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Chartered Institute of Personnel Management
The Chartered Institute of Personnel Man agement of Nigeria (CIPMN) was established in 1968. The cradle of the Institute was the department of Management Studies, Yaba College of Technology, Yaba. It started as the Personnel Management Association of Nigeria and in 1973, it was renamed and has since taken on the current name. The Institute is a corporate body charged with the general duties of: Determining what standard of knowledge and skill are to be attained by persons seeking to become registered as personnel management practitioners and raising these standards from time to time as circumstances may permit; Securing in accordance with the provisions of the decree, the establishment and maintenance of a register of members and publication from time to time of the list of those person; Regulating and controlling the profession in all its aspects and ramifications; Performing through the Council under the Decree the functions conferred on it by the Decree. Management, Human Resources, companies, institute, organizations, associations, membership, register of fellows, associates, registered members, courses, careers, Human Development.