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Niger State Government Official Site
The state was created 3rd February, 1976 out of the then North-Western state during the regime of General Murtala Ramat Mohammed; the state formerly began to function on April 1 st of that year, with eight local government councils (L G As) namely: Chanchaga, Rafi, Gbako, Etswan, Suleja, Mariga, Magama and Lavun. Etswan Local Government was later divided into two (Agaie and Lapai LGAs). Niger State, with about 4 million people and with largest land mass and more than 80% arable land can be described as investor haven. These include rich and arable land; home to the three national hydro-electric power stations; and very rich tourism facilities, such as the Gurara Falls, Kainji Lake National Park, BorguGameReserve etc. The majority of the populace in the State (85%) are farmers while others constituting (15%) are involved in vocations such as white collar jobs, business, craft and arts. Minna, Nupe, Gbagyi and Hausa), there are many other groups living happily with one another Kadara, Koro, Barab, Kakanda, GanaGana, Dibo, Kambari, Kamuku, Pangu, Dukawa, Gwada, Ingwai, Yoruba and Igbo. Mining, Development, Societies, Educations, Internet, Technologies, Government, Cultural Groups, Infrastructures, Personal Websites, Commodities, Investments, Businesses, Solid Minerals, Mineral Resources, Investors, Talc, Gold, Ball clays, Silica, Sand, Marble, Copper, Iron, Felsper, Lead, Kaolin, Cassetrite, Columbite, Mica, Quartzite and Limestone.