Obatala Centre for Creative Arts
The Obatala Centre for Creative Arts is situated in IRAGBIJI , a Yoruba town of 250,000 people in the south-western part of Nigeria. It is a neighboring town to OSOGBO, the capital city of Osun State. Her unique geographical position gives this ancient town a conducive environment for all artistic and cultural endeavours. Surrounded by hills and mountains, the town is widely known for two of her annual traditional religious festivals. Museums, Towns, Tour, tours, travel, art, Adire cloth, traditional art techniques, artists, craftsmen, textiles, Lagos, Oshogbo, Ogidi, Traditions, Abuja, masquerades, batik, indigo, tourists, tourism, buses, hotels, guest houses, beadwork, painting, carving, embroidery, metalwork, weaving, drumming, crafts, yoruba, ibo, hausa, dancing, south west, Ibadan, entertainment, art education, exhibits, exhibitions, plays, movies, traditional religious festivals, Hotels, Egungun, Ori Oke, .