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Official Website of Ogun State Government
Ogun State is otherwise known as the Gateway State. This is in recognition of its pioneering role in education, medicine, law and divinity, on one hand, and its strategic position as the link by road, rail, air and sea to the rest of the country, emerged in February, 1976, in a nation-wide State-creation exercise undertaken by the then Military Regime headed by the late General Murtala Muham- med. Its emergence followed the merger by decree of the Abeokuta and Ijebu provinces of the former Western State into a full-fledgeoState within the nineteen state structure of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The State is blessed with a conducive climate that supports cultivation of a variety of crops such as yam, cassava, maize, rice, plantain, beans, vegetables and citrus fruits such as orange, paw-paw, pineapple and so on.  The main cash crops produced in the State are cocoa, cashew, kola nut, oil palm and palm kernels, rubber and coffee. State Government, South West, Ijebus, Remos, Egbas, Awori, Yorubas, Odudua, housing, business developments, Investors, Governors, Cocoa, Human Activists, Properties, tourism, tourists, businesses, Rubber, resort, natural resources. bitumen, kaolin, phosphate, bauxite, granite, limestone, crude oil.