say the people go slow the thing down small but as the auditors say so na him be say our President just dey talk to empty Seats for church. Our obodo come be like the thing wey dem dey talk for my village, Pastor dey kampe while  congregation for him church dey suffer. Dis no be first time I go complain about our Leaders dem especially our so call Ministers, until our President stop dey put friends wey help am reach the position, dat corruption thing go just be talk. Na the same problem we get for all the other places including our States and Local Council dem, if una look all the people wey dem put for commisioner and important post own na their buddies full am. No be say dem no sabi work but plenty of our leaders put dem so dem go fit theif money for dem. He for good if our President fit start dey put people wey thief money for jail or make dem face firing squard. Na only dis kind thing fit put fear or our people mind if not dat book wey our Auditors dem dey look no go ever balance. Na here I go stop my people, make una dey do jeje o.


Oga IG Se We Still Be Part Of Dis Nigeria?

He don sele o my people and I no fit contain myself my fellow Obodians. How una dey, se una dey kampe? Me I no fit talk dis same o as our new IG don spoil the thing for rest of us.

Four weeks ago when I hear say our Uncle Sege don comot former IG for police, I dey among people wey think say the thing fit better for our Obodo, since since the time wey dem born me I never hear say Police dey strike before until dis year own. When I hear Police go put their guns down and head to our streets, I say he be like the country Nigeria as we sabi am don dey end be dat o. Make una no get me wrong, no be say dem dey do better work self but the little sakara wey some of dem dey give Robbers and Area boys dem dey save some of us life. How people wey dey in charge of security for our Obodo go talk say dem dey strike na him be say Armed Robber dem wey be caretakers for our road go come become landlords for the place be dat. So make I no take stick wey no straight kill frog, as dem comot the man I talk say the thing fit good for Police dem as their morale don reach ground so.

But my people as I dey so today, I no think say the man time go dey good for all of us o. Especially some of us wey be Igbos. Dis time around my fellow Obodians especiall Yorubas, Hausa/Fulani, Ibibio, Ijaws, Efiks and the rest of una, our new Inspector General don draw line for ground o. And if dem no want make dis country pafuka, I hope say una go tell the man make he reverse course.

My felow Obodians, how many of una hear news say our new Police Boss (IG) announcement say him dey promote some Olopas dem to AIG position? Se una know say na only my people for South East no get person for the thing. We dey talk my people wey be third largest tribe for dis our Obodo o.
Haba, If to say na calabar people or Ijaw dem no get person for the thing I for understand small. No be say I go support dat so since na all of us deserve our people for the thing. But dis one o pass me well well make I no deceive una. And I no want hear una wey come from other tribes say I dey complain too much because if to say na una tribe no dey, na soso "A O NI GBA: and "KASIKO" we go dey hear left and right. With de thing thing wey our Inspector General do so, I no think say I go forgive am unless the man change the thing. Which excuse our Uncle Sege get now, how our country go promote 16 people to AIG positions and my people wey be third for population own no go even get one person for the thing? Na wa o, I guess my people wey talk make we get our kind and make am run against Uncle Sege sabi the thing wey dem see before all dis things. If una look the list na so so Northerners and Yoruba people full am. Se una see say no person for other tribes complain about the yeye thing since their people full am. All dis my own and our own wey we no fit stop go kill our country if we no dey careful.

I don talk am before and I go talk am again, I no care which tribe he be, any injustice wey I see, me I go talk o, I no fit turn blind eyes for dat kind thing. Se na Nigeria we still dey? Where all dis Right Activists dey self? I wonder why all dis our Non Igbos Right Activists no fit see anything wrong with dis Police promotions dem? Make una no tell me say the people dey quite because plenty of their people plenty for the thing. Even self some our Igbo Leaders too na disgrace, se dem want tell me say dem no see anything bad for dis promotion thing? Person wey talk say plenty of dem na dogs wey just dey sleep around no dey kolo.

My fellow Obodians na so I see am o, dis our country wey we call Nigeria no belong to all of us o, dis kind thing don shake my loyalty for the place o. I pray and hope say our new IG go correct the injustice wey dem pass on my tribe o kiakia before the thing cause wahala. Na here I go stop my people, before una do anything, he go good if una think well well before una do am o.


Water Palavar

Life no dey easy o my people, how una dey? I hope say una no vex say he don tay wey una hear from me. Na our Almighty God/Allah I take beg una, make una no vex o. Any way sa, make I begin the thing wey I talk say I go tell una last week. He don tay wey I talk say I go talk dis things wey better country dey give citizens dem and for our Obodo, na only our government officials dey enjoy am especially those yeye barawos wey call demselves our Leaders. Two weeks ago I sit down for office na him dem tell me say I get message wey reader write. Na the thing wey the bobo talk na him make me come remember dis topic again.

I know say plenty time I don talk for NEPA palavar wey no dey improve for our Obodo own but today na WATER. I hear say he dey for UN Constitutions say go provide fresh pipe borne water for him people. But for Nigeria, na person wey dey for dat post before dem dem go dey blame. But dem don forget say no be yesterday dem born plenty of us If you count all the people wey get better post for our Goverment now, I go talk say na only few dey new. Our current leaders dem, plenty of dem if dem no be Senator before dem go be Minister, and the ones wey be Governor now na former Senators dem be before dis our Uncle Sege regime. Our brother Tinubu for Lagos dey among dem.

So my people the thing wey I want talk before I start dey run my motor mouth na dis Water palavar.

As nature be, you born pikin, small time the pikin go start dey grow. Before you sabi, the pikin don become Man or as for woman own, Omoge. Small time the pikin go marry and born him own pikin as God plan am. Just ad he dey for person own na him the thing dey for Animal own. The say thing too dey sele for Plant own. And dis thing too dey happen for everything wey dey for dis our Universe. Motor wey una see for road too dey go old and I know say dat one no go surprise una since plenty motor wey dey ply our Nigeria road na agbalagba kujekuje for motor age. But the only country wey dis kind thing no dey happen na our beloved Nigeria. Since dem born me all dis things wey country promise say dem go give their citizens dem, no dey exist for our Obodo Nigeria. The world PROGRESS AND GROWTH na foreign Language for Our Leaders agenda. Why we dey get Ministry for our Obodo I no sabi am my people. Make una look, why be say for our Obodo, water wey dey important for person live no too dey for our country. If una go some areas especiall for Lgaos, the last time wey dem get water, like light don reach two years. Even papa, I no think say una go see new house for our Obodo wey no get Well or borehole for him compound. Dis na must for our country as oyinbo people dey call am plan, if you no get am na him be say na Water seller go chop your money finish. And if dat one no happen, na him be say na bucket go put hole for your pikin head as dem go fetch water tire. The thing wey pain me pass for the thing be say plenty of our Leaders no dey concern for the thing. Since Head of states dey dey come dey go, I no fit mention one wey talk say him go solve water problem for our Nigeria. Dat na last thing for their mind. And no be say we no get water corporation but the small allocation wey our Goverment dey give dem na him the official for the place dey take build mansions for their village. As we get water problem na so everthing for our live don dabaru like Shomolu Taylor. Una sabi Oga NEPA and his brother NITEL. The problem wey dem get when I be small pikin still dey around dey destroy our Country. Say country go improve small small no dey for our own Vocabulary. Everything for Nigeria na opposite, our country just dey die slow death, and our so call custodians na Parasites wey just dey eat our country alive small small. Sebi una hear Governor for Kogi State wey go buy mansion for America. The question wey dem for ask am be say since he comot University and start dey work, where he get dat kind salary wey he go fit afford dat kind house? But who go come ask am since plenty people wey dey for dat position get their own mansions for Carribean beach.

So before I stop my people we for ask our Leaders dem make dem tell us which basic thing wey dem say dey important for out life dem go tackle? If person tell me when I dey small say when I grow up I go still dey go my neigbhour house go fetch water, I go tell the person say no be for dis life. But una see, sebi if your neigbhour get well na him go see water fetch, plenty people wey dey village still dey go river go fetch water wey dem go drink. And Una dey wonder why plenty of our people dey die young. Se una want talk say una no sabi say na the same river dem dey shit, so my people how oyinbo life no go long pass us? Na here I go stop my people make una do am well if na una turn.


Which Kind Standard Uncle Sege Dey Talk?

My fellow Obodians how una dey now? Se everything dey go kule? Me I still tanda dey look Cloud o.

I don hear anoder one o my people, our President don talk another one for Abuja o. No be yesterday I sit down jeje dey enjoy Ice Water wey my neighbour give me. As we dey gbaladun na him de man come turn him Televisition on. Small time now, na him dem come dey talk for Television for meeting wey our yeye African Leaders do for Abuja. Before dem go finish de tory na him dem come talk say our Uncle Sege talk say make Oyinbo people (Westerners) no come put their Standard for our head by force say we get our own standard for Africa. I hear him talk am say everytime wey one African Leader no gree dem, Oyinbo Leaders go come dey sakara say dem no give him country money. My people se una dey hear our President? No be say I no gree with am small for dat talk but one problem wey I get for de thing be dis Standard wey de man say we get for Africa.

I go come throw de say question to una. Which standard our Uncle Sege dey talk o my people? If una sabi am make una tell me o as I no sabi de kind standard Uncle Aremu dey talk Se de man dey talk de kind standard wey our Leaders dem for Africa want turn their country to their papa properties? Sebi una see dat Old goat wey call himself Mugabe for Zimbabwe. Una sabi say de man when Ian Smith still dey for dat country dey among de people wey talk say Africans go do better job if dem rule demselves. I remember dat time say una go think say Africa don get better ruler wey go be sample to de rest of dem. Twenty years don pass de yeye man no want comot for power. de country wey be say before him become ruler, people dey enjoy small. If you go there now, plenty industry don pafuka. De people don sell their belongings when hungry want kill dem. De small resources wey de country get, de man don make am him own. I laugh de oder day when de man say Oyinbo wey dey against am na racist. De question I want ask am be say wetin we go come call de kind thing wey he dey do him opponents. Plenty of dem don run comot de country just like other country for Africa. As we know, Oyinbo people wey him dey attack no be dem dey kill plenty opponent wey de man don send to their graves just like de rest of our African Leaders wey no want comot for power. As I talk before and I go talk am again, de thing wey our African Leaders dey do our Continent wowo pass de kind humilations wey our people surfer under Oyinbo. When oyinbo dey do am at least we know say dem no be like us, which kind excuse our yeye Leaders want tell us. If you go all de countries oyinbo people rule for Asia and South America, their Leaders don improve their country, wetin we gain from our African Brothers wey call demselves Leaders? Since Oyinbo comot for Africa, which country una fit talk say their lives don better? Se na dis kind standard Uncle Sege dey talk?

And if de man dey talk about our Army, I no see one Obodo for Africa wey him Soldier no dabaru de country. From Congo to Liberia, Ethiopia to Kenya, se na Nigeria our Obodo una want talk ni abi which country. De kind surfer surfer wey we dey face for Nigeria now, which people cause am? No be our Army dem? De only enemy wey dem fit fight na innocent People wey dey our Continent. If you say make dem fight real men na Lehilehi dem go run. And de one wey think say dem sabi rule no be ruin dem bring to our head? I know say I no pass Oyinbo Country before but I sabi say we get plenty natural resources for Africa pass oder Continents put toghethr, but wetin de thing bring us no be famine and war? And de people wey dey behind am sebi na our own kind? I know una read and hear about Serria Leone and Angola, with all those diamonds, gold and oil wey dem get, plenty of their citizens don turn to destitute as my brother for America dey say. Small pikin wey for dey enjoy him youth kule, dem don turn dem to killers and Gbana Boys. Se na dis kind standard our Uncle Aremu dey talk?

