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Delta State Goverment Official Website
Delta State was created on the 27th August, 1991 from the defunct Bendel State. Bendel State was formerly known as the Midwestern Region at the time it gained regional status in August, 1963, from the then western region. At the inception of Delta State it was made up of twelve political division called Local Government Area (L.G.A), which was later increased to 19 in 1996. Presently the State is made up of 25 Local Government Areas. On the southern flank is the Bight of Benin which covers approximately 160 kilometres of the State's coastline. based industries and facilities. They are: a refinery at Ekpan, a gas plant at Okpai, a steel complex at Ovwian/Aladja, two gas fired electricity stations at Sapele and Ughelli and an oil export terminus at Forcados. The major tribes in the State are Urhobos, Izons, Isokos, Ibos and Itsekiris. Asaba, Warri, Sapele, Natural Resources, Communities, Associations, Organizations, Government, States, Legislations, Local Government, Universities, Politics, Businesses, Investment, Niger Delta, Oil, Petroleum, Resources, Tribes, Gas, Technology, People, Clubs, Investment Council, Promotions, Exhibitions, Foundations, Development, Societies, Educations, Internet, Technologies, Oil Palm, Rubber, Timber, Cultural Groups, Infrastructures, Commodities.