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Abuja Mirror
Weekly newspaper, includes past issues.Published by Today Communications Ltd. WELCOME TO ABUJA MIRROR WEB SITE

The Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON)
The Advertising Practitioners Council Of Nigeria was established by Act No: 55 of 1988 as revised by Act No:93 of 1992 to control and regulate advertising practice in Nigeria. Advertising, non profit, associations, organizations, government, advertising practitioners, indoor advertising, outdoor advertising, radio, tv, media, newspapers, advertising certification, communication.

Africa Business Information Services (ABIS)  An on-line source of information and analysis on business and economics in Africa

Africa Recruit
CBC Recruit has launched AfricaRecruit, a practical meeting point for job seekers and employers, by providing on and off-line services through our website and sister site (job search engine), along with career fair and events focusing on job opportunities in Africa.  promotional activities, Businesses, Trade, Media, Export and Import Promotions, social topics, Professionals, Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, IT Professionals, Nursing, Nurses, Medical Fields, Employment Agencies, African Union, Pharmacists, Africans, Africans in Diaspora, MBA, Trainers, Bankers, Trades, arts and science.

African News International
African News International is a monthly news magazine published in English on African events, covering international politics from the Austrian Parliament to the various states of the EU and the entire West. We report on progressive promotional activities, Businesses, Trade, Media, Export and Import Promotions, social topics, arts and science, as well as intercultural events of various traditional African cultures.

African Soccer Media
This seller of magazines and videos focuses on African soccer. The video library includes the Classic African Soccer Series, which captures highlights of Nigeria's 1996 Olympic Gold medal.
All is the leading Africa news web site. disseminates coverage from more than 80 African media organizations, as well as reporting and analysis produced by the award-winning AllAfrica news team. In addition to adding more than 500 new stories a day, has a searchable archive of over 220,000 reports.

Welcome to "The only online resource center on Africa." Read the news, Listen to the nationl anthem and many more. Has a Yoruba language page, a Niger Delta page with press releases from the Ijaw Youth Council, photos of environmental damage in the Delta.

All About Nigeria
A detailed report about Nigeria which provides a broad range of interesting information

Daily news updates, viewpoints, feature articles and essays on Nigeria, Africa and the world in general from a Nigerian perspective. Newspaper

AlMizan Newspaper
Almizan hausa newspaper for the Hausa-speaking people in
Africa and diaspora using the Internet is an online news and entertainment portal totally dedicated to giving you an authentic view of the Nigerian political and social situation

Delve into the history and culture of Nigeria and of Apapa, the port district of Lagos. Find listings for local hotels, stores, and restaurants.

Nigerian News source in English

Bauchi Radio Corporation
We are a broadcast organization wholly owned by Bauchi state government of Nigeria, and established in 1977 under the then Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation NBC, now known as Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria FRCN. As a matter of corporate policy, our fundamental goals and objectives are primarily to keepour target audience well- informed and educated on the activities, programmes and other sundry matters of the government of Bauchi state as theydirectly affect the lives of millions of the population in the state.

BBC Election Special
Nigeria decides - Special programme on Nigerian elections.

BBC News | After Abacha | Special report: Nigeria in transition
Nigeria was plunged into uncertainty with the death of military ruler Sani Abacha: BBC News Online's special coverage looks at how the country is faring in the post-Abacha era.

Best Of
Information Portal- News, Businesses, Chat Rooms, Sports, etc.

Brand Believers Ltd.
Brand Believers is a brand strategy and communications company. Designing successful brand strategies and walking them through all media brand communication is our core competence. Advertisers, Media...

Brand Celerate: a full service integrated marketing communications company
We harness and utilize all resources at our disposal towards ensuring that our clients' goals and objectives are met without compromising on professionalism. media, magazines, marketers, public relation companies, pr, advertising, businesses, telecommunication, services, product promotions, radio, television, print media, television, commercial, businesses, promoters, companies, african businesses, west african businesses.

Champion News
Check out this online version of this daily Nigerian newspaper that covers politics, business and community issues.