He fit be our Uncle Sege dey talk About our NEPA wey don dey get problem before dem born me. Abi na road wey be say we go put all dis money for am and two years later de thing don turn to pools wey frog dey live. De man fit dey talk about our School wey him graduates no fit stand where pikin from other Continents dey for book. If you go our University dem, you no fit find book read for de place and if you get lucky find one, de thing na 50 years old. De pikin dem don turn to Asewos and Assasins. And de ones wey dey call demselves Professors don turn to Market Women wey dey Jankara. If you no pay dem money you no dey pass comot. De Asewo wey we get for our Obodo pass all de doctors wey dem get for Obodo India. I guess na de kind standard wey our President Obasanjo dey talk when he dey among his big belle Colleagues for Abuja dey talk say Africa get standard.

Make we no deceive ourselves for Africa, plenty people wey call demselves our Leaders na Ogbologbo Onyeochi and Killers. And de thing wey dey shame me pass for de thing be say dem no dey shame atall atall. You go see dem dey travel go Obodo Oyinbo conference like say dem be better person. You mean dem no sabi say de Oyinbo people dey laugh dem? And small time when dis Oyinbo tell dem say make dem spend money on deir people back home, dem go dey vex with Oyinbo say wetin de man mean. As if to say oyinbo no sabi sabi where dem dey hide de money. De reason why Oyinbo no dey respect our Leaders be say plenty of dem dey act like say deir brain na yansh he dey. De only leader wey Oyinbo people respect for Africa na Mandela because de man sabi de thing wey dem dey call Integrity. Which I know say plenty African Leaders no fit see even if de thing slap dem for face.

So my people na him be dis o, Next time una see our President, make una ask am about de Kind AFRICAN STANDARD wey him dey talk as plenty of us no gree see am. Na here I go stop make una dey do jeje o.


Wetin Be Dis 'Ours' For Oil Matter Self?

Life no easy my people, country dey hard. How una dey before I start my fellow Obodians, I hope say una dey survive? The thing wey I want talk today I know say plenty of my people for South East no go dey happy about am but as I talk before, anything wey concern our people me I go open my mouth even if people no like am.

For dis oil wey we get for Niger Delta which people get am self? He don tay wey I dey hear my people for South East dey talk say other tribes for Nigeria dey use their Resources dey take build their communities why the people wey get the oil dey surfer. No person wey dey for our Obodo wey no go agree say people for Niger Area dey surfer for the thing true true but the only problem wey I get for the talk na dis "our Oil" wey our Leaders for South East dey talk. I no talk say my people for South East no get oil for their area. But before last week I don hear am plenty times wey my fellow Igbo especially the ones wey call themselves our Leader dem go talk the thing. Na last week I come hear the thing again for meeting wey we do for Lagos. When I hear the thing I come ask my self say why be say plenty times when our Igbo Leaders dem want talk say other Nigerians dey use their Oil, na dat time dem go make my people wey come from South South as one of dem. And the thing be say no person for dis our Obodo wey no sabi say Calabar and Rivers no be Ibos. The thing come be like say the thing wey our people for South East dey fight against na dat the same thing we want do to our people for South South. Outsiders wey look the thing go think say we be wayo people.

Plenty people wey dey for Niger Delta area na Ijaw, Efik, Isoko, Urhobo, Bini, Ibibio, Ilaje, Itsekiri. Then we come get some Anioma and other group wey come from Asaba area. Na the only area wey we go fit talk say plenty Igbo people dey be dat. But our Leaders for South East when dem want use wayos go dey talk like say people wey come from the whole Eastern Region na our people. He don tay wey I don dey hear my people for calabar and Ijaw talk him language, I no see one wey call him God Chineke for the talk. As Yoruba people dey talk, Mama Mama Mama, Mama sabi how many pikin she get. I no talk say we no get Oil for South East area but the thing be say he no good make wey dey do the kind thing wey we talk say other Tribes dey do to us wey we no like. Me I no like person wey dey take style dey use other people. Akwa Ibom, Cross Rivers, Rivers, Delta, Edo and Ondo no dey speak Igbo except Delta area. I go even talk say if we look history, Yoruba people fit claim Edo State since Bini and dem get history together. No person wey no sabi say for Bini their King Akenzua na Oba dem dey call am. And I sabi say for Ijaw area their King na Obi dem dey call am as we get for some part of Ibo.   But the thing wey I dey talk be say make our Leaders for South East dey talk like say the people wey come from the area na only Ibo na him I no support.

For oil own the only people wey no fit talk say their people dey there na my people wey be Hausa/Fulani. But as all of us be Nigeria, the thing belong to all of us. I remember for 70s wey we dey take Groundnut dey make Pyramid for North, no be all of us chop the money? So the thing be say the only people wey fit talk say dat oil area na their own na South South people, so my fellow Igbos if we dey talk say other Tribes dey use our resources I beg make wey no dey mention South South own because we no too get people wey be our kinsmen for the area. Na Chineke I take beg   una, he go good make we stop dey talk like say Obot and Ekaete na Ibos. Na here I go stop my people, make una dey do jeje o.


Aso Rock Versus Natl. Assembly Fight Good For our Obodo

How una dey my fellow Obodian, I hope say una dey kampe. Today if person dey ride horse for my belle I no go feel the pain o my people. Fight wey Uncle Sege and Speaker Na'bba dey fight come be like say na for my backyard the thing dey happen.

My people na Democracy benefit na him we dey enjoy be dat o for una wey no sabi . Since we don dey get regime for Nigeria, which time una see wey two powers dat be dey nack heads wey blood no dey or one person no dey for Kirikiri gulag? Una remember say when dis kind thing happen for Abacha era, na Prison our brother Major General Diya found himself. And plenty people wey try am when Abacha and his Mafia Monsters dey for power no be Assassin end their life for dem? And as for Yaradua own (may his soul rest in peace), no be AIDS Vaccine I hear say dem take inject his body? But dis one own, as Hired Assassin matter never enter am, me I go take time enjoy the thing to the fullest. Person wey no support dis kind fight for our Obodo no be our friends at all. He go good make the person pack commot because dis fight na the kind thing wey go make our Country proper for Superpower rank be dat. Sebi una remember say when Clinton for America dey for power no be everyday the man and Republican dey fight? I know say our own dey crooked small since Uncle Sege and Speaker Na'bba na same Party dem dey. Na dis make our own sweet pass be dat, and I dey enjoy am so tey, I no dey dey hungry for house again.

For una wey no sabi why the thing dey make me happy, I go explain am to una small. Na all of us sabi say plenty of our so call Leaders and Politicians na Ogbologbo for Barawo own. If una dey talk about people wey go thief your money and still stand kampe for your front na our Leaders be dat. Any money wey come their way friam, dem go sweep am shuam. Suddenly the thing don disppear puam just like dat. For mone matter, dem no dey shame. Money wey you no want make dissapear you no dey put am for their face, because if you blink, the thing don find himself for their Foreign Account without trace. So my people as dis fight dey so, na him be say plenty of dem go think before dem chop our money since none of dem want make him enemy embarrass am for Public. For our Obodo now, no Politician dey safe as plots upon plots be music of the day, the ones wey no dey for power yet dey plan how dem go take comot person wey dey for Governor House. Una remember say since dis their fight, na soso talk say dem go audit demselves na him we dey hear. Last month when our President tell Finance Minister say make dem no pay our National Assembly, the Reps too talk say dem go setup committee wey go probe Uncle Sege and his Cabinets. When our President hear dat, him too ask the Accountant General say make he probe National Assembly account. Na him be say any of dis people wey don thief or hide some money, must now take style bring am back before the thing wey him cook wey house burn splash splash all over Newspapers front page across our Obodo. Na this kind thing wey fit make our Leaders dem slow down small and begin dey do better thing for position wey we put dem. If dis thing continue like dis, I go fit talk now say Progress Light go start dey creep small small dey enter our Country. And our prayer be say dis kind thing go make our Leaders shed their wayo clothes and start dey do things wey go move our country forward. And for us wey dey chop gari everyday, na him be say Rice and Okueko (Lagos Fish) go soon dey enter our Almighty Belle be dat. So my fellow Obodians, na here I go stop make una dey do jeje o.


Oga Olopa/Soja Where You Dey Work?

How life my people, I hope una dey kampe? Tory wey I get today I wan make una think about am well well. Dis thing fit change una life and our Obodo. The first thing be say plenty of those OC and Soja dem wey our government sack because dem dey do magomago or thief for work where dem dey and which kind work dem dey do as we dey talk now? We know say as our country dey so he no dey easy. Plenty people no fit find work do, na him make me ask say those Soja and Police wey dem sack who dey monitor dem and how we tay know say dem no go the thing wey dem take comot dem for office again? I know say plenty of una go dey wonder why I dey ask dis question. The reason be say plenty time we go hear or read am say our Goverment sack some Olopa because dem catch am dey take bribe or dem see dem dey carry another person thing go home. And sometimes na Oga Soja we go hear say dem find am dey drink for work or say he carry him gun go home when he no get permission. How we tay know say dem no be Jaguda wey dey rob us for night everyday for our Obodo?

I remember last Christmas wey dem talk am for paper say Government comot some Olopa and their Oga for office because weapons wey dem talk say make dem dey watch dem no fit find am. When the Oga patapata hear am he come sack all of dem and their Inspector. But the thing wey I no sabi be say everytime wey dis kind thing happen our Government no dey put dis people for Jail. Dem believe say since dem don sack dem dat one dey enough. Wetin make dem think say dis people no fit go sell the gun and collect plenty money for the thing. He believe like say make I be Oga Olopa and dem come put me in charge make I dey watch Guns wey dey our Station. Let say I come sell the guns Robbers and collect about 500,000 naira from dem. Una think say I go cry if my Oga sack me for the thing? Sebi I know say dat kind money I no fit get am for Force even I dey there for 10 years. The thing be say as crime dey increase so for our Obodo, I go think say our Leaders dem go ask why be say plenty robbers too dey get gun wey better Police own. Or where the people dey get dat kind gun when no be say we get Gun Factory for Nigeria?

Even self the Oga Soja/Police wey no get money for one corner, how he tay dey survive when dem don sack for work? If he dey work, which kind work he dey do? I no think say I dey wrong if I talk say plenty of those people don turn to Armed Robber. The reason I talk so be say, plenty time when we hear for News, Police go talk say the robbers dey behave like say dem get some military training. Another thing be say the robbers wey we get for Nigeria now too dey escape from Olopa, na him be say dem fit sabi how our Police dey work. Make una look am my people, se una wan tell me say una no sabi say the witch wey crow last night na him kill the pikin wey die today? If to say our Leaders dem get some sense dem go dey monitor all those yeye OC /Soja dem wey dem sack for office. I fit bet una say plenty of dem dey involve for the killing wey dem happen for our Obodo. How una think say the people dey live my fellow Obodians since we know say work no too dey for our Country and plenty of those Barawos na Standard Six dem tay enter Military?

My people na so I see am o, anytime wey una see OC/Soldier for una area wey una hear say he no get work make una watch am well well because he fit dey spy for those Killers wey dey come rob una for night. Na here I go stop I hope say una go think about the thing o before he happen to una.. But na God I tay beg una, make una no go lynch innocent man wey dey mind him business jeje.


