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Absorbent cotton,gauze,bandages exporters
Manufacturing hydrogen peroxide bleached absorbent cotton like cotton wool rolls, zig-zag cotton, cotton balls, cotton slivers & uncarded bleached cotton, absorbent gauze, bandages from kashyap surgicals, ahmedabad, India, for surgical & cosmetic applications.

Action Health Incorporated (AHI)
Non-governmental organisation dedicated to the promotion of adolescent health and development.  Serves as a leading advocate and catalyst for change in the present poor health status of Nigeria's adolescents by increasing public awareness and implementing innovative education, healthcare and youth development programmes. reproductive health, sexuality education, comprehensive sexuality education, sexual health, population, human rights, women's rights, women, development, unsafe abortion, family planning, health education, reproductive health care, sexual health information, sexuality education, adolescent reproductive health, reproductive health, non-governmental organization, non-profit organization.

AEGiS-AFP News: Nigeria-health: Nigerian president to supervise
Nigeria-health: Nigerian president to supervise national AIDS ...include his deputy, ministers of health, education, information, defence,...

Afraeobix - Xenko Holdings, LLC Home Page - Afraeobix is a natural and joyous exercise video that utilizes uplifting traditional African music to rouse your body and soul into a fat-burning, stamina-building and stress busting workout.

Africa's Health in the New Millennium
AFRICA S HEALTH IN THE NEW MILLENNIUM The First Annual African Healthcare Telematics Conference and Workshop Series HIV/AIDS MEDICAL MISSION DAY March 13, 2000 @ Orthopedic Hospital Enugu, Nigeria PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP March 14, 2000

African Directory of Healthcare Providers. Hospitals, Clinics, Physicians.
Global database of health care providers. African Hospitals, clinics, physicians, pharmacies, emergency services. Assistance. International health care portal web site. Insurance and Benefits.

Alcomed Medical Supplies cc  Home health care products, electrodes for electrical stimulators, LadyCare for incontinence and improved sexual performance, Physiotherapy products, electrical stimulators for pain relief , etc.

Allerderm Laboratories
Allerderm specializes in products for eczema, dry skin, skin allergies, scars, nickel & latex allergies.  We provide TRUE TEST Allergen Patch Test to pinpoint skin condition origins. Pharmaceutical, research medicine, skin diseases, healthcare, Lubrex, allergies, psoriasis,keloid, hypertrophic scars, Diseases, scaly skin treatment, dry skin treatment, skin treatment, skin conditions, sensitive skin, patch test allergens, eczema, skin allergies, skincare, skin care products, skin disorders and doctor recommended products.

ANPA Nigeria Equipment for Donation List
Equipment Donation ANPA has received requests for the following equipment from the following hospitals in Nigeria. If you would like to donate...

ANTI-AGING Skincare Cosmetics Cosmetic Ingredients Chemicals
We Supply INNOVATIVE and Unique ANTI-AGING Cosmetics Skincare Beauty Health and Medical Products Cosmetic Ingredients Chemicals containing Artificial Blood and Liposomes.

Association of Nigerian Physicians in the Americas (ANPA) Home Page.. -    Welcome to the home page of The Association of Nigerian Physicians in the Americas (ANPA). ANPA is a non-profit organization of Physicians and Surgeons of Nigerian descent who are practicing in the USA and Canada.

Atlas of Hematology
This Atlas has the goal of supplying laboratory technicians, medical school students, scientists, medical journals, biologists as well as professionals working in the field of morphology of blood cells.

Blackcareuk ltd 
Welcome to your one stop personal shopping experience for black hair care products and beauty supplies.Black hair styles,beauty care and fashion are priorities for today's woman.Whether it's in the workplace or during leisure time black women are constantly developing new black hair styles and creating new fashion looks.
hair & beauty retailer of wigs, extensions, cosmetics & hair products. Braids, Mary Kay, Dyes, Curls, Human Weaves, Synthetic Weaves, Africans.

Breast treatment clinics
Complete breast care and treatment enlargement, self breast examination for cancer, feeding mothers, male breast problems, altments that affect the breast beauty,breast feeding unani harbal treatment, skin care, skin analysis.

Cadila Pharmaceuticals a life science company
cadila pharmaceutical india ISO9002 manufacturers, exporters, of human branded drug formulations, generic medicines, biotech products, GMP products, veterinary formulations, oncocare, antituberculosis, cardiovascular products for exports.

Charisma Cosmetics Limited
Charisma Cosmetics run by Muka and Nina, a legacy founded by their mother twenty-four years ago. With Hardwork and research, Charisma cosmetics Limited has been able to come up with a wide range of beauty related Products and Services. Personalized Skin Glow Cream, Magic Vitamin & Oil, Clear Gel, Fashions, Models, Wigs, Burn Cream, Anti-bacteria Cream, Cellulite Cream, Polkadot Cream, Vitamin-E Oil, Spa, Clinic, weight loss Workshops, Hair Shop, Nail Studio, Skin Care and Maintenance, Hair-do, Businesses, companies, Health Products, Beauty Saloon, Products.

China Traditional Chinese Medicine Healing Center for Men’s Diseases  Provides treatments of impotence, premature ejaculation, sterility, urethritis, prostatitis, STD, and all other men’s sexual diseases with pure traditional Chinese medicines.

Clinic pain as joint pain   Clinic pain as joint pain back joint pain all about pain pain muscle pain neck pain shoulder pain wrist pain understand all about joint pain arthritis arthritis treatment arthritis problem ostroarthritis treatment ostroarthritis medicine

Consolidated Health Travel Insurance
Travel insurance for all trips to and from Nigeria as well as international expatriate medical insurance. Lloyds of London represented.- Vacations, safety, Clinics, Hospital, Businesses, Resorts, Accidents, Term, etc.

CONSULTANT - Center for Health Policy and Strategic Studies, Lagos, Nigeria
Initiative to Enhance Impact of Communication Interventions on Development. A Support Service to Organisations active in Communication for Development. Partners of the Communication Initiative: Rockefeller Foundation, UNICEF, USAID

Country Specific Guidelines] Guidelines Initiative  The Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Nigeria were officially published and introduced to the Nigerian public on Oct. 8, 1996, in a ceremony attended by over 400 people at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs on Victoria Island in Lagos, Nigeria.

Doctor Akintunde Ayeni Spiritual & Nature Cure Palace
Over the years, we have discovered that ailments that afflict man have two sources. Activities that are the result of dysfuntioning or disorder within the physical body of men are classified as physical and are treated with natural ingredients like herbs, pants all physical treatment are view as spiritual in nature and are handled spiritually with our deep knowledge of astrology, spiritualism and prayer.

EnvironQuest provides integrated environmental and natural resource management services to address environmental issues and risks associated with your business. We assist you with prompt, qualitative and scientifically-sound services, which improve your environmental performance within overall business objectives and pay off in significant, tangible ways.

Evans Medical - the leading healthcare company
Evans Medical PLC is best known to the public for its range of widely available health care products, including Allenbury’s Glucose D, Multivite, Cofta, Piriton, Ferbelan Syrup, Dequadin Lozenges, Paracetamol, Chloroquine range etc. Medicines and Consumer health products, Multivite, Multivitamins, Drugs, Prescriptions, Medications, First Aid Kits, Nursing, Hospitals, Clinics, Health, Manufacturers, Paracetamol, manufacturing, export, exporter, importer, exporters, importers.

Filling machine sealing machines manufacturers India
Vial filling, vial cap sealing, rubber half rubber stoppering, bottle filling, ROPP cap sealing, screw cap sealing, measuring cup placing, turn table, tube filling, sealing & crimping, carton filling, programmable syringe-less vial filling, machine machines manufacturers exporters Yogesh Pharma Machinery Ahmedabad India. vial cap sealing machinery, bottle filling machinery, ropp cap sealing machinery, screw cap sealing machinery, measuring cup placing machinery, tube filling machinerymanufacturers, manufacturing, export, exporter, importer, exporters, importers.