Welcome to Dele's web site. igbo, igbo names, nigeria, nigerian biafranwarwar, enugu, yoruba, education, lbcc, chat, dele, ukwu, deleukwu, civil, civil war, forum.

CIAA Press release 3
Directories & Lists: Itsekiri Survival Movement(ITSURMO... The truth must be known. COUNCIL OF IJAW ASSOCIATIONS ABROAD(CIAA) 2811 McKeeRoad, 133F San Jose, CA 95127 Phone:(408... 11/18/1999

CNN Election Special
CNN In-Depth Reports - Nigerian Presidental Election.

CNN - Nigerian opposition leader Abiola dies - July 7, 1998
MAIN PAGE WORLD africa americas asianow europe middle east U.S. LOCAL POLITICS WEATHER BUSINESS SPORTS TECHNOLOGY NATURE ENTERTAINMENT BOOKS TRAVEL FOOD HEALTH STYLE IN-DEPTH custom news Headline News brief daily almanac CNN networks CNN programs...

CNN - Nigeria suspended from Commonwealth - Nov. 11, 1995
Nigeria suspended from Commonwealth Local populace stunned by dissident executions November 11, 1995 Web posted at: 11:20 p.m. EST LAGOS, Nigeria (CNN) -- Nigeria was suspended Saturday from the Commonwealth, a grouping of Britain and its former...

Dial-GSM Online Directory
This is a must site for Nigerians both Home and Away. This online Phone Directory provides you with the opportunity to search for GSM numbers of registered owners in Nigeria. Communications, Phone, GSM Technologies, NCC, NITEL, ISP, Providers, Directories, Yellow Pages, White Pages, Phone Books.

Daily Mail&Guardian: Africa's largest monument lies hidden in Nigeria's forest Near Ijebu-Ode
News page for Daily Mail & Guardian

Daily Times Online: The Independent Newspaper
Daily Times Online: The Independent Newspaper. Nigerian Daily international newspaper featuring national and local news coverage, breaking news updates, The Nation, politics, business, economy, marketing, health, arts, culture, beauty and fashion, technology news, sports, newspapers, reviews.

Dandali - Fadi naka fadi nawa
Barka da zuwa Dandali: This site  is intended to be a gathering place of resources that may be of benefit or interest to one and all. Take a look of our growing collection of proverbs and share any Karin magana that you may know, with us.
Discussion forums in Hausa and other Languages.
Welcome to Check out our New Dante Mail, Dante Search and Dante Community. Hausa, Fulani, Northerners, Sokoto, Kaduna, Kano, etc.  Welcome to DAWODU.COM Dedicated to Nigeria's socio-political issues. Articles on Nigeria social and political isues are also featured.

Dateline Nigeria
Access business, government, and cultural news from this local Nigerian Internet magazine.

Background information f rom an advocacy group re Shell oil company's operations in Nigeria. Has a print newsletter, Delta. News and background on Ogoni, Shell and Nigeria..

Dikko's Shameful Logic
Africa News: 76% - Articles & General info: I am a little ambivalent about this response to Umaru Dikko. How does one respond to him without giving him an impression that he may... 09/01/1999

Free Advertisement
This is a free advertisement website for Nigeria

Great Brands Nigeria Limited
Great Brands Nigeria Limited (GBNL) is the exclusive distributor for British American Tobacco Nigeria Limited. Distribution, Logistics, BAT Distributor, Tobacco, Cigarette, FMCG, Nigeria, Africa, Inter Distribution, GBNL, Great Brands Nigeria Limited, Distributor, Consumer Products, Beverages, Cigarettes, Confectionaries, Food, Homecare, Advertizers, Product Promotions.
BARKA DA ZUWA FILIN HAUSA A DUNIYA. News and Information in Hausa Language.

Hausa HausaVoices is the place for all Hausa and non-Hausa speaking people to come together to learn, teach, and experience the Hausa culture, language, and the people.
A Nigerian Community and Information Center featuring Nigerian News, Business, Economy, Politics, Hotels, Restaurants, Education, Travel, Tourism, Discussion, Chat, Entertainment, Sports, Goverment and Stock information.

