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Abacha, Sani, an Encarta Encyclopedia Article Titled "Abacha, Sani"
Abacha, Sani  (1943-1998), military president of Nigeria (1993-1998). Born in Kano, Abacha became a captain in the army in 1967. He was instrumental in the military coup in 1985 that brought General Ibrahim Babangida.

Adeola Balogun
Adeola Balogun was born November 17, 1966, Ota, in Ogun State. He graduated from Yaba College of Technology in Arts, Design & Printing. Exhibitions, lecturers, teaching, Portraits, Oil and Glue Canvas, Drawings, Metal Works, Metal Arts, Galleries, Artist, Arts...

Adeyemi Lawal - Praise my soul the king of heaven
Welcome to the small world of Yemlaw This page is dedicated to God Almighty (Ancient of Days). People, Religions, Christians, Worshippers, Jesus Christ, Prayers, Students, Graphic Artists, Web Developers, Designers.

Africa Database is compiling data of all Africans. The database is to effectively resource African projects tapping into a wealth of Resources. To ensure continued and sustained development of our greatly resourced Continent.

African, Afro- American Personals, Dating Services, Find black singles personals
Dating service for Africian singles seeking true love and perfect mate. Dating agency for women seeking men.

African Identity
Bekeh Ukelina Utietiang 's Personal Page. This site promotes the rediscovery of our African identity by means of Names, languages, religion and politics and African philosophy. Public Speakers, People, Education, History, Africans, Learning, Discussions Writers, Books, Presentations, Poetry, and more...

Akachi Oyoyo
Akachi Oyoyo Welcome to Akachi's Homepage So you got connected to the homepage of Akachi Oyoyo! Okay, let me introduce myself to you people so you know who I am. I was born to two wonderful parents in Chico, California and then moved to Pittsburgh. I am an Igbo from Abia State, Southern Nigeria.

Arinze, Cardinal Francis
Cardinal Arinze is on a short list of candidates to succeed Pope John Paul II. He is President of the Vatican's Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue.

Arthur Hall Home Page, The
Read about the internationally known dancer and choreographer who founded the Afro-American Dance Ensemble in Philadelphia, access a chronology of his work and learn about theYoruba culture and religion of Nigeria.

Thank you for visiting ASABA on line. The purpose of this home page is to give all Asaba people, home and abroad a place in cyberspace that they can collectively call home. It is a place all Asaba people young and old can visit to learn a little bit about
their home town.
Seyi Awofadeju's Personal Web Page.

Axworthy Comments on Death of Nigeria's General Abacha
June 9, 1998 No. 154 AXWORTHY COMMENTS ON DEATH OF NIGERIA'S GENERAL ABACHA Foreign Affairs Minister Lloyd Axworthy today responded to the news of Nigerian Head of State Sani Abacha's death on June 8. "I have been informed of the passing away of...

Ayo's world  What am i?? my thoughts, my writings, get to know more--Writer,

Babatunde Olatunji
EVENTS| EVENTS TEXT| MAP| FOOD| BEER| LINKS| BANDLINKS| HOME PRESS RELEASE Benefit Concert - "Freedom, Justice & Peace" featuring Babatunde Olatunji & Drums of Passion & New-B-I It's been too long since Santa Cruz has had the pleasure of hearing...

Bashorun Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE A Gallant Hero Iroyin: On the anniversary of his 60th birthday, the Egbe Omo Yoruba wishes to congratulate Bashorun Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola, a great son of the ...

Bassey's World
Bassey is a multitalented performer who embodies the term “Universal”. Poetry, Artists, Performance, Music, Theatre, BET, Personal Links, Romance, Love Songs, Americans, Ibibio, Efik, Arts, Journals, New York, Biography, Movie, Entertainers, Big Screen, TV, Televisions, Washington DC.

