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Abia State Government Website
Abia is an acronym formed from the initial letters of four groups of people, namely: Aba, Bende, lsuikwuato and Afikpo. These constituted the major groups in the state at its creation. At the country's independence in 1960, Abia was part of the then Eastern Region. From 27th May, 1967, it became a part of the East Central State, created by the then Head of the Federal Military Government, General Yakubu Gowon. On 3rd February, 1976, East Central State was split into two states (Anambra and Imo) by the Federal Military Government headed by General Murtala Mohammed. Ibo, Ibos, Igbos, oil, Igbo Culture, Traditions, petroleum, gas, housing, business, financial hub, developments, Investors, Properties. Government, Investors, Governors, tourism, tourists, businesses, resorts.