Nigerians In Diaspora Organization In The Americas (NIDO)
NIDO’s mission is to promote the spirit of patriotism, networking, and cooperation among Nigerians in the Diaspora, thus mobilizing the vast resources of manpower, money, and machinery towards building a greater Nigeria. Associations, Society, Societies, Clubs, Professionals, Non-Governmental.NIDO, Organizaitions, Organisations, Associations, Professionals, Businesses, Networking, Nurses, Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, IT, Scientists, Professors, Teachers, Students, Nigerian Americans, Cab Drivers, Securitymen, Securityman, Accountants, CPA, Information Technologists, Therapists, Architects, Police, Brokers, Newscasters, Reporters, Journalists, Judges, Hoteliers, Pastors, Imam, Pharmacists, Goods, Mechanics, Made in Nigeria, Development, Cooperation, Diaspora, Americas, News, Newspapers.