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University of Calabar, Calabar
University of Calabar was established on 25th October, 1975. It grew out of the Calabar Campus of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka which began functioning as such in the 1973/74 academic session with 154 students and a small cadre of academic, administrative and technical staff. In April, 1975, the Federal Military Government of Nigeria announced that, as part of the Third National Development Plan, seven new universities would be established at selected locations throughout the country. The University of Calabar was one of the seven universities established under this programme by the Federal Military Government. Education, Technical Education, Government Institutions, Research, Grants, Curriculums, Universities, University, Secondary, Primary, Higher Institutions, Schools, Graduates, Post Graduates, PHD, Doctor, Examinations, NCE, Degrees, Test, Organizations, Associations, Libraries, Library, Students, Pupils, Agriculuture, Plants, Crop and Soil Science, Veterinary Medicine, Veterinarians, Natural Resources, Animal Science and Production, Agric Economics, Technologies, Colleges, Unions, Old Students, Alumni, Law, Applied Food Science, Information Technology, Computer, Medicine, Government, Books.