My People Politics Plenty For Our Obodo

How una dey fellow Obodians, our life go better one day make una cool temper. But we no fit talk so for our Democracy own. The kind politics wey we dey play for Nigeria don tire me. Why be say our Leaders no fit campaign unless dem talk about which tribe dem born dem. If to say dem dey young I go talk say na because dem be small pikin na him dey cause am. But as the thing be plenty of dis people dem don tay wey dem don dey for politics. Dis talk say Democracy dey young for our Obodo me I no buy am because politics don dey around for a long time. Na everywhere we dey na him we dey play politics. For market he dey, Hospital o the thing plenty. And for Military own, dat one na ogbologbo. How una think say people like Abacha, Diya, Idiagbon, Obasanjo, Buhari and Banbangida tay reach their positions? No be say dem sell out for Army? So my people he don reach time wey we go stop dey find yeye excuse for our Leaders say because Democracy dey young for our Obodo.

Which time una open Newspaper wey una no see wey some Leaders dey talk say Northerners no go vote for Obasanjo because he too no give dem contract or Yoruba people go talk say make dem vote for Obasanjo since the man na one of dem. And if we no read dat one for Paper we go hear for Radio say Igbo people no go vote for Obasanjo as he no treat their people well. I even hear wey our so call Leaders from East dey talk say for 2003 Election na Candidates wey get Ibo Agenda na him dem go support. Which kind nonsense be dat, which one be Ibo agenda? And our Leaders for Arewa also talk say Hausa/Fulani people no go support Uncle Sege because na people wey no vote for am na him he dey put for Post. You mean dis people vote for am so he go put their people there or abi na because the man go do better job, which one we dey self for Nigeria. For South west, you no fit sabi whether Afenifere and AD na the same because everytime wey person open mouth for AD na Yoruba matters you go hear. He go good if dem name am Yoruba Party instead wey dem go dey take am deceive people like say other people matter for their party.

So my people how our country go take progress if na dis kind tribal politics we go dey play. Even self all dis yeye politicians wey dey call themselves our Leaders wetin tell dem say our people go even listen to dem at all. All dis yeye people self wetin dem do for their people self?. Why be say na only time wey dem go remember us be say when dem want run for Post? When our brother Ekwueme dey for Post, how many Ibo benefit from am? No be only him immediate family and his rogue friends dey chop the money? Plenty of our leaders wey dey for Arewa don dey for politics even before dem born my mama, which kind good the thing bring to my people for Sabogari. If you go my state for Sokoto you go see plenty people wey dey beg for road, se dem want tell me say Babangida, Buhari and Abacha no be Northerners? The money dem thief dey for London where dem take take am buy mansions for Oyinbo Country. And my Yoruba brothers na the same Barawos, plenty na oga patapata when Army dey there, na because of their greed na him make plenty of our pikin dem dey drive taxi with their Degree for Oyinbo. Our country for don better if plenty of those pikin dey here dey work. I hear say if you go Oyinbo Country, na so our people full am. All the brain wey dem for dey put dey improve our country, Oyinbo don take am better him country.

With all dis tribal politics, wetin dem want make my people for Niger Delta and Middle Belt come do? How person from dat area go come rule our country if all those Yoruba, Ibo/Igbo and Hausa/Fulani continue dey practice dis there own flavour for Politics? Na wa o my people.

As I want stop here my fellow Obodians, I hope una remember say plenty of dis our so call Leader na enemy of the states as Will Smith talk for him movie. Dem no mean well for us, as old dem be, we no fit talk say na dis better thing dem do for our country. Na beg I tay beg una, if dem carry their wahala say make you no vote for person because him no be from your area or abi because the person na your chief pikin for village make una elect am, na cutlass make you tay drive dem comot for your house. Na person wey we think say he go do better thing for our country na him want even if the person na from Niger Delta or no be from our area.


Senator Pa 'Mugo For President

My people for una wey no hear, una Honourable Pa "mugo go run for Presidential Election. I don talk the thing with my family dem and dem dey gbagbarangba for my back. And as una sabi for Politics, dem no get choice since dem know say if I win the thing the person wey no support me no dey enter Aso Rock for Abuja. I go do my Press Conference tomorrow for our village. I know say plenty of una dey laugh me as una dey read the thing. Make una dey laugh o, una go soon dey call me your Excellency.

My fellow Obodians I go give una hint small how my regime go be. The first thing be say during my term, I go ask all my Ministers dem make dem sign paper say dem no go chop money and if we catch dem dey do magomago na him be say we go seize all the property wey dem get for this life. Another thing be say person wey want become Minister during my term, no go get salary till we finish, as our country no fit afford am. We go do like dem dey do for Oyinbo corporate world, where be say na when person don make company better na him dem go give am plenty bonus. So for us after our country don better well well na him we go receive money.

As for our National Assembly dem wey be say na only dem dey enjoy Democracy, dat one no go happen for Pa Mugo own since me wey be president no go get money, I wonder how dem go tay pay themselves benefit and allowance wey person fit take build mansion for Lekki. I know say if we comot money for Politics for Nigeria, plenty of dis yeye Politician dem no go run for post as dem go know say money no dey for the thing again.

But my people the only people wey go enjoy better salary during my time na dis our Military and Police dem including Teacher, Doctor, Nurse and Yellow Fever. Since I know say if our country go progress na only when dis people dey happy na him the thing go happen. If we pay our Military and Police dem well well, plenty of dis killings wey dey happen everyday for our obodo go reduce. I no go lie to una, me I believe say our Police dem sabi the people wey be robbers and assasin for our Obodo. Una know say country and Leader wey him people dey happy for their life go get peace. Na because our Leaders no treat the rest of us well na him make our country no get peace. As dem talk for my village, pikin wey no let him mama sleep him too no go fit sleep. If our Leaders treat us well, all dis strike and riot no go too dey.

My people na my Campagn Platform be dat o, na him be say Uncle Sege and IB no get anything on me. For una wey dey laugh before, se una don hear am now?.

Another thing wey I go change na him be dis Contract own. Person and company wey want contract go first take him money do am. We go come put am for paper make people go the place go see am. Na when People and Press don talk say dem do am well, na him we go pay dem. Dis kind thing go stop Chicken Estate wey our Leaders dem call Housing Estate. The people wey go live for the thing no go pay goverment if the building and road for the place no dey kampe.

All dis project own wey IMF and World Bank dey give, na dem go supervise the thing. Na him be say if Contractor no do am well, we no owe dem anything. Na dis kind thing go make IMF and World Bank dem think twice before dem award project to their friends and come dey ask our Obodo make he pay for the thing. The people wey talk say World Bank na rogue no lie. I wonder why dem no fit monitor the people wey dem give money if dem too no dey do magomago?

Na here I go stop make una dey do jeje o.


CNN Reporter No Be The Problem

How una dey my fellow Obodians, I hope say una dey kampe? Wetin be all dis hilahilo wey I dey hear from our Politicians dem about CNN report? For una wey no sabi the question, no be last week or so we hear say one Reporter for CNN talk say some people for our Obodo dey talk say dem want make Soldier come back. Since dat day na him our Politicians and some Leaders don dey talk say make dem comot the Reporter wey talk so for Television. I even hear say our Governor for Lagos talk say him go ask him Commissioner for Justice make he carry CNN go court. Governor Tinubu talk say because of the report some Chinese people wey want come do business for Nigeria change their mind when dem hear the thing. My people se una dey hear our Governor, na him be say the yeye man want make the Chinese people come put their money for Nigeria, se he want tell me say dat one no go put their life for danger especially when wahala dey for ground? I guess say the man no too care about the people if dem live or not, him just want their money for Lagos. If na me be the Chinese people, I no think say I go do business with our Governor again. Na him be say because of money the man fit put their lives for danger. Na dis kind thing dey cause plenty Foreigners wey dem no want do business with us as he be say our people fit kill their Mama for Money.

So my people the question wey I want ask our Politicians be say why dem no fit put dis kind energy for things wey go move our country forward. Every time wey we hear say Foreigners make mistake for our Obodo na so you go see our Leaders dem go jump on dem like Ants wey surround Sugar. I wonder why dem no protest when the yeye Federal Salary Commission or wetin dem dey call dem award dem plenty money for Salary?

As for dis CNN report me I no see anything bad for the thing. As dem dey talk for my village dem, if smoke no dey we no go see fire. If we no get problem the reporter no go talk am for Television. The question wey I want ask all dis people wey want fight CNN, se dem want tell me say the Hausa pikin dem wey carry poster say dem want makw Army come back no be Nigerians? As I hear say he dey for our Constitution say we fit talk if we no agree with our Government, I no think say he dey wrong say the people say dem want make Khaki boys come rule us again. Dat one na their "God/Allah given right" as dem dey talk for Obodo Oyinbo. I no sabi why we no want make the Reporter report the thing wey he take him Korokoro eyes see.. Why be say for our Obodo when reporter talk something wey we especially our Leaders dem, na dat time we go call the reporters all kind names? As for some of my fellow Obodians wey dey protest when dem hear CNN report, I dey sorry for dem. Because na dis type Reporters we need for our Obodo o, no be those yeye Journalists wey our Politicians don bribe finish. If our Leaders start dey do magomago or dey yamutu (kill) their opponent, how dem think other country go hear the thing if reporter no talk am for Television or Papers? Dis Democracy wey some people dey enjoy now, se dem think say na because of us na him make Khaki boys talk say dem no want power again? My people make we no lie to ourselves. No be say we no dey involve for the thing but na because of tory wey people for other country hear about our suffer suffer for CNN and all other News organisations na him make the people push pressure for our Army dem. If to say other country no hear the thing, we go still dey under Military dey cry suffer suffer for Nigeria o my people.

So the thing wey I go talk be say, we need those news organizations. I sabi say no be everytime dem go write better thing about our country but the thing wey I go tell una be say, if we no do bad things the people no go write am, and plenty of dis our yeye Politicians wey dey attack dem, I no sabi why dem no fit fix the thing wey dey cause palaver for our Obodo instead wey dem dey attack the messeger. If people no carry poster for Idi Araba, CNN no go report am for news and if our pikin dem get work when dem comot University, we no go dey see fight and wahala everytime we waka. All the palavar wey we dey face for Nigeria go reduce if our Leaders dem do better job instead wey dem dey fill their pockets with our money. So my fellow Obodians, na the thing wey dey cause riot for our Obodo be dat o. I want stop for here make una dey do jeje o.


I Beg No More State for Our Obodo

My people I no too sabi our people o. Some ideas wey if dem pratice am for another coutnry he no go get K leg but if dem bring am to our Obodo the thing no go work.

Na dis kind thing bring me to palavar wey dey happen for our Obodo since our Government start dey create States. Me I dey among people wey talk say he good as our Leaders dey create states as the thing go bring progress to plenty of our community. But as the thing be now, na him dey cause plenty katakata wey dey happen for our Obodo. Why the thing dey cause palavar na him I no sabi. Make we take the wahala wey the thing don cause between Ekiti and Ondo States. Dis two states before dey break am to two na the same o. The people no get the kind wahala wey we dey hear for News everyday.

One thing wey bad about the thing be say dis na tw States wey be say their Mama Language na Yoruba, before dem consider themselves as one but since our government cut dem into two na him the politicians don dey cause wahala for themselves. And the two Governors wey you go think say dem go behave like father figures don turn the thing to war. The thing wey I want ask the two Governors be say wetin go happen if our National leaders come decide say make dem return the affairs of our Obodo to the time wey our Ex Head of States General Yakubu Gowon dey for power wey be say na only 12 States we get? If the two Governor come dey fight for one State wetin the Governor for Ondo want tell the people for Ekiti wey he don sack for work because dem no come from Ondo? And I go ask our Ekiti Governor the same thing, which kind mouth the two of una go fit ask the people make dem vote for una as una don turn the peace loving people to ball wey una dey play back and forth because una be govenor or una want win election? If una no sabi well well, anything wey una sow na him una go reap and I no think say he go tay before God go repay una for the thing.

