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The Nigerian Army : Official Website
What could be regarded as the nucleus of the NA started in 1863 when the Imperial Governor of Lagos, Lt Glover of the Royal Navy gathered 18 Northern Nigerians to mount punitive expeditions to protect British trade routes around Lagos. Even after Nigeria had become a Republic, the Nigerian Military was still structured to implement British oriented doctrines. Though small and mainly used for ceremonial duties, after independence, the NA was nonetheless a disciplined force. The coups-de-tat and counter coups of 1966 which culminated into the Nigerian Civil War, led the military to politics. The Nigerian Army has continued to expand in response to its mandate, growing from a force of six battalions before the Civil War to five divisions. War Management, Enforcement, Protections, Security Implementations, Defence Policies, Territorial integrity, Territorial Protections, Constitution, Preservations, Peace Keeping, UN, Military, Government, Govt Services, Defence, Security, ECOMOG, Federal Government, War, Community Services, Military Schools, Catonment, Education, Training, Barracks.