Bibi Artist from Nigeria
Bibi, a young and energetic Nigerian artist, was originally born as Bridget Oronya. She was born on the third of March 1986 in Lagos. Everybody calls her Bibi since then. Bibi is combining different styles. She's working with oil and glue on canvas, with ink or... with every material that fits her creative boost of the moment. Her work is difficult to describe with only a few words, it varies from traditional to modern African, from semi-abstract to abstract or symbolic, from rough to extremely elegant. But... all of it is very colourful in a relaxing way. Portraits, Oil and Glue Canvas, Drawings, Arts...

Blessing's Center
Provides education and training opportunities.  Also, seminar and workshops in communication skills. People, Persons, Public, Organzations, Students, Clubs, Speakers, Politics, Seminars, Educations, Activities, Home Inpections, Ministries, Religions, Christianities, Christians, Prayers, Propeties, Businesses, Homes, Jesus Christ, Carpets and Small Businesses.

Buchi Emecheta : An Overview -
Biographical info and works from the Landow Web at Brown University.- Writers, Novelists

Bukola Akintola's Homepage My name is Olubukola Akintola. I am a Yoruba lady from Nigeria. In my language, the name "Olubukola" means literarilly, "God has added to my wealth!" Poetry, Books, Political Sciences, Education, Yoruba, University of Ibadan, Universities, Jokes, Drama, Cultures, Hausas, Higher Education, Queens College, Writing. Articles, News, People, PHD.

Welcome to Dele's web site. igbo, igbo names, nigeria, nigerian biafranwarwar, enugu, yoruba, education, lbcc, chat, dele, ukwu, deleukwu, civil, civil war, forum.

Chinua Achebe
Chinua Achebe is one of Africa's most influential and widely published writers.

dadeline - John Agbeyegbe's Home Page I am a Nigerian-American.  I would like to hear or read from former classmates from any of my many elementary and high schools that I attended between the years of 1966 through 1977.

Dairy Goats Are Delightful! - Welcome to my page. We raise Saanens, Alpines, Lamanchas and Nigerian Dwarves in Oregon. Check out some of the links for lots of goat info. We were thrilled when "Dixie" became the 1998 Reserve National Champion Nigerian Dwarf.
Welcome to Hello, my name is Nasiru Dantata. I am a Middler at Northeastern University, Boston. I am studying civil engineering. This is my first homepage and I am trying to make it as much interesting as I can. Please don't hesitate to tell me what you really think about it. You can do that by signing the guestbook or sending me an e-mail.

Dele Adeyemo
Writers Novelist African Literature Arts-Writers, Novelists
This site is meant to show the contributions of the Edos specifically and Nigeria generally to modern civilization and help bridge our glorious past to our future. The Edos are people from some parts of Eastern Nigeria, through old Bendel, some parts of Ondo, Lagos, Benin Republic, Togo and Ghana.

Ekwueme, Dr. Alex I.
Welcome To The Personal Website of Alex I. Ekwueme. Member of the Peoples Democratic Party. Was a 1999 Presidential Candidate contender. Biography, speeches, etc.

Email toNigeria -
Information on email providers in Nigeria. Maintained by Mallam Shehu Oguocha, a graduate student at the Univ. of Saskatchewan (Canada) Dept. of Mechanical Engineering.

Encyclopedia Entry Ojukwu Chukwuemeka Odumegwu -
Weather Horoscopes E-mail Visit our sponsors . . . . . . . . . . Book Picks for Parents. . . . . . . . . . . Find your Ancestry Fast! . . . . . Highlights of the millennium, century, and 1999.

Ethnologue: Nigeria
Bible portions 1923-1935. ISEKIRI (ITSEKIRI, ISHEKIRI, SHEKIRI, JEKRI,...

Information on Nigeria, world news employment tips and news, world stock news, Ecommerce, etc
Personal home page, Nigeria, Nigerian Links, Information on Nigeria. Nigeria, Nigerian Links, Nigeriaweb,, Information on Nigeria, west Africa, entertainment, african music, Yoruba, Tribes, Lagos, Ibadan, Abeokuta, Ondo, Ekiti, Ijebu, Egba, Oyo, Osogbo, Ile Ife. Nigerian homepage, femi oke, african.

