Abacha's Death is an Opportunity to Bolster Environment and Human Rights in Nigeria No Tears for Dictator Who Valued Oil More than the Blood of his Citizens Press Release: June 8, 1998

Abantu for Development
Organization with offices in Kenya, Nigeria and the UK was founded in 1991 by African women to use Africa's resources for the good of everyone.

Abia Union
Abia Union USA of Northern California. Providing Abia State and Nigeria current events online, with Abia State and Nigeria people pictures, online free essays, and announcement notices and information on Abia State and Nigerian culture, Nigeria news, Nigeria history, Nigeria politics and tourism.

ACAS Alerts & Related Materials On Ken Saro-Wiwa & Nigeria "Lord take my soul, but the struggle continues" Ken Saro-Wiwa's last words The execution of Ken Saro-Wiwa, his colleagues, and the Abacha regime's escalating repression has led to a world..

Access to Justice (AJ)
Welcome to Access To Justice, a Nigerian Human Rights Law Organization Virtual Page. The Non Govermental Organization was established in 1999. AJ researches and advocates refor of systems, systemic distortions, schemes and policies that impair equal opportunities of access to the justice system or practices that undermine the integrity....- legal, Non Profit, clubs, Constitutions, etc.

The Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON)
The Advertising Practitioners Council Of Nigeria was established by Act No: 55 of 1988 as revised by Act No:93 of 1992 to control and regulate advertising practice in Nigeria. Advertising, non profit, associations, organizations, government, advertising practitioners, indoor advertising, outdoor advertising, radio, tv, media, newspapers, advertising certification, communication.

The Forum on Economic Freedom is the online information service of the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), a Washington-based organization that promotes private enterprise and market-oriented economic reform around the globe.

Africa Science Organizations
Africa Science Organizations Provided below are links to science organizations within this area. We welcome from our readers suggestions for additional entries and URL information. African Science Organizations KENYA MADAGASCAR...

Africa Society - Africa Society Conference 2000
Africa Society is an organization founded to promote discussion and learning about Africa and issues concerning Africa at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

African Information Society Initiative (AISI)
A program of the U.N. Economic Commission for Africa to build Africa's information and communications infrastructure.

Welcome to African

African Women Organization in Vienna   The African Women's Organization in Vienna was established in 1996 by Africans from Somalia, Ehtiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, Nigeria, Senegal, Egypt and other African countries. It works jointly with all non-governmental organizations as well as governmental offices involved with the affairs of women and immigrants. Come in and find out!

Agricola (National Agricultural Library)
AGRICOLA (AGRICultural OnLine Access) is a machine-readable database of bibliographic records created by the National Agricultural Library and its cooperators. Production of these records in electronic form began in 1970, but the database covers materials dating from the 16th century to the present.

AIESEC Nigeria
Get contact and program details for participating in a global exchange program in Nigeria through this international student-run organization.

Akwa Ibom State (AKS)
Virtual Site designed for the people of Akwa Ibom State and its Vicinity. Associations, Organizations, Government, States, Efik, News, Niger Delta, Oil, Petroleum, Resources, Tribes, Chat Romms, Email Services, Technology, People, Easterners, Clubs, USA, America, Canada, Exhibitions, Foundations, Profiles, Non Profit, Unions, Development, Societies, Educations, Internet, Technologies, Cultureal Groups, Infrastructures, Personal Websites.

Akwa Ibom
This site features various Akwa Ibom State related links including organiations / associations, chat rooms, personal websites, cultural groups, etc.

Alliance for Democracy
Nigerian pro-democracy party presents its manifesto, membership guidelines and officