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Kano State Government Official Site
Kano exerted a tot of economic influence on its neighbours in the area referred to as Hausaland or Central Western Sudan. It therefore, received many settlers and migrant groups from far and wide as a result of which It grew into a great trading post of immense commercial importance for the trades of North and West Africa. The earliest settlers of Kano were Hausa speaking people, whose language belongs to the Chadic Family of the Afro-Asia Phylum. This earliest settlers were known as Abagayawa who migrated from Gaya and settled at Dala Hill. Their ancestor was known as Kano. States, Businesses, Hausa, Fulani, Technology, Internet Services, Northerners, Trade, Commerce, Islam, Religions, Sharia, Education, Language, Major Tribes, News, Commodities, Industries, Technologies, Services, Local Government, Legislations, Decree, History, Tourism, Mineral Resources & Festival. Development, Societies, Educations, Internet, Technologies, Government, Cultural Groups, Infrastructures, Personal Websites, Commodities, Investments, Businesses, Solid Minerals, Mineral Resources, Investors, cash crops, fruits, agriculture, legumes, tree crops, hydro electric, poultry, yams, vegetables, lifestocks, fisheries, cotton.