I hear from my source say the yeye governors dem dey fight how dem go take divide Ondo States properties? If the yeye governors dem no sabi, plenty people wey come outside old Ondo States no fit sabi which of una people be Ekiti and which be Ondo since una dey talk the same way? The question I want ask una be say wetin go happen if una no be the same tribe na him be say una go don turn the area to War zone? I hope say my fellow Ekitis and Ondos no vote for una for dis coming election as una no be better leaders.

My people dis kind thing dey all over Nigeria o, Akwa Ibom and Calabar too dey force because of things wey to me no dey important. Na so Abia and Enugu too dey fight. I also hear from my Source say na the kind thing wey dey cause wahala for Taraba, Plateau, Benue areas be dat. Plenty of dis people use to be one o, but since our yeye Leaders dem start dis their yeye Politics na him everything don dabaru (upside down) like Tailor legs. Our Politicians don turn the thing to weapon wey dem fit take win elections. I dey pray say my people go fit see through dis yeye leaders dem and drive dem comot for power.

My advice to our Leaders be say since the thing wey we think say go bring Progress to our People don become the thing wey Politicians dey use dey turn people against themselves I hope say we no go dey create any yeye states again. He don do Mr. President, we no want another states again, the one wey una create na death he dey bring to our communites dem. Haba na wetin, Se na by force. Dis politics self I no sabi why our Royal Fathers no fit advice our Leaders make dem comot the incentive wey dey make people want dat power at all cost, na him be say make dem remove the money wey dem want kill themselves for, na dat time wey go sabi which of dis Barawos like our country pass.

Na here I go stop my people, make una take am jeje o.


Honourable, Una No Dey Shame?

My people he be like say dis our honourable dem no get shame for body. Sebi na everybody sabi say na because of work wey no dey for our Obodo Nigeria na him dey cause palavar for Obodo. All dis pikin dem na because dem no get work na him make dem dey cause wahala. Frustration don turn their head finish, plenty of dem don dey kolo small. As dem dey talk for Oyinbo country idle man na dangerous man. Since plenty of dis pikin no fit find work there motto don become "Man must survive". Na him cause dem dey go Ministry of Arm Robber & Hire Killer dey look for work. Hungry don kill their gumption finish patapata.

And with all dis surfer surfer wey plenty of dis pikin dem surfer una go expect say our Leaders dem go find something for dem. But no be for our Obodo o, our Honourable dem dey act like say na another planet dem dey. Se una hear last week wey Obasanjo dey talk say he no support make dem pay dem new salary wey those yeye National Revenue Mobilisation and Fiscal Commission approve for dem last year and talk say make dem explain to am how much money he be and how dem take arrive for the thing.. I come hear say National Assembly talk say dem go get dat money even by force and talk say the thing no concern our President. For una wey no sabi the amount, according to my source for Abuja, our Honourable dem go receive N794,000 for salary plus 350% of their salary for allowance. My people una dey hear, when everybody dey talk for our Obodo say dem never see reward wey dis yeye democracy bring for dem, our National Assembly dey gbaladun for house with their family dey enjoy their own. Which kind country we dey self wey everything dey pafuka left and right but the people wey dey in charge dey award money for themselves? I no sabi dis one o, sebi na Nigeria dem born dis our Honourable dem, una mean say as our country dey so no concern dem? How dem dey sleep for night I no sabi my people. Una go expect say since the country no progress atall, dem no go take dat new salary even if dem force dem. But no be so for our so call Leaders dem. Greed don eat their brain finish, na only dem own dem sabi. Which kind thing dem do self for our Obodo wey make dem think say dem deserve dat big RAISE? My people I no go lie to una, dis kind people no deserve our votes, una go expect say dem no go even take one kobo as our country don pafuka finish. Shame no dey for their body.

My people as I want stop here, na beg I dey beg una say next year during election make we make sure say no person for dis our National Assembly go return to dat building. As he be say na only their own dem sabi. Una mean say not even one Honourable fit talk say make dem no pay dem dis salary since plenty people for our Obodo dey surfer. He be like say our own don finish o for Naija as he be say na Thieves dem be our Protectors................................


Our Green Eagles Na Disgrace

My people why be say nothing dey work for dis our great nation. Our leaders plenty of dem na barawos, and as for our government dat one na another matter. You no fit ask dem for anything. You go our Ministry go ask for form, dem go tell you say the machine wey dey print am no dey work again. And if dem no tell you dat, dem go talk say the person wey dem in charge don go leave. And the only thing wey join us together as one nation since na everyday we dey kill ourselves na soccer. And dat one too no be the kind thing wey you go bet your money.

From begining wey dem start dat African Cup na him I don know say we no dey go anywhere for the thing. I no sabi for una o, but as for me all the team wey we beat for the Tournament na luck we take beat dem no be say our boys play better. The thing wey I no sabi be say with the kind talent wey we get for the team I no sabi why we no fit score goals against of our opponent. And the guys self no get discipline as na the thing wey dem want na him the big belle coach go do.

No be two days ago I dey tell some people say our Super Eagles no go win dat cup. I even tell dem say I no think say dem go fit beat Senegal. But plenty of dem tell me say I no sabi the thing wey I dey talk. Dem talk na only Brasil get talent pass us, say small Senegal he go reach 4 goals wey we go put for their net. My people se una dey hear, na the kind talk wey dey kill us for our Obodo be dat, because we too dey boast and we no fit back am up. Na soso mouth we get we no get action as dem dey talk for Obodo Oyinbo. I tell the people say the kind problem wey we get na him dey affect Brasil now as dem think say for soccer, the only thing wey dem go do be say make dem just show up and dem go win. He don tay wey dat kind thing don dey kill us and we no dey learn. The problem I get with us be say we no dey learn from our mistake. Some people when dem make mistake dem go correct next time, but dat one no be so for our people and he go continue to kill us.

Make I start with our NFA leaders dem, he don tay wey money palavar don dey cause problem between dem and our players. Our Leaders dem go promise the players say na soso money dem go give dem but small time una go hear say some leaders dem don chop the money. As soon as the players hear dat, dem go dey behave like say na their last kobo na him the people chop. Una go hear wey dem go talk say dem no go play again. No be say I support the players but the thing for my book be say if NFA don agree say na soso money dem go give the boys make dem honour the contract. The thing happen for World Cup 94 for America, he happen again for France98, and na the same thing dey happen for dis African Cup own. Any time wey something don dey go smooth our Leaders go find thing wey go just dabaru the progress. Una remember say the players no want go Mali if to say our Supporter Club no give dem money aas our yeye NFA don chop the money as usual. I no sabi the thing atall atall my fellow Obodians, if our Leaders dem fit award big Salary for our National Assembly dem, and allow Uncle Sege make he use money wey fit buy plenty African countries buy Presidential Plane, I no sabi why we no fit pay our Super Eagles money for Soccer. Dat one pass me o my people, and dis na the only thing wey we fit talk say unite us together.


As for our Players dem, the people wey talk say dem get Mafia for the Team no dey lie, na true dem talk. Plenty of our players their mouth don big and I no sabi why we still dey allow dem for the thing. Make I talk about dat money first, una remeber say I talk am before say if NFA don agree say dem go pay dem money, he no good if dem come talk say dem no go pay dem the amount again. Me too no go gree for dat kind thing. But the thing be say plenty of dis our players na millionaires, we no talk for Naira I dey talk Pounds and Dollars. And for Naira own, half of dem na Billionaires. So my brothers, una want tell me say dem no fit do dis thing for our Obodo? Where dat pride dey self wey dem go talk say dem represent their Obodo Nigeria for soccer. I beg make una no answer dat one, we know say dat one no dey work for our great Country. The thing start from our Leaders- from Uncle Sege head come pass our National Assembly dem down to poor people like us. The thing wey Oyinbo dey call "PATRIOTISM" no dey work for our Obodo, dat one na Whiteman affairs.Dem go talk say na dat one dem go chop.

Se be una see the tournament, our boys no play like say dem dey hungry for the thing. Dem just dey play like say na dem be Michael Jordan for Soccer. The only person wey dey agressive for the match na Julius Aghahowa, the bobo wey score three goals for the tournament. Okocha, Kanu, Oliseh, Finidi and the rest of dem just dey play like say dem no get leg. Dem dey so slow you go thing say na my grandmother for village dey waka, dem go dey wait for ball instead make dem play like team wey get mission for hand. You go expect Cameroon wey be defending champion dey play like dat but na our Super Eagles dey behave like say na dem be champion. Sebi una see Cameroon, the boys dem na no nonsense. Dem dey play like say dem want the thing again. I go dey surprise if the boys dem no carry the cup again.

My advice to our Leaders dem be say he go good make dem start dey play those young boys wey still dey hungry for the thing, no be dis our current players wey their ego big pass our National Stadium and no action . The thing wey I no sabi for dem be say, wetin dem win for us lately? The only time wey dem shine na for dat olympics wey dem win Gold. Sebi una see Cameroon dem, dem win African Champion and Olympic Gold two years ago, and dem go win dat African Cup again dis year. But for our boys na yanga dem go dey do wakaabout like say dem be Brazil. If you want do yanga, at least you go don win World Cup, no be dis underachievers wey no fit beat Mali and Senegal. Sebi una see the match, we play against 10 players and we no fit beat dem. Na wa o my people, our boys dey useless. Make una no dey surprise if we no win one one match for the thing. We play five games and na only 4 goals we fit manage. Dat na disgrace.

My people na here I go stop, I dey pray say our Leaders dem go sack all those yeye NFA including our Super Eagle Coach and his staff. And as for the players, if we want shine small for World Cup I hope say dem go put all those young boys wey dey sitdown for bench instead of those Okocha dem wey dey play like say dem old pass my mama. We need new blood as Oyinbo people dey talk am, and dat our Goalkeeper (Ike Shorunmu) even yeye pass Rufai own. Dis one na real BASKET.


Strike Don Become Yeye For Our Obodo

He don shele o my people, and the way wey we dey go, we go soon turn our Obodo to country wey the only thing we sabi na strike. I no talk say make workers no strike if Government or the people wey dem dey work for no want pay dem. Or for situation wey be say dem no dey treat dem well. But the kind one wey we be say na every day workers go dey strike na him I no support. The way we dey do am now, the thing don become yeye. If Teachers no strike today, Lecturer for University go strike. And soon as dem finish their strike, our Doctor go begin their own. When those people don finish, na Nurse go start their own. The thing don become weapon for Nigeria wey be say anything wey workers get problem with their Employer, na strike go be the next thing. I even hear say House Maids and Night Watchmen too don dey plan their own strike too. For una wey be Olowo (Rich Folks) dem make una get ready, because if dis people start their own na him be say Oga go dey outside dey watch the house while Madam go dey inside dey wash Plates. Na play I dey play for dat one. But una know say for our Obodo anything fit happen.

