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The Nigerian Army Engineers: Official Website
The role and functions of military engineers which are virtually the same all over the world are to assist the army live, move and fight while doing everything possible to hinder enemy movement. This is carried out through provision of mobility, counter mobility and survivability support to the Nigerian Army. The Nigerian Army Engineers (NAE) evolved from the Royal West African Frontier Force (RWAFF) which dates back to the Early Twentieth Century. Elements of the Nigerian Army Engineers were part of the British Royal Engineers which helped to survey and fix boundaries of what is now known as Nigeria with the neighboring French and German Colonies. She stated further that they played a significant role in the surveying of railway and telegraphic lines. War Management, Enforcement, Protections, Security Implementations, Defence Policies, Territorial integrity, Territorial Protections, Constitution, Preservations, Peace Keeping, UN, Military, Government, Govt Services, Defence, Security, ECOMOG, Federal Government, War, Community Services, Military Schools, Catonment, Education, Training, Design, Constructions, Infrastructure Mainteance, Infrastructural Facilities, Barracks, Explosive ordinance disposal, Road and Bridges, Equipment and clearing of far Bank Mines.