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Kebbi State Government Official Site
Kebbi was formed out of Sokoto State in August 27, 1991 by the then regime of General Ibrahim Babangida. It's capital is Birnin-Kebbi. Its major towns include Birnin-Kebbi, Argungu and Yelwa. Located in North Western Nigeria, Kebbi State occupies 36,800 square kilometres. Kebbi State shares boundaries with Sokoto State on the North-Eastern axis, Zamfara State on the Eastern part, Niger state on the Southern part and Republic of Niger on the Western part. Major food crops in the area are millet, guinea - corn, maize, cassava, potatoes, rice, beans, onions and vegetables, while cash crops including wheat, soya beans, ginger, sugarcane, groundnuts and tobacco are also produced in the state. Argungu Fishing and cultural festival, States, Businesses, Hausa, Fulani, Technology, Internet Services, Northerners, Trade, Commerce, Islam, Religions, Sharia, Education, Language, Major Tribes, News, Commodities, Industries, Technologies, Services, Local Government, Legislations, Decree, History, Tourism, Mineral Resources & Festival. Development, Societies, Educations, Internet, Technologies, Government, Cultural Groups, Infrastructures, Personal Websites, Commodities, Investments, Businesses, Solid Minerals, Mineral Resources, Agriculture, Investors.