But make we dey serious small my fellow Obodians, the way we dey do dis thing don become something wey I no fit support. I sabi well well say our government na yeye especially the people wey we call our Leaders. No be say Doctors and Nurse no fit strike if our our Goverment no gree pay dem in time but the thing be say he for good make dem find another way wey dem go fit punish our Government dem. Na all of us sabi say the people wey dey work for Private Hospital dem make money pass Workers wey dey for General Hospital. But na poor people dey surfer anytime wey LUTH Doctors strike. Una know say plenty of our Leaders na Obodo Oyinbo dem dey go even for cough. Una remember the last time wey Doctors strike na so we hear say people just dey die for Hospital like chicken as Doctors no dey around. The thing be say some work (Profession) I no think say he dey proper make dem dey strike. If dem want do am, no be all of dem go do am at the same time. Na all of us sabi say we no too get plenty Hospital for Nigeria and the private own na only person wey get money fit afford am. Na the one wey our Government build na him poor people like us dey go. Se dis doctors and Nurse no sabi say if dem strike na Mekunu like me go surfer. Se dem think say our Government care if dem no go work. He no concern dem since dem no say na only poor people go suffer am. I beg Doctor sebi na dis our Obodo una dey, which time una see wey our Leaders dem do something wey poor go enjoy. Anytime wey Doctors dem strike na our Leaders Friends wey get Hospital na dem go make money. Another thing be say anytime wey Doctors and Nurse strike na him be say plenty people go die. And few people go just sit down for house dey surfer or make dem go Babalawo (Natvie Doctor) house. Se na the kind thing wey our Doctors/Nurse want be dat? But I no sabi why this kind thing dey surprise me self since I know say he don tay wey our Doctors care if poor people like us live. For Nigeria, plenty Doctors don become business people, if you no get money dem no dey treat you dat one na fact. Na him be say if person get disease wey fit kill person dat na tough luck my people. I even hear say some doctors wey dey work for General Hospital since plenty of dem get their own Hospital, dem go ask you make you buy two medicine and give you on make you use and dem go come take the other one to their own Hospital. Na wa o, our country don woh woh.

Another one na dis our Police dem wey want strike. Why be say we too dey copy for Nigeria? Any time wey person start something for our Obodo, he no go tay wey other people too go copy am. Na follow follow go kill us for Nigeria. As I talk before the kind money wey our Government dey pay Police dem, no wonder plenty of dem dey join Men of underworld. Which kind person fit survive with dat small change wey our Leaders dey call Salary. Sometime when I see Police wey dey waka for road, I go just shake my head for am. True true the people dey surfer but I still no support make dem strike. Which kind person dey advice our Olopa dem self. I sabi say our Government no dey treat dem proper. But no be person force dem make dem join Police abi? Sebi no be by force. If dem get problem with our Leaders dem, dem for find another way. Dis kind thing wey Police go dey strike I no sabi dat one o my people. Police dey work our life still no dey safe. We no fit go party for Night again. Anytime wey we sleep we no fit close our eyes as Armed Robbers don become Landlord for our Obodo. If dem ask you make you open your door if you no do am na him be say the person want go visit him Papa wey don die be dat. So my people, una sabi say if our Police too strike na him be say Armed Robbers don get promotions be dat. From Landlord to Governor, na him be say their own don beter and our own don dat. Who go stop dem, Se na those Olode (Night watchmen) go stop dem abi na Yellow Fever you want make he come fight dem. My people the day wey una hear say our Olopa dey strike, na our Village una go find me. I know say I no get money wey Thief want thief but the thing be say those robbers if you no fit find dem money dem go just yamutu the person just like dat. And as for me o, I no want die for Armed robber hand. So my people he go good if our Leaders and Olopa dem talk o. If not na him be say our own don end for Lagos be dat o.As I see the strike own he don become big business for our Obodo. And na dat yeye NLC Boss cause.

My people dis strike na our country we dey hurt. Una know say our obodo still dey struggle, plenty people for Nigeria no get work. If all dis strike matter continue una know say few people wey get work go lose am since company no fit make money when him workers no work. Una see the thing wey strike dey do our pikin dem for school. Plenty of dis pikin dem wey dey for our University dem no sabi anything and I no fit blame dem. Today school go dey tomorrow no school. Sometimes when those yeye Lecturers strike some pikin go dey home for Six months. So my fellow Obodians, who come dey surfer am now, no be our pikin? Our yeye Leaders dem don send their pikin go Oyinbo country go read while our pikin dem no fit go school because yeye Lecturers dem don strike. Na so he be o my people, I go advice una say before una strike make una think about all dis thing wey I talk. Na here I go stop, he for better if we think before we do am o.


Why We No Fit Get Along My People?

How una dey my fellow countrymen and women? Why be say for our obodo na every week we dey kill ourselves. Life for our Obodo don become like cow own. Even assy be so, he be like say plenty people dey die for Nigeria pass cow own. Anyway sa, na jeje I sit down for our compound na him my friend Johnny come ask one of him pikin make he come call me. I come ask am say why him no fit come, na him pikin talk say the thing dey urgent. Na so me too carry my buba come follow the boy o. When I reach the place na him the bobo ask me say how many ears I get, I come ask am which kind yeye question be that? Na him he kuku tell me say make I tell my family dem wey be Yoruba and Hausa make dem comot go their village. I ask am say why now, he come tell me say OPC and Hausa dey fight for Idiaraba and dem don kill 10 People already. And since plenty of dis people dey live around our area, wahala fit happen here too as him hear say the two groups don dey organize themselves o. To cut tory short my people I come run home go tell the people the thing wey I hear. Before una know, my family dem don carry the small load wey dem get go our villages. Na there dem dey as I dey talk to una. As I remember say I no ask why the two people dey fight I come run go Johnny House go ask am wetin cause the hulehule again between dem. The bobo come tell me say na two different tory him hear so he no fit tell me which one dey correct.

According to am some Olopa (Police) talk say some OPC people go Idiaraba go find some people wey dem talk say dey involve with stolen goods for the place. When dem come reach the place dem come dey harrass and beat some Hausa (Mola) people wey dey around. Dem talk say when other Hausa people hear the thing, dey too come gather dey burn house wey dem know say na Yoruba get am. By that time him hear say OPC wey cause the thing don run away.

For the second tory, my friend talk say dem say some Hausa youths catch one Yoruba boy wey dey do call of nature near their mosque. As dem dey push themselves back and forth, the Hausa Youths come kill the boy. When OPC members wey dey for Idiaraba hear the thing dem come carrry the boy body go Seriki Musulumi the Hausa Chief. Na him dem talk say as I no dey there, say the man come ask the OPC members wetin wey dem want make he do for the thing? Because of dat, OPC see dis say the man dey support him people na him dey come burn plenty Houses wey Hausa people dey live. When the Hausa Youth see the thing, dem too come burn Yoruba Houses wey dey the area.

Before I go talk for the thing make we look at the two tory. The first one no make sense to me as the police no tell us how 10 people come die for the thing. As for the second one own, dat one dey ok small but the problem I get with am be say since dem talk say na 10 people or so die for the thing, how the other 9 people tay die? Se na the people wey dey inside those houses wey dem burn die for fire abi na wetin? But we hope say our Police go fit answer dat one since na dem be expert for the thing. But as he be so, just like everything for our Obodo, we no go fit know the answer. Our Olopa wey no sabi their left hand from their right hand, the bribe wey dem go chop don scatter scatter their head. Na money talk for our Obodo. And since the wahala na between poor people, na him be say case don close be dat.

So my people dem wetin una think about dis wahala again o. The thing don too dey happen for our Obodo. I dey pray make we no reach the stage wey be say the thing go become normal? Dat one dey dangerours because people go just dey kill like say our live no dey important again. Which kind wahala be dis now for Nigeria wey be say people dey take their frustrations agianst their neigbhours especially the one wey come from another tribes. And if we look the thing well well, na poverty dey cause the thing because we no too dey hear our Olowo dem make dem dey kill themselves like animals. We fit hear Assasin here and there but dat one no be everday own. And the bad thing for the crisis own be say our Leaders dem especially the government no get answer for the thing. I no think say Uncle Sege and his people sabi the thing wey dem go do wey fit comot the thing for our Society or dem sabi but no want do anything since the thing fit cause hole for the Ghana must go bags wey dem want take carry money go Oyinbo country go save. Una know say our Leaders dem no dey like make dem dey spend money for Poor man head if Election no dey. As my Uncle dey talk for London, "Idle mind na dangerous mind. Plenty of dis wahala no go dey if those youths get work or our government dem fit find something wey dem go fit dey do. All those money wey our Government dem dey take entertain those foreign leaders especially the yeye conference wey our country dey host our people dey suffer. I no sabi why Uncle Sege dey build Stadium for Abuja when plenty of our pikin dem just dey wakabout with empty belle and no money. Dat All African Games self wey dem want do next year, why our Government no fit give another country make dey host? Why be say we go dey act like say money dey flow for our obodo like water wey dey Atlantic Ocean? Which kind country our Leaders want impress wey be say we go dey act like say we get am like dat? I no go lie to una my people, Uncle Sege no be better person for our Obodo. The man na good man o but if una dey talk about progress for our country, him be the wrong man for the job as my brother dey talk for America. Na only for Africa you go see leaders wey go put themselves above the people wey dem for dey serve. As long as our Leaders dem continue dey spend money for things wey no go improve our welfare, dis riot and clash go continue among our people. Na the money wey I get na him I loan una my fellow obodians. Dis wahala go happen tomorrow and the same thing go happen next week, next month and even Next year papa as long as dis current Leaders dem continue dey rule our Obodo.

The advice wey I go give my fellow Obodians be say, instead wey we dey turn our anger against ourselves we for dey direct the thing against our Government dem. As for the Abuja Stadium and All African Games I for talk say make we carry buses go Abuja where the Stadium dey and no allow the contractors work for the thing. And for the African Games dem, we fit send message to those African Governments say their life no dey safe if dem come our Obodo. NLC for arrange the thing as dem do for last month strike. I no say he no dey easy but plenty of us no sabi say we get power if we stand together. If we do the thing we go fit turn our country around but the problem be say we no dey United for our Obodo and we too dey afraid of our Government dem.. Na here I go stop my people I hope say una go think well well about the thing wey I talk o.


My people as una see say we dey upgrade our Site, I no go fit talk to una today. Another thing be say yesterday I go Ikeja go help dem small. I go see una for Monday. Plenty tory dey o as I go talk about our Vice President wey people not talk say dem no beat for Ikeja. Make una dey do jeje o.


Na Only God Fit Protect Us and our Pikin Dem

My people na only our Almighty God/Olurun/Allah/Chineke/Osanobua fit protect us and our pikin dem for dis our Obodo. Person life no mean anything for Nigeria o. We dey talk say we want improve our country, sebi na country wey people still dey na him our government go improve. Na from one calamity to another one na him we dey hear and see for our Obodo. As he be now, Uncle Sege regime na soso death the thing dey bring us o. I no talk say na him cause all the thing wey dey happen for our Obodo but as dem dey talk for my village if we get King wey be say during his reign small pikin dey die, food no dey, and animal just dey like that. People go talk say the King time no dey good make dem consult the Oracle. Dis country wey be say our live no mean anything to our Leaders don tire me.

The thing wey happen for Ikeja na our Leaders dem cause the thing. Dis one o, dem no fit escape am. Any government wey be say he no dey put him people life first before dem do anything na yeye and if people see those kind Leaders for road, I go talk say make dem stone dem. I know say plenty of una no like the thing wey I just talk but the thing be say dis kind misfotune wey dey happen for our obodo don dey too much and plenty of dem for no happen if our Leaders dem dey think proper when dem want make decision. People dey talk say for Nigeria we be dis and we be dat and we dey smart. My people as for me o, I no want hear am. If we still think say we be Giant of Africa, na him be say we don dey kolo and make the rest of the World pack all of us go Aro for Abeokuta. Dat kind talk say na we dey there na only fools dey talk am. As Michael Jackson for Obodo America talk for him song, we be nothing. We be empty barrel wey no get anything inside. Because if to say we get sense for Nigeria, the Army Offiers dem na our brothers, sisters, pikin, uncles and Aunties. Na him be say all the thing and decisions wey dem make, na we do am. Our Leaders and Army na part of our Society, ha him be say na so our sense reach. Just like dis corruption wey don eat our Police finish for our Obodo na the result of our society.