Femi Osofisan Overview -
Site in progress by the author himself- -Writers, Novelists

FGC Azare Online
Ex- Students of Federal Government college Azare are invited to sign up this Web portal today and take advantage of the fabulous services.

4 Single Nigerians
Find single Nigerian men and women for love, romance, advice and online relationships.

An interactive/informative site for nigerians all over the globe. Africa, News, africa, Nigeria, Nigerian Hotels, Sports news, business news, personals, private messages.

Franks' Mpegs World
A great site that offers for FREE Martial Arts videos, all the ITF & WTF patterns, also a lot of Music Videos ready to download to your PC, Korean Tigers Team videos, Kung-FU, and a Calculus section! Nigeria's Information Technology Youth Ambassador
'Gbenga Sesan, born at 8:02pm on Wednesday, July 27 1977, is presently Nigeria's Information Technology Youth Ambassador. He is a Youth Fellow (Africa 2001) of the International Telecommunications Union and holds a certificate from Junior Achievement of Nigeria and Lagos Business School's Venture in Management Programme. He is a Brainbench® Certified HTML Expert, a Brainbench® Certified Computer Fundamentals Expert and is a member of The HTML Writers' Guild. He also holds a Diploma in Software Applications. Nigeria, Africa, Sales, Buy, Sell, Articles, Conferences, Speaker, Developers, Seminars, Website, Designers, 'Gbenga, Sesan, eCommerce, News, IT, HTML, Designers, Globalization.

Gbenga Sesan's home page
Gbenga Sesan, the NigerianWebmaster, is an eCommerce consultant with a heart for Public Speaking, National Development/Global Relevance and he loves the Lord. Nigeria, Africa, Sales, Buy, Sell, Articles, Conferences, Speaker, Seminars, Website, Design, 'Gbenga, Sesan, eCommerce, News, IT, HTML, Designers, Globalization.

Global tribute for Ken Saro-Wiwa and his eight other Ogoni environmentalists
The modern English writer T.S. Eliot once said "Not everything can go round but BIRTH and DEATH would surely go round". Last year, on the 10th fateful day of November ...

Gore, Charles - Bibliography on Benin
The Home Page of Dr. Charles Gore. Dr. Gore, researcher on the Edo Kingdom/Edo people of Benin City, has a 40 page bibliography on Benin which includes journal articles.

The Unofficial Page of Our Lady Of Apostles School Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State

Green Card Lottery
A Green Card Lottery submission service ensuring your application is considered for this years Green Card Lottery in the United States. Migrations, Visas, Visa, Tourists, Airlines, Travels.

Hon. Tony Anyanwu
The official web site of Hon. Tony Anyanwu. Welcome to my home page. I am truly humbled and indeed grateful for the interest you have shown in Mbaise by visiting my website. I am proud of Mbaise and I know you are too. So join me in the exciting task of championing Mbaise interest. Together we can form a formidable group. A collaboration that will benefit our people and industrialise Mbaise. With commitment, Mbaise will be better. Nigeria House of Representatives, House Members, Nigeria House, Mbaise, Mbaise constituency, Imo State, Nigeria, Abuja, Nigeria Parliament, Congress, Honourable. 

None is more than 50 years old. All 100 of them. Each has, by an outstanding achievement or devotion to excellence and enterprise, signified the possibility of a greater Nigeria and the probability of an enriched international civilization.

Great sight for the Igbos.It has several images relating to Igbo culture and tradition. It can only get better. Visit and see for yourself. Igbo people inhabit the large and fertile region of the lower Niger river and its adjoining territories. The current population is estimated at around 30 million people.

Igbo Mbu
A Minnesota student dedicates this page to Nigeria as well as to the Igbo culture, offering a variety of details and a map. If you're interested in Igbo language, you can learn phrases, the alphabet and more...

