Nigeria Environmental Study/Action Team ( NEST )
As a membership organization, Nigeria Environmental Study/Action Team (NEST) has the overall goal of acting in concert with an active nationwide membership to sensitize and empower Nigerians on issues of the environment and sustainable development, through the dissemination of factual information, training on skills acquisition and promotion of sustainable livelihoods. Organizations, Associations, Agriculture, Food Security, Land Degradation, Coastal Zone, Marine Ecosystems, GHG Emissions Inventories, Mitigation Assessments and the Framework for the Implementation of a National Emissions Data System in Nigeria, Health, Human Settlements, Bakassi, Bakkassi, Gas Flaring, Forestry and Biodiversity, Committee, Commission, Organisations, Ecology, Environmental, Earth, Societies, Society, Lagos, Abuja, Niger Delta, Water Resources, Wetlands, And Freshwater Ecology , Oil Impact, Disasters,