Iconcepts: Imagine Concepts Limited :: Mobile Marketing in Africa
iConcepts is Nigeria's leading multi-channel solutions provider of interactive communication services. iConcepts applies its expertise in mobile marketing technologies and its network of relationships with the Nigerian GSM operators, advertising and marketing agencies, media organizations and corporations in different industries to develop innovative marketing, entertainment, business and communication solutions. Nigerian portal chat and mail services is a Nigerian Portal that offers Nigerians a community on the Web. We offer a comprehensive Web delivery group of products directed most expecially at the Nigerian Village. This site was designed on the Postnuke Engine. You can try our classroom with userid "test" and password "nigeria" Contact us if you want to participate in the Zope based learning environment. naija, nigerian chat, nigerian portal, news, web, nigerian site, website, nigerian dating, nigeria online, resturants, web learning, nigerian classroom, businesses, companies, organizations, IT, Technologies, Products, Government, Email Services.

Islamiclinks directory of over 100 islamic sites

Isokan Yoruba Magazine: The Historical Duty Awaiting the Yoruba in Today's Nigeria
Isokan Yoruba Magazine, Spring 1997: The Historical Duty Awaiting the Yoruba in Today's Nigeria By Ropo Sekoni, Ph.D As the Yoruba people say: OKO KII JE TI BABA ATI T OMO KI O MA LAALA. The crisis facing the Yoruba in Nigeria today may threaten..

JazzyNigerians - Stay Connected
JazzyNigerians is a web-site dedicated to promoting the social and professional development of young Nigerians. We aim to create awareness of career opportunities,encourage networking,stimulate intelligent conversations and projects that can help bring Nigeria to a more productive global level. JazzyNigerians defines style, social comfort,and above all professionalism. Directory, discussion forums, Directories, Portals, Personal Websites, personal pages, forums, news, chat, instant messaging, games, promotions and online events.

Kano Online website
Kano started as far back as the 6th century A. D. after some Maguzawa settled around the Dala, Gwauron Dutse and Fanisau hills. Directory, discussion forums, Directories, Portals, Hausa, Articles and news.

KWENU! For the advancement of our yesterday and our today for all our tomorrow.... Simply surprise yourself yonder. Forums, News, Public Announcements, Message Boards, Igbo, Ibos, Igbos, Ibo, News Papers, Articles, South East, Anambra, Enugu, Abia, Bayelsa, Onitsha, Imo, States, Easterners, Trades, Businesses, Cultures, Customs, Media, News Portals, Organizations, Ndiigbo, Ndigbo, Current Affairs, Commentaries, People.

Has a business directory, discussion forums, articles and news.

Mainstream U.S. media ignore Nigeria -
Sustainable Energy and Economy Network (SEEN) goal is to engender an informed, effective citizen response to climate change, and an active citizenry in support of meeting the growing energy needs.

Mémento express Équipe Nigéria : Abiola meurt, mais la démocratie vivra Mercredi le 15 juillet 1998 Le Nigeria. L'archétype africain de la dictature militaire et de la répression des mouvements démocratiques. De triste mémoire, en 1995 neuf...

Marjiqual Limited
We are a advertizing company based in Ebute Metta, Lagos. Graphics, Prints, Advertising, Product Promotions, Public Relations, Marketing Communications, Event Planners, PR, Consumer products.

Media Link: Innovative Outdoor Advertising
Media Link is an OAAN accredited innovative outdoor advertising and media agency based in Nigeria
but with sites strategically located in high-traffic areas in Nigeria and West African sub regional
countries. Outdoor and TV Advertising,

MEGAFORTUNES.COM - MegaFortunes Business Network
MegaFortunes Business Network. Reap Internet Fortunes !!!Advertise Your Goods & Services On MegaFortunes Business Network!

Motherland Nigeria -
Extensive information on Nigeria - foods recipes, dress, national anthem, languages, school life, music (with audio files), history, Nigerian humor, links to other sites.

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