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Nigerian Turkish International Colleges
As human is an example of the cosmos installed in a body, a school too is a microcosm of humanity. NTIC is a member of a chain of pionees Turkish educational institutions established in 1998 for the pursuit of excellence in education in Nigeria. Our mission is to create a dynamic, favorable, and a modern conducive environment for teaching and learning, in order to produce intelligent, enlightened and highly socialized human beings (youths), who are fit to pursue higher education and become effective, integrated and productive members of the society. Colleges of Education, Technical Education, Turkish, Turkey, Government Institutions, Education, Universities, Polytechnic, Elementary, Secondary, Primary, Higher Institutions, Schools, GCE, JAMB, WAEC, Examinations, NCE, Degrees, Test, Organizations, Associations, Libraries, Library, Students, Pupils, Technologies, Colleges, Unions, Old Students, Books.