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MDS Logistics...the chain to your markets
MDS Logistics is a division of UAC of Nigeria PLC, offering superior customer focused supply chain solutions. Our Services are based on three main operational units, i.e. WAREHOUSING , TRANSPORT & FREIGHT and RE-DISTRIBUTION. MDS Logistics is the leading third party logistics company in Nigeria providing logistics and ancillary services. With an impressive network of 58 Distribution Centres (and still growing) in 31 out of Nigeria's 36 states , the emerging supply chain giant links a controlled number of manufacturers and manufacturers' representatives with their widely spread distributors, wholesalers and retailers in key cities around the country. Parcels, Packages, Mailing, Mails, Postals, Cargo Services, Airmails, Air, Postage, Freight Transportation, Products Distribution, Shipping, Warehousing and Distribution, Custom, Security, Insurance, Supply Chain Solutions, Industrial Projects, Air freighting, Door to Door Services, Cargo Freighting, Raw Materials Warehousing.