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Kwara State Government Official Website
Kwara State was created in May 1967, as one of the first of 12 states to replace the nation's four regions. Originally the state was known as West Central State but the name was changed to m Kwara, a local name for the Niger River. The size of the state has been reduced over the years, as new states have been created within the federation. . The capital of the State is Ilorin, which lies 306km northeast of Lagos and 500km southwest of Abuja.
The principal groups residing in Kwara State are the Yoruba, Nupe, Bariba and Fulani. The skilled craftsmanship of the people of this central region has been evident for centuries. The, largest and most important pottery workshops in Nigeria can be found in the capital city of Ilorin. Proponents of the craft of traditional textile weaving are also very prominent: the Aso Oke style of hand-loomed cloth-making is world renowned. North Central, Yorubas, Odudua, Yoruba, Nupe, Fulani and Baruba. Housing, business, financial hub, developments, Investors, Properties. Properties, Investors, Governors Properties, tourism, tourists, businesses, resorts, agriculture, cash crops, resouces, cotton, government, export.