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The Nigerian Navy: Official Website
In 1887, the Colonial Government of Nigeria established the Lagos Marine as a quasi-military organisation combining the duties of present day Nigeria Ports Authority, the Inland Waterways and the maritime policing duties of a modern day Navy. When Northern and Southern Nigeria were brought together as one country in 1914, the two marine forces became the Nigeria Marine, and on 1 June 1956 after lobbying for a full-fledged naval force instead of a ports authority, the Nigerian Naval Force was established. HMS Hare, an Algerine class minesweeper was renamed Nigeria and recommissioned as the flagship of the new navy on 21 July 1959. War Management, Enforcement, Patrol Boats, Niger Delta, Protections, Aviations, Security Implementations, Defence Policies, Territorial integrity, Territorial Protections, Constitution, Preservations, Peace Keeping, UN, Military, Government, Govt Services, Defence, Security, Patrol Vessels, War Ships, Federal Government, War, Community Services, Attack Crafts, Military Schools, Barracks.