I know say plenty of una go dey wonder wetin Pa 'Mugo dey talk for mouth. Make I break am for una my fellow Obodians. The thing wey happen for Ikeja wey plenty innocent pikin dem die no for happen if we get proper people wey go make decision for our Obodo. Which kind yeye Bastards make una pardon my French, go put Barracks with plenty ammunitions where people dey live? I know say whey dem build the place, na bush dey around am but the thing be say those Ammunitions no happen over night. Sebi our Soldier na part of us, sebi plenty of dem na dat area dem dey live. Una want tell me say all those yeye officers wey carry Eagles and Star for body like say dem get common sense na mumu. Na now I sabi why we no fit defeat small Rebels for Ecomog as our so call Soldier na big Oponus (idiots). Na him be say we no get Officers for Army wey get sense (foresight) for Nigeria? Se dem want tell me say dem no fit think say all those yeye weapons and bombs wey dem hide for the place no safe if fire happen around dem? Why we need army self if all dem go do na to kill us? Se bi I think say dem dey there make dem protect us against foreign Ememies but if na dem go dey kill us finish, I no think say sense dey for the thing if we still keep dem. Me I dey among people wey go talk say we go dey fine if we no get Miltary for Nigeria. Na soso pain dem dey cause us for our Obodo Nigeria. Small time now our President go announce another yeye Panel say make dey find the people wey cause am. My people make I tell una dis, all those talk na for Foreign Leaders no be for us o. Nothing wey go happen for the thing, na our money dem go chop on top the thing wey happen to us. I no sabi the person wey our Leaders dem think say dem dey fool, dis people think say we be Mumus. The thing wey pain me pass be say we dey kill our future leaders small small and be like say our currrent so call Leaders dem dey too stupid or the thing no concern dem. Who go lead our Country tomorrow if we kill our youths finish?

My fellow Obodians, if una no sabi how bad the thing be make una visit our News Archive and see photo of innocent pikin and their Mama as dey pack dem like say dem no be person near canal. Make una see how some pikin wey still dey for their mama back when dem die. No be kind thing wey you want dey see with your korokoro eyes, the thing dey sad my people. I no go ever forget that sight for my life. As the thing dey bad so, I no fit sleep when I reach home dat Sunday. Se na so life don turn for our obodo wey plenty innocent people go just die just like dat. I dey pray say after all dis thing don settle no go be business as usual for our Leaders dem. I go hope say na last time wey dem go put Bombs where civillians dey live for our Obodo. But between me and una, I go dey surprise if our Uncle Sege and his so call gangs do right by our people. Na here I go stop my people ojare, as I talk before, na only dat MAN wey dey Upstairs fit protect us o. Obasanjo and his Ministers dem go just talk and na there he go end. Next time our Media people see our President make dem ask am wetin comot for the Panels and Commissions wey dey form for Kaduna and Ijaw crises....


Our Obodo Don Become Cowboy Country

My people if I talk say our country no tire me na him be say I dey deceive myself. No person wey dey live for dis our obodo no go talk so. The reason be say nothing dey work for our country. We thank Uncle Sege small say our Mighty NEPA don improve small. Dat na only thing wey I go say he don better smal. I no fit talk so for other things o. The yeye democracy just dey make some people rich while the rest of us dey dey poor pass poor himself. Food stuff nko, dat one na gold. Gari wey be poor man food before don deer since our Olowo dem don join in for the ritual. Even dem dey eat am pass us like no man business. All dis thing dey important o but dem no reach dis next one wey don turn Ex Giant of Africa to Texas for America or Gaza for Middle East wey be say na everybody get gun for hand.

I remeber when I be small pikin, he rare before you go see dead body for road. And if you come see one na motor hit am. Plenty people for dat era, if motor no kill dem, plenty disease dey wey go yamutu dem for house. But dis days, na soso death matter you go hear for radio. If Area Boys no fight for Lagos Island, Ijaw and Itsekiri go attack themselves with guns. And if dat no happen you go hear say some Malu sellers for Kano dey fight with Farmers for Kaduna. Another thing na Robbers wey dey fight Bakkassi Boys for Onitsha. Na soso fight and war we dey dey happen for our Country. Before no be say wahala no dey but the thing be say when you hear say Yoruba and Ibo dey fight for Yaba na fist fight the thing dey be. Small small you yo go hear say Hausa dey fight Asaba man for Apapa. And plenty time when dat happen, the Hausa go bring him Dagger while the Ibo man go bring him cutlass. If una dey old as I be, plenty time una know say the people just dey do sakara with the weapons dem. But as he be now for our obodo, I no go surprise if dem talk say we get weapon pass Cowboy wey dey for Obodo America. Una know say we no dey talk Cutlass and Juju and knives, I dey talk heavy machine guns wey you go think say na Beirut you dey for Middle East. Se be una hear say for Bayelsa State some Youths dey fight Soldier with guns. I hear say when the Soldier shoot their guns for air as dem want sakara the small pikin dem, na so the the bobo dem return fire like say dem be professional shooters.

Nat dat kind tory come lead me to dis next question. Una sabi say ordinary spoon we no fit make am for Nigeria no to talk say make we dey make Heavy duty guns. Na him be say all those Machine guns and small guns wey dem dey call Bazooka we no fit make dem. The Shakabula wey goldsmith dey make when we dey small, dem no too dey again as plenty of those baba wey dey make am don yamutu and their pikin wey for dey make am don run come Lagos. So na him be say we not too get Homemade guns for our Obodo. So the question be say, where we dey get all those guns wey we dey hear say people dey use? I hear say na our Police dey sell plenty of dem to Men of Underworld but the problem with dat be say our government no too dey give money for dat one. The small money wey dey allocate to our Oga Olapa, the people wey dey in charge don chop am as usual. Na him be say the other organization wey fit dey do dis kind work na our Military. I fit bet my life say we get some Heavyhitter people wey dey finance dis kind deal for Nigeria. Me I no talk say make person no make money but the money wey go bring wahala and death to our Obodo na him I no support. If I talk say people wey don die for dis month alone for Nigeria go don pass 1000, he no go be sweet talk. Na soso wahala we dey see for Television everywhere for our Obodo. Crime wey I no think say I go ever find for Nigeria, come dey happen everyday. People no dey settle their argument with fist again, na guns we dey use like say we be Comboys and Indians. I even hear from my Brother wey dey Obodo America say our people wey dey the place no want come home again as Life no dey save for Nigeria. Dem no talk about Robbers alone, dem say all dis fight between Tribes don tire dem and dem no fit bring their pikin to the thing. Na him make am wey plenty of dem dey buy house and business for the place as dem don decide say na there dem go settle. Dis same thing dey happen for Europe and other Obodo counntries. Our people no have confidence in Nigeria again.

I no blame dem o, If una hear say I don relocate to Obodo Cuba, make una no dey surprise o. The thing don tire me too and I wish say I get money. But since me and Honourable Money no fit gree see ourselves as the bobo no want come my way, I go talk say dat na dream wey no want become real for my life. My people na pray we dey pray make our Almighty Allah/Chineke/Olorun/Osanobua find solution to our wahala before our Obodo become another Yugoslavia o. Na here I go stop, make una take am easy o.


Honourable Governor Who Get The Money?

How una dey my fellow Obodians, I hope say una dey manage? Make una no worry, he go soon better. He don tay wey dis topic wey I want talk today don dey bother me. I know say plenty of una too dey wonder about the thing. Before una start dey talk say he be like say Pa 'Mugo don dey kolo, make I spill the beans. Na about dis our Governors dem wey be say every time we dey hear say dem donate money to some people or to some thing. Make we take our Governor Odili for Rivers for example. Una remember na his donation to Ghana for World Cup Qualifying Match na him want cause wahala for our head. Fifa no talk say dem no ban us when those yeye people wey dey for Liberia talk say na bribe we brine our fellow African brothers for Ghana. I sabi say the man our Governor like football pass anything, dat na him problem. No be say I no like our Eagles dem o, but I be one person wey no go pay money go see dem since I hear say plenty of dem na Millionaires. We no dey talk our yeye Naira Millionaires, I dey talk for Pounds and Dollar money, those Money wey dem dey take call money. The kind money wey our Nigerian brothers dey make for America. Dat quote for our Holly Bible wey talk say na from person wey no get na him we go take give the person wey get plenty no dey happen for my own House o. I hope say our Jesus Christ go forgive me for dat one. As I no get money wey I go waste, if I no fit see dem play for Television and the Radio wey dey for my crib (as dem talk for Obodo America ) no get battery, na sleep una go see me dey sleep o. I no get problem if person get too much money and want carry me go see dem for Stadium but the thing be say, we must stop for one Buka make I wack well well. I go make sure say something dey for my belle before I go put myself for place where riot fit dey, and na only people wey bellefull go survive. Those small pikin fit crush you with their Okoro bone (make una no vex my fellow Easterners). If you want go stadium my people, make una make sure say una don wack tire if una no want make dem carry una body come meet una family for house. As dem dey talk for Yoruba land, person wey no get mama no dey cause wound for him back.

Make I go back to my tory, Me I no know for una, but the thing no concern me if our Governor be number one for Super Eagle Supporter Club. Just like no be my business if our Leaders dem want donate money for their hobby or charity, dat one na dem palavar. The thing be say we too dey hear wey our Leaders go dey give people money yanfu yanfu like say the thing na Oil wey dey for Niger Delta. I know say plenty of dis guy na Olowo dem be but I make tell una dis, our Governor no too dey play with their own money.  If una look proper the only time wey dem go give you money na when dem want make you vote for dem. And una know say dat no dey happen everyday. If one politician give you money, na him be say you get something wey he want from you, dem no too dey do Father Christmas for their house make dem no deceive una. So the question be say where all dis millions wey we dey hear say dem dey donate to Sport or Book wey people no go read wey their fellow Jaguda dey launch for Eko Meridien. We no dey talk about small change o. Dat one I no get problem. Anytime wey you hear say Governor Tinubu give 50,000 Naira to Charity dat one fit be him money as he no plenty for him face, but dis Millions wey we dey hear say dem donate everyday, I hope say no be our State money o. Since plenty of us no fit find food chop and na dis Obodo dem born all of us, I no see why wey some Ole wey call themselves our Leaders go dey donate our Oil money to people wey no need am. Dis their yeye goodwill he go good make dem stop am o if na our money dem go dey blow for the thing. Plenty thing dey wey dat kind money go buy for Jankara. Plenty Village dey wey the money go put better tap water for their backyard, but the yeye Barowo dem no go do dat. If dem want donate money make dem take am from their own pocket no be say dem go dey take the money wey belong to all for us dey do yanfu yanfu like say we be Oyinbo country wey no get problem. Plenty people dey for dis our Obodo wey no fit find food chop for days as money no dey. Make una no dey surprise if una hear later say our Leaders dey use the thing dey do wayo. Dem fit dey take style donate money to their friends wey go help dem carry am go Obodo Oyinbo. Una no fit take things pass our Leaders dem o. I don talk am before dem be Ogbologbo 419. How una think say dem take get money? No be say dem do fraud for their former work?

I hope and dey pray say our yeye Media wey don sell their soul to Devil go turn around and do better for a change and start dey investigate anytime wey we hear say our Governors dem and their yeye mistress wey dem call wives donate money, plenty pikin dey wey the money go help change their future for better if we do am right. Na here I go stop my people, make una do right by our Country o.


Madam Minister Where Your Sense Dey?

My people how life dey treat una, I hope say una dey gbaladun? Dis thing wey I want talk today I know say plenty of una don hear am before but since I don promise say I go talk about am, I no dey like make I no fulfill my promise. Wetin plenty of una think about the talk wey dem say our Minister for State for Naval affairs (as I don forget her name) wey talk say our Brothers wey fight for Biafra side na traitor. The first time I hear the thing I dey among people wey no believe say person with her education and position go fit talk like that. But since the woman herself no talk say she no say so, na him come make me agree with other people say na true the woman talk am. Before I start with my comment, I want give una small tory about the woman.

