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The Nigerian Air Force: Official Website
The origin of the Nigerian Armed Forces dates back to 1863 when the Hausa Constabulary was formed by the British. The Constabulary metamorphosed into the West Africa Frontier Force (WAFF) and then the Nigerian Regiment in 1956. It was then completely a land-based force. Later, the need to protect and patrol the Nigerian coastline and its resources led to the creation of the Nigerian Navy in 1956. These were the components of the Nigerian Armed Forces till 1962 when the idea of establishing an air force for Nigeria was first muted. The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) was formally established on 18 April 1964 with the passage of the Air Force Act 1964 by the Nigerian Parliament. The Act summarised the objectives of the NAF as follows: The Nigerian Air Force shall be charged with the defence of the Federal Republic by air, and to give effect thereto, the personnel shall be trained in such duties as in the air as well as on the ground. War Management, Enforcement, Protections, Aviations, Security Implementations, Defence Policies, Territorial integrity, Territorial Protections, Constitution, Preservations, Peace Keeping, UN, Military, Government, Govt Services, Defence, Security, ECOMOG, Federal Government, War, Community Services, Military Schools, Catonment, Airforce, Military Planes, Military Jets.