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Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA)
The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) is the officer cadets training institution in Nigeria. It was established in January 1964 in response to one of the defence needs of the then newly independent Nigeria to train Nigerian Cadets for commission into the 3 armed services, the Army, Navy and Air Force. The initial training team comprised mainly of Indian Army officers. Prior to this time, the institution was called the Royal Military Forces Training College (RMFTC). Upon independence, it was renamed the Nigerian Military Training College (NMTC). In its 40 years of existence, NDA has undergone several significant transformations. In 1978, the training team became fully indigenised while in 1985 NDA was upgraded to a degree awarding institution. Government, Education, Technical Education, Government Institutions, Research, Grants, Curriculums, Education, Universities, University, Secondary, Primary, Higher Institutions, Schools, Graduates, Post Graduates, PHD, Doctor, Examinations, NCE, Degrees, Test, Organizations, Associations, Libraries, Library, Students, Pupils, Business Administration, Economics, Technologies, Colleges, Unions, Old Students, Alumni, Law, Information Technology, Computer, Humanity, Engineering, Liberal Arts, Medicine, Government, Books.