Food Supplements
Hashmi International can produce any Unani Herbal formulation in large quantities for specific requirment. We are already manufacturing and exporting for private labels Manufacturer & Exporter of food supplements, foodsupplement, neem, neem capsule, herbs, herbal, foodsupplement exporter, herbs, foodsupplement manufacturer, hashmi herbs exporter, hashmi dawakhana, hashmi herbal, hashmi unani medicine, unani medicine, herbal, herba and raw meterials, herbs exporter, herbs, herbs manufacturer.

ealthNet Nigeria Profile   The College of Medicine University of Ibadan is the oldest medical school in Nigeria and also one of the Oldest ten in Africa. Recently, the WHO/TDR designated 3 institutions (the Postgraduate Institute for Medical research and Training, College of Medicine, University of Ibadan; the College of Medicine, University of Nigeria, Enugu and the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research (NIMR) )as...

HYPERTENSIVE RENAL DISEASE IN BENIN CITY, SOUTHWEST NIGERIA: HYPERTENSIVE RENAL DISEASE IN BENIN CITY, SOUTHWEST NIGERIA: END ORGAN DAMAGE Ojogwu L.I., Benin City, Nigeria The prevalence of hypertension in Nigeria is between 12 and 15 percent of the population.

ID Programs   INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS West African Youth Initiative (WAYI) This is a collaborative adolescent reproductive health project between Advocates for Youth and the Association for Reproductive and Family health (ARFH) in Ibabdan, Nigeria.

International Women's Health Coalition  IWHC provides technical, managerial and moral support, along with small, strategic grants and information resources, to grassroots organizations in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Read about our regional programs and the ground-breaking work of our colleagues.

James Lawton Homepage - Nigeria Web  When I arrived in Honduras in late December l998 there was a problem. President Carlos Robertos Flores was upset believing that soon the rate of AIDS in Tegucigalpa and Honduras could rise sharply. We have known since l984 after a study of prostitutes in West Africa and men who frequent them, that the risk of being infected by HIV increases per ...

JV INVET present the latest medical technologies
ENART (SCENAR and Prologue) is a space-age technology you can use today. SCENAR and Prologue  are simple yet powerful devices ideal for pain relief and overall medical care. Enart, Scenar, Prologue, scenar, prologue, scenario, fitor, laser vision, Laser Vision, MELAPURE Melatonin, medicine, health, sick, help, immunity, swelling, fitopreparation, fitotherapy, immune system stimulators, eye, sight, glasses, short-sighted, long-sighted, longlife & sleep.

Lassa Fever: World Health Organization Fact Sheet
Named for the Nigerian village in which it was first found in the 1950s, this disease occurs in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and parts of Nigeria. Look to the Who fact sheet for information about symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, epidemiology and control.

Leprosy Control in Nigeria
15th International Leprosy Congress, Beijing, 7-12 September 1998 Sister-doctor Margaret Anne Meyer, who currently works with Leprosy Services in Cross River State, Nigeria, attended the Beijing Congress which opened on September 7. Almost 1,000...

Medical Diagnostic Test Kits
JN-International Medical Corporation is an emerging biotechnology company engaged in both development and distribution of unique diagnostics, innovative vaccines and medical instruments for World health care for management of diseases & disorders. HCV, HIV,AIDS, DNA Vaccine, vaccines, TB,dengue,infectious diseases, neonatal, PSA, AFP, CEO, fecal occult blood, Autoimmune Diseases, Allergy Products, Antigen assays,   Mono, Allergy, Autoimmune, Chemistry, Cancer,Cardiac markers, Drugs of Abuse,drugs,Sexually Transmitted, etc...

Mental Health Organizations And Events NF to NIZ
Professional behavioral health resources, including meetings, congresses, seminars and training workshops of over 3400 organizations worldwide dealing with mental health.

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