Igbo Ryders
Welcome Guest to the Iryders Home on the Internet. This is a website focused in not only networking Nigerian youths from around the world but also other members of the Diaspora at large. If you want to learn about Afica, Africans, its people and way of life, this is the place to be. Nigeria coming alive and dynamic on the Internet. It is a meeting place for all the latest Nigerian and African news.- Ibo, Igbos, Easterners, Enugu, Imo, Abia, Anambra, Onitsha, Aba,  Abakaliki, Bendel Ibos, Asaba

Ijebu jesa: origin and History
IJEBU JESA: Origin and History The town is situated eight kilometers north of Ilesa and about 128 kilometers east of Ibadan. It lies approximately on latitude 7.45 degrees north within the rain forest belt and so offers opportunity for farming on...

A must see site for every Nigerian living abroad............

Ijinle Oro
Welcome to "Ijinle Oro" Website. This site has been created for those who are keenly interested in Yoruba culture and the philosophical depth of the language. In fact, the words ijinle oro mean "deep talk".

One year ago, on November 10, 1995, author and leader of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP) Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight other Ogoni leaders were executed by Nigerian military authorities for ...

Jazzy Nigerians
JazzyNigerians is a web-site dedicated to promoting the social and professional development of young Nigerians. We aim to create awareness of career opportunities,encourage networking,stimulate intelligent conversations and projects that can help bring Nigeria to a more productive global level. Education, entertainment, enugu, federal, femikuti,  fun, gboko, girls, government, hall, harcourt, hit, ibadan, ido, ife, igbinedion, igbogbi, ijanikin, ile, ilorin, international, intro, ipaja, jazzy1, jazzynigerians, jos, kings, lagos, logo, obafemi, odogbolu, ogbomosho, ondo, over, owerri, port, queens, rectangle, sagamu, scene, school, schools, secondary, yoruba, NRC, naija, Ryders, soyinka, reunion, sports, state, technololgy, university, up, warri, yaba, etc.

K'. Ekerete's Home Page
A highly talented and experienced IT professional. An expert in software development with an in-depth knowledge of data communications and financial controls. nigeria, africa, calabar, ibibio, efik, ibiono, uyo, lagos, akwa ibom, cross river, technology, jobs, employment, career, professional, business, resources, resume, programmers, Web Developers.

Kolade Oshinowo
Kolade Oshinowo, the Master painter and portraitist, a veritable storehouse of creative genius. Over the years Kolade Oshinowo has consistently produced engaging works drawing the viewer in as a participant rather than an admirer. His paintings engage the world around him; communicating that indeed “art is life”. Arts, Art Portraits, Paintings, Frames, Art Gallery, Galleries, Artists, Creators, Collector's Arts, Master Piece.

Kudirat Abiola
Kudirat Abiola, wife of the detained President-elect, Chief Moshood Abiola, now lives in the ranks of the greats. She was born in 1952 in the northern city of Zaria, where she also had her early education. For her high ..

Lekan's Homepage
Whatsup People! Thanks for viewing my webpage. I am trying to make my site Y2k compliant as possible.

Lola Sotinwa's Website
Well Hiya Everybody!. I have finally decided to do a little bit of updating on this page. My name is Lola Sotinwa for those who do not already know, and I am a Nigerian born and raised in Lagos...

London Nigerians Cricket Club Index Page
Welcome to the Homepage of the London Nigerians Cricket Club. This site is dedicated to the achievements, trials and tribulations of the many members, players and other miscreants associated with the Club.

Ken Saro-Wiwa Overview -
Biographical info and works from the Landow Web at Brown University.-Writers, Novelists

Kingsley C. Nwosu, Ph.D. 
Although a naturalized citizen of the United States, I hail from Nnewi, Anambra State, Nigeria. Like most Nigerians in the US, I came to the United States to further my education. To date, I have been able to earn B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science.

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