Se una sabi say the Minister na our Leader Pa Adesanyo pikin she be. The first time wey our President announce all his minister names, when the woman papa hear say the names wey Uncle Sege announce for Minister position her daughter dey he no dey happy. When I hear the thing I ask myself say which kind papa wey dis man be self? How our President go choose him pikin make she be Minister and she go turn around and say you no support her for public. I even hear say our Pa Adesanya even talk say she no think say her pikin get proper experience for the thing. Plenty of us no sabi why the old man go talk so. I know say if the woman na my pikin na him be say Pa Mugo don arrive be dat. Una no go fit call my house if una no get appointment. Na him be say me too go get plenty Police Escort for our Area be dat. Small time una go hear say dem don give me contract make I supply Cloth for our Soja dem. But anyway sa, no be me born the woman, I guess say the man go sabi her pikin. As dem talk for our Village, person no fit sabi a man pikin pass am. Na him be say the Our Pa Adesanya sabi him pikin pass all of us.

So my people na him be say, na true true the man talk wey he say say him pikin no go fit do the work well since no too sabi how our government dey work.The question wey I want ask be say, why our Uncle Sege go select the woman when her papa talk say he no support our President for the thing. Na all of us sabi the answer, our President think say if he make the man daughter Minister, our Pa Adesanya no go dey attack am again. I guess say our President dey wrong again as usual.

But make I go back to my original tory. Dis woman self I no sabi why she no fit apologize for the thing? Na arrogant and no get respect na him dem dey call dat kind behaviour. First if to say na me be am even if I talk am, I go talk say na lie no be me. But the woman as she no deny the thing na him be say she no get respect at all. I no go talk say she no get home training as I sabi her papa. Dem teach am only be say she no take am. How person with that kind education go come call a whole tribe say dem be traitor? Who she think she be self? Which kind African woman she be self wey she go talk that kind talk for public? Dat kind talk fit cause palavar for our Obodo if the no know. Na the reason wey some parent no dey gree send their daughter go school be that. Dem believe say she go turn around and talk say she sabi life pass her parent and husband. But I no blame am, na dat our Baba Egba na him I blame. If to say our Leaders dey select person because say dem go do the work better, life for don better for us for Nigeria. But no be dem, na soso favour na him dem dey take give person position for our Obodo. Sebi una remember two years ago when our former President Shehu Shagari dey attack our President everyday. Wetin come end am? No be say the yeye man shut him mouth when our President select him pikin as Minister. Wetin our President do wey he no do before Shagari come stop dem attack am? But as dem don make his pikin Minister his mouth come enter hole.

Na so he be for our Obodo o, you no fit rely on our Leaders because plenty of dem no be man of substance. Dem no get one kind conviction for body. Anytime wey you hear one wey dey talk yeh yeh about Government, na because dem no give am position na him dey make am attack government. Small time, una go hear say dem don make am Minister or member of one yeye committee wey just dey chop our money. Una no go hear make he talk bad about the government. If you know say the government dey bad, why you go come the same government wey you dey comdemn everyday? Our Leaders na like Asewo, I go even talk say Asewo get pride pass dem. Na only money and power dem sabi, dem just dey live for their own no be for our country. The only person wey I respect when he talk for our Obodo na our Brother Gani Fawehinmi. Na the only person wey I go talk say na man of substance be dat. Plenty Government officials want bribe am, but the man no gree dem. I hope say plenty of our Leaders dem go follow dis kind behaviour. Dat na dream wey I no think say go come to live.

As for the madam, I go hope say our President go tell the woman make she resign because we no need the kind thing wey go tear our country apart. We know say he dey wrong for the war but dat don pass. Make we let bygone be bygone, dat no means say people wey dey for Nigerian Army before dem join Biafra no go get retire money. Since our Government don pardon dem, I believe say if we want make our country move forward make we start from our people wey think our Government do dem wrong. I no think say my people for East for try am if our country treat all the tribes the same. I see say the kind thing wey cause the wahala don dey creep small small for our obodo. Today na Ijaw, tomorrow Tiv, small time, una go just hear say civil war don start again if our government no becareful. Na the reason wey we no need Minister wey no go fit watch the thing wey comot their mouth be dat. I no dey happy say plenty of our Leaders wey come from other Tribes no condemn the thing wey that yeye Minister talk especially my people for South West.

But as he be, I hope plenty of our leaders go think before dem say something wey fit cause wahala for our belove NIGERIA. Na here I go stop my people, make we take am easy o.


My Muslim Brothers Why Dis Hassle Now?

How dey go dey my fellow Obodians? I see say plenty of una don dey ready for National Strike. I know una dey happy since work no go dey. But make una remember say person wey no work make he no expect say him Ogas go give am money o. As dem dey say na money we dey take get money, if you no work no vex if your Oga comot change for your salary since his Canteen too na money he dey take run am. But dat one na for another day.

He don tay wey I don dey plan say I go talk about our Reverend Bonnke wey dey come from Obodo Germany. No be last week I get letter (E-Mail) from one reader wey ask why I never talk about the thing. Any way sa my people na him be dis. I get question wey I want ask my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters, why we no want make the man come to our Obodo self? And why be say anytime wey one Christian person say he want come our Obodo, we go dey act like say the person want kill our pikin? I know say plenty of una no like this kind question but I just say make I ask una. As I talk before, I no get anything against some of my Muslim brother, since me and una na de same. The mama wey born me too na muslim before she go meet our Prophet Mohammed- Allah lah salah. Even I even go Mosque when I still dey small. Make una no ge me wrong o, I no talk say I be proper muslim o, I just go there because of Peppermint wey the Alfa go give us. But I suffer for the thing o, because anytime wey I no sabi the thing wey dem write for Waala, na Wayi Wayi I go hear for my head. Na the thing wey make me stop dey go Moshalashi (Mosque) be that because the man no want say no kill me. Any way sa dat na dat.

Ask I dey talk before, why be say when our fellow Christians want bring person from another place make he come preach for dem, some of us wey be Muslim no dey like am? Se na by force person dey join Islam? No be our Prophet Mohammed talk am say make we no attack person wey no cause harm to us. And if we know say the man na our Supreme Leader, why we come dey turn his talk upside down. Year before when dat reverend from Germany come Kano or Kaduna, my muslim brothers and sisters talk say the thing na insult to Islam. Which kind yeye talk be that? Wetin say because person want come preach to his fellow Christian come do with us wey be muslim? I be una don forget say dem get plenty Christians wey dey live for North. Even who die wey make us Judge self? So my fellow Muslim because we no be Christian mo mean make person wey be Christian no come practice his religion. Sometimes I dey wonder which kind person wey we be self. He be like say we too dey enjoy when people die. Anytime wey Muslim person kill other people wey no be Muslim we go dey jump up and down like say the people wey dem kill no get family wey go miss dem. He no dey wrong if I talk say we Muslim too dey shed innocent blood too much because of religion. Plenty of us don forget say God wey dey above our Prophet Mohammed talk say make we no kill. As we dey talk say we dey live our life as he be for Koran, why we come dey kill people because dem dey for another religion.

We Muslim too dey behave like say other people wey dey for Nigeria no belong here because dem no be Muslim. Na the reason wey some people no want join our religion be that. Because our wahala dey too much, we dey act like we sabi Koran pass Arab people wey get the thing self.

No be last year again wey the man say he go visit Christians wey dey for Osogbo. Before the man even come, some people wey I go call Animals because no proper Muslim go burn House of God even if the place na Church, burn plenty church because of the thing. I even hear say dem kill the Pastor son wey dey for the place. Which kind religion be that wey we go just dey kill people like say dem be fowls. I don talk dis one before, person wey kill another person like him go die the same death when his time come.

My advice to my fellow Muslim be say, since dis our Obodo belong to all of us, he go good make we live like brothers and Sisters. Person wey no like am, dem get plenty country for Araba Obodo (Middle East) wey na only Muslim dey live there. He be like say some of my fellow Muslim don forget say Islam and Christian no be our Religion, na the people wey sell our ForeFathers na dem bring am to our Obodo. Our people don dey practice there religion jeje before Arab and Oyinbo people come push their ways for our head. That na one true wey una fit take to Jankarah

So my fellow Obodians na here I go stop o before NLC people come drive me comot..............


No Life Safe For Our Obodo O My People

My people he don shele again o. Every time you open television or radio for house, na so so wahala news you go hear for the thing. Se una hear about the wahala wey happen for Oyo and Delta States. I hear again for Owo say na so OPC and Owo Palace guards just dey yamutu themselves like say dem be animals. The thing wey I no sabi be say dis people na all Yorubas o. He be like say the soap wey dem give dem make dem take birth na him dem drink. Why people no fit settle their problem with talk, why be say na to kill themselves finish na him dem sabi. Na the reason why our government ban all dis radicals be that because plenty of dem na hooligans and dem no get one sense for that their kokoro heads. Na dis kind environment wey cause make dem kill our brotheand Papa- Minister Ige wey dey kill three weeks ago.

Waiting dey happen for obodo wey some people go just enter person house and just kill am like say na dem be his maker? Which kind maniac go send people make dem go kill our Attorney General wey don old self. According to the thing wey I hear, the man don pass 70 years. Una want tell me say these gbana smoking hoodlums just yamutu the person wey we call the oga patapata for law for our Obodo and kill am just like that? Una want tell me say the young men no dey dey afraid say person send dem make dem go kill old papa for money and dem no fit say no to the thing? I hope the people wey dey behind the thing sabi say the thing wey dem dey call nemesis for oyinbo language? Na him be say anything wey you do for dis life, go come back to you. The talk say if you do bad you go go hell no be true again, na for here that hell dey and dem go soon reap am. And one thing I sabi for our Yoruba talk say small boy wey go kill an old man, na him be say na the thing wey go kill am be that. That one na one abomination wey no Babalawo fit wash comot person head be that. The people wey kill the man go soon face their own doom before the end this year. Na true I dey tell una my people. Small boy wey talk say old person mouth dey smell, na his downfall and death dey knock for door be that.

My people make we talk true, he don tay wey I don know say our life no dey safe for our obodo. But dis one own pass me o. If dis killers fit kill our Attorney General like that, wetin people like us go do. Na him be say no person life safe for our obodo be that o. The thing wey I no sabi be say dis him security where dem get dem self? Which kind yeye security dem be wey dem no fit sabi say if dem want go eat, make some of dem stay till the other people come back? I no be security o but I sabi say that kind thing for security na no no. I no go suprise if dis people get hand for the thing. I don talk am before our Police dem na one kind yeye group. People wey dem dey guard just dey give themselves false hope; na all of us sabi say he no take much if you want bribe our Police dem. Another thing be say, as for our Police dem, na everybody know say if dem see Armed Robber appear, na run dem go run. And I no blame dem sa, because na so me too go run. I no dey die for anybody. But since no be by force person dey join Police, as dem don promise say dem go fight crime and prevent wahala for our Obodo, I no see reason why dem no fit resign if dem know say dem no go fit do the work. The thing don reach three weeks now, and we still no sabi the person wey dey behind the murder. Small time know una go hear wey dem go bring one useless gang say na dem do am. But my people, I dey among the people wey know say our Police dem no fit catch the real people wey dey behind the thing. Our Police na empty gun wey just dey make noise for nothing.

