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University of Agriculture, Makurdi
University of Agriculture, Makurdi, Benue State (UAM) is one of the two premier Universities of Agriculture, established in 1988. It succeded the Makurdi Campus of the University of Jos (Established in 1984), which in turn had succeded the former University of Technology, Makurdi (Established in 1980). The University was setup to pioneer new institutional approaches to the generation and dissemination of new agricultural technologies. The University of Agriculture, Makurdi was established against the background of an existing network of faculties of agricultures in about 24 federal owned general universities and fourteen states' owned Universities. Education, Technical Education, Government Institutions, Research, Grants, Curriculums, Universities, University, Secondary, Primary, Higher Institutions, Schools, Graduates, Post Graduates, PHD, Doctor, Examinations, NCE, Degrees, Test, Organizations, Associations, Libraries, Library, Students, Pupils, Agriculuture, Plants, Crop and Soil Science, Veterinary Medicine, Veterinarians, Natural Resources, Animal Science and Production, Agric Economics, Technologies, Colleges, Unions, Old Students, Alumni, Law, Applied Food Science, Information Technology, Computer, Medicine, Government, Books.