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Our mission is to provide a fact finding service to our visitors who are looking for information or verification of Business documents or business information such as address, email and phone numbers, Authentication on Landed Property example deed to a Lot or a House, Location or places - such as street address and State, Commodities- raw materials and products, Vehicles such as location of missing vehicles or accidental cars. As aforementioned some of these services may need the service of a third party such as Vehicle Recovery Organization which is a joint venture between Vehicle Recovery Club (VRC) a non profit organization and Nigeria Police Force (NPF), Samuel J. O. & Associates (Law Chamber). etc. We are here to serve our visitors and clients, please send your questions, inquiries and comments to FactsFinder Although we will do our best by following every lead, under no circumstances do we guarantee that the information derived through our research is accurate unless specifically indicated or is it guaranteed that all inquiries will result in desired outcome. KEK Technology Inc and its employee are not liable for any loss that may occur as result of our findings.

Due to the cost normally incur, our service is no longer free,  a US$29.95 fee will now be charged for initial investigation or inquiry on all requests. Please click on our Facts Finder Service Button below if you are still interested in our service. We apologize for any inconvenience. We will not process any request without the initial Service payment.

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