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Kogi State Government Official Site
Kogi State was formally a geo-political unit called Kabba province in the Northern Nigeria under the Colonial Administration. It was made up the Igala, Ibira, Kogi and Kabba Division with its administrative headquarters in the present State Capital, Lokoja. The abolition of the provincial and regional unit in 1967 led to the merging of the then Ilorin. Kogi state is popularly refereed to as museum of colonial history. This is evident in the abundant colonial relics that abound in Lokoja, the festival Administrative and commercial headquarters of the colonial administration in Nigeria. The Major ethnic groups in the state are: Igala, Ebira and Okun (Yoruba). Others include Egbura-Koto, Nupe, Bassa-Nge, Bassa -Komo, Kakanda and Ogoris. States, Businesses, Technology, Internet Services, Trade, Commerce, Islam, Religions, Education, Language, Major Tribes, News, Commodities, Industries, Technologies, Services, Local Government, Legislations, Decree, History, Tourism, Mineral Resources & Festival. Development, Societies, Educations, Internet, Technologies, Government, Cultural Groups, Infrastructures, Commodities, Investments, Businesses, Solid Minerals, Mineral Resources, Agriculture, Investors.