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The Polytechnic, Ile Ife
The Polytechnic, Ile-Ife, was established by Dr. Ramon A. Adedoyin in 1984. It started as Universal Tutorial College, Ile-Ife, providing basic remedial studies for candidates sitting for Ordinary and Advanced Level, External examinations. It recorded so great a success that by late 80s it had become a household name in the Oyo State. It was later registered as a centre for Technology adding to its list, the provision of Trade Tests in Technical Education, Automobile Engineering, Electrical/Electronic Engineering and Secretarial Studies. It also tutored candidates sitting for professional examinations like: CIBN, ICAN and NIMARK among others.
The real journey to becoming a full-fledged Polytechnic started with an affiliation to the University of Benin to run Diploma Programmes in Marketing, business Administration, Law, Accounting etc. Later, it established a similar relationship with The Polytechnic, Ibadan. Facilities, GCE, HSC, Waec, WASC, Schools, Secondary, Admissions, Colleges, Curriculum, Courses, Educational Institutions, JAMB, Public Forums,  Technologies, Clubs, Social Activities, Organizations. Learning, Development, Skills, Public Speaking, IT, Technical Education, Government Institutions, Education, Universities, Polytechnic, Secondary, Higher Institutions, Libraries, Library, Students, Colleges, Unions, Old Students, Books.