As for our Politicians I hope say dem sabi now say their own live too no safe as he don tay wey we don dey tell dem say our country get problem as life no safe so. As the thing don hit one of our Leaders dem, I hope say dem go find way solve dis crime wey don almost consume all of us for our Obodo. If the thing fit happen to attorney general of a nation, na him be say the rest our leaders live too no safe. But instead make our Leaders dem find solution for the whole country, na only their own and their family dem go want solve. No be last week I hear wey dem talk say make dem beef security around all people in power (PIP). Una see my fellow obodians, our Government don start with their yeye bandage solution again. I no think say dem get am as my brother for obodo America dey talk? Dem think say if their own family and their life don save, our country no get problem be that. Plenty of dem too dey think say dis world na about dem. Anything wey happen after that no concern dem. Na the reason wey some people no dey pity dem when bad thing happen to some of dem be that. Our Uncle Sege don dey talk say make dem increase security wey dey guard dem including Ministers, Governors, Senators and rest of dem own. Na him be say the rest of us na tough luck. My people make I tell una now, if security no improve for the rest of us, I no go shed any tear if dem send all of our so call Leaders away.

As for those killers the only advise wey I go give dem be say, If to say na me be dem I go make deal with our Goverment dem. Because the people wey send dem fit send another assasins make him come after dem since dem go want cover their crime. Dis no be lie o my people. People wey fit do that kind thing wetin make the small fries think say dem go just leave dem alone like that? I go ask dem make dem think real hard for the think gan o. And my people if you sabi the people wey carry dis murder I go advice you make you tell dem make dem no sleep for house with their eyes close o because death no too far from dem and he dey knock on the door.

Na here I go stop my people, make una pray for our country o


Electoral Law Fraud: Our Leaders in Hot Soup

How dey go dey go my people, I hope say una dey kampe? Our Leaders dem no fit talk the same my fellow obodians. Se una don hear say some leaders for National Assembly and Uncle Sege do dabaru for that yeye law wey dem call Electoral Act 2001.

As dem talk am for paper since no be say I take my kokoro eyes see am, dem say when National Assembly don pass the thing finish, before them send am to Uncle Sege, na him our Senate Leader Anyim (Ogbologbo) and some Senators come call Senate Secretary for house for night say make he come back to National Assembly. When the bobo reach the place, na him dem come tell am say make he bring the document out o. The bobo want flex muscle na him dem come threaten am small and the bobo come lie low. When the man come bring the thing out, the five senate gang come change the bill as dem justice to am. I hear say na dem change am say make Local Government election no happen this year. According to my source, dem say dem want change the thing make he favour their party. When dem don finish their magomago, one of dem come put Uncle Sege signature for the thing. Last week when dem ask Senate Secretary for National Assembly wetin happen and why he no stop the thing. The man talk say he tell dem say dem no fit change the thing since the whole Senators don pass am. My source tell me say the man talk say dem come threaten am say make he keep quite. I no sabi the kind question wey dem dey ask the bobo, which servant fit tell him master say him no go do him errand when na him dey pay his salary? Make the bobo mallam thank his star say he still dey alive. Since we sabi the thing wey our Politicians/Leaders fit do. Dem go just send hired killer to his house. Or dem fit make am make he just disappear like dat. If I be bobo Mallam, I no go sleep with my eyes close o.

My people na him be dis o, the people wey we call our Leaders and custodians of our obodo na dem be Fraud Barons. If to say I say dis one no surprise me, na lie I dey lie. Na all of us hear the kind havoc dem do wey don pass but dis one na the ultimate o. Why be say plenty of our Leaders sabi book but common sense no dey for their head. Why be say dem no dey learn from mistake wey the people before dem commit. No be two years ago dem comot Chief Okadigbo and some people dem because dem talk say dem do magomago for contract for Abuja. Una mean say dis people no dey for town dat time? Na the thing wey I dey talk before be dat, plenty of dis our so call Leaders na Pen Robber and their brain dey for their yansh.. Una go think say dem go think before dem do thing but no be dem. I no know whether na because dem think say na dem be power dat be and we no go fit remove dem, and wey dey make dem no fit cover their behind. As I talk before, plenty of dem na big mungus.

Now as the thing don happen, the question now be say which role our Uncle Sege play for the thing. As he dey so, I no think say our President dey totally innocent for the thing. Dat man na baba nla Agbari, you no fit trust am. Anytime wey dem think dem go catch am, he go just slip for their hands. But any way since I no dey there, I no fit talk true true say the man dey involve up to his eyeballs (courtesy of my brother for America). As for the rest of dem, I no want hear say dis na mistake, make dem no comot dem. Na dis kind thing dey make our pikin dem may dem no respect their elders as dem believe say all of dem na crook.. Why una think say Hired Killers, Armed Robbers, Area Boys and Asewo dey? Because na the thing wey our undesirable Politicians dem dey breed be that. Most crook think say dem no go fit catch am, dem believe say dem dey invicible. Another thing be say since na money our Oga Police and our society dey worship, dem go fit bribe themselves comot prison if dem catch dem as our our Leaders dey do everyday. Na the thing wey those small fries believe be dat. Dat one no be lie since our so call leaders dey escape prison with thing wey wohwoh pass their own.

If I enter molue wey dey go Orile instead of Danfo wey dey Oshodi Oke, dat na mistake. If I dey live for face me and face you and one night when I dey drunk come enter my next neighbour room instead of my own wey dey near am, we fit call dat mistake. But the thing wey dis people do na fraud. I go support the people wey talk say make dem resign. I go even support say make dem put dem for Kirikiri. Wetin una think say go happen if to say we no catch dem, that bill wey change fit dabaru our beloved Nigeria. I go talk say the thing wey my man Chief Okadigbo do no reach dis one, no be say we impeach am? Please my fellow Igbo people, I no want hear say other tribes no like our people o. Na the hands wey do wrong na him make the king cut. I go advise my people for East make dem turn their anger on dis people wey disgrace the position of power where we put dem. No person force dem make dem do the thing wey dem do. Dis people na disgrace to our people and our country. Dis idea wey our Leaders dey think say dem fit get away with murder, he go good make we stop dem even with our blood (no be me and una, I too enjoy my palmwine), if we no want our pikin dem turn to Hired Killers, Armed Robbers, Touts, Asewos and 419.

The thing wey dem talk say our Senate Leaders and his 5 member gang do na Ultimate 419 with no rival. Na here I go stop my people, make una dey do jeje o.


Nigeria - Thailand Prisoners Palavar

Happy New Year my fellow Obodians, I hope say una enjoy una Chrismas and New Year holidays? As una know say dis na new year, I promise say dis time go dey different pass last year own. We get plenty tory for hand wey we go share with una dis week, tory like our Justice Minister Ige wey dem just yamutu like that, another one na this Electoral fraud matter for our National Assembly own and next week own we go start with Reverend Bonnke from Germany wey my muslim brothers no want see for Nigeria as if to say the man na Jesus and he want make all of us Christians for Nigeria and the yeye Junior Minister for Military matter wey no think before she open her mouth. Before all dis, we go start with our Prisoners for Thailand.

My people se una hear say our Government don arrange with Thailand make we exchange prisoners. Na him be say dis asian country go send all our people dem wey dey for their prison patapata and our government too go come send Thai people wey dey for our prison. But the thing na wetin Oyinbo dem call Formality as he be say dis na one way street arrangement since Thai people no too dey come our Obodo. According to my source, we no get prisoners for Kirikiri and the rest of dem wey come from Thailand. But as for our people own, dem dey yanfu yanfu for their prison. From small pikin to old cargoes, which size wey no dey for dis place, if you go there, I hear say na so Igala and Landcruise yansh full the place like say na our National Stadium you dey wey dem dey do race. Plenty Lawyers, Engineers, Doctors, Professionals, Business Men and Women including muguns (Wannabes carriers) wey no sabi how dem tay reach the place. And I hear say plenty na Ogbologbo Drug Pushers wey dey go for the kill and big Jackpot for the place. I fit bet una say no Nigerian wey dem arrest because he dey go him do him work jeje no be for drug. All of dem na criminals wey because of greed and dem want become Rich by force no want wait for their turn. Dis na the kind people wey you no want see for face when you first wake up for morning. Na dis kind people dey bring shame to our people and Obodo. And sometime una go dey wonder why countries no want see our people for their abode, na dis kind people dey cause am. No country for dis world wey no sabi us say we get criminal mind for body as we too dey worship money and the people wey get am, no crime for dis universe wey our people no dey, Se na 419 you want talk ni abi gbana carrier, make dem sell their body we dey their, fake medicine ko, na our country be dumping ground for the thing. All those yeye reputation wey no better person wey remember him family name go do na him we go wear with pride as kings and queens.

My people the thing wey I no sabi for this prisoner exchange na the kind talk wey dem say our ambassador for Thailand Prince Ademola Aderele talk last year wey he go visit our people for Prison. He talk say next time wey he come back to dem, him go bring dem good news. Dem say plenty of the prisoners believe say the man na their Moses as dem talk say dem like Nigerian Prison pass the ones wey dey for Thailand place. My fellow Obodians, se una dey hear the kind talk wey our so call Importers & Exporters dey talk. I no sabi when crime don become better thing wey our people no dey shame dey wear at all at all. If to say na me be dem, na Nigeria go be last place wey I want make dem know say I dey for Prison. I no sabi the kind family wey dis people come from o, if to say na my family, dem go disown so quick you go think say you just fall from heaven and you no get root. As we dey poor so for our family, anything wey go stain the family name dem fit kill person for the thing. As my grandmama dey talk for our village, good name better pass gold and silver. Dem no want make anybody shame the family name o. I know say plenty of una go talk say no person wey dey above mistake and I agree with una 100 percent. But the thing wey I no gree be say make person dey carry illegal drug and come dey call am mistake. Una no see plenty of dem wey don make money for the thing as dem go dey act like say na true their hardwork dem tay get money. Na so you go see dem dey act like Cash madam and Baba Alaye like say dem proper VIP. Instead make dem just lay low for their crime na so so yanga dem go dey for Lagos road like say na dem own the road and dem dey important. Even self dat one dey small, I no dey like person wey want get rich quick instead make he wait for him turn. That kind thing no be mistake for my court, na greed and proper Onyeochi na him we dey call am for my papa village. Na the thing wey dem dey call WOBIA and BARAWO for our Obodo be that. That yeye drug don pafuka plenty people life for our society and other countries.

One big problem for the thing be say which kind message wey our Ambassador dey give our youths, you mean say dem dey take style tell us say he dey fine make people dey spoil our name for abroad so. Which kind yeye goodnews the yeye Ambassador want take give dis kind people wey because of their greed, plenty of our youths dem wey want go overseas go do better thing no fit go because dis yeye criminals dem don spoil am for dem. Na the reason wey you go go embassy dem go dey treat our Obodians like say na all of us be criminals. Why una think say plenty Oyinbo countries no want give our people visa, no be because of the damage wey our people wey dey live for their Obodo don cause na him make he dey hard for some our people wey mean well for obodo Oyinbo.

The thing wey I go tell our Government be say make dem leave dem for the place till their sentence finish patapata. When dem don finish for the place, make dem come transfer all of dem go Kirikiri go spend another years for the place. As for the professionals dem, he go good make dem take their certificates comot from dem as dis go be lesson for the rest of us. Dis na crimes wey our government no want make other countries think say we dey support. If you want make dem respect us, make our government make sure say dis people no escape am. Plenty people dey for our Obodo so wey dis yeye criminals don spoil show for.

As I dey stop here, make una remember say na true hard work na him person dey make am and get peace of mind. The thing wey you take cunny cunny get no dey last. Where una think the people wey do am before dey? If dem no dey for Prison, dem dey for yonder dey burn for Hell.

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