Femi Olawole - Author of The Price of A Reckless Past, which deals with the marriage institution and African cultures and orientations.
I'm an Author, Poet, Columnist, Blogger and Speaker.  I'm also into consultancy---manuscript editing, proof-reading and ghost writing. As a public speaker, Olawole has been privileged to speak at various occasions and places such as colleges, high schools, religious gatherings, Kwanzaa celebration and family re-unions. His subjects have covered different issues such as the followings. Nigerian Authors, Yoruba, South West, Arts, Writers, His literary works, on the other hand, have given him the pedestals to contribute, across the world, columns to newspapers, essays to journals and poems to anthologies.  And as a personal philosophy, he has endeavored---most often---to craft his essays, works of poetry and books as a social commentary on his immediate environments.