Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)
The redesigned Central Bank of Nigeria website is as a result of an online user survey published on the old site last year. The new site trendy layout, consistent footer. Among its old download features, It now spots new trends like RSS (Atom feeds), Blogs, Discussion forums and an all new search engine. Tinubu Square, Lagos. Banks, finances, stocks, bonds, shares, houses, merchants, businesses, investments. Nigeria, central banking, banking, central bank, bank, financial, financial institutions, banks, west africa, rates, monetary policy, financials, commercial, merchant banking, money, nigeria, naira, bankers, investment, treasury bills, treasury certificates, open market operations, million, billion, financial instrument, dollar, pounds, gold, silver, coins, notes, currency, bullion, central banks, financing, forex, foreign exchange, discount house, refinancing, financing, debt, debt rate, imf, bis, exchange rate, statistics, nigeria, abuja, lagos, oil, gas, economy, liquidity, distress, inter-bank, inter bank funds, interbank, inter-bank, funds, commercial, papers, clearing house, clearing, ecowas, asset, assets, commerce, reserve, credit, interest rate, price indices, indices, indicies, interest, index, e.c.o.w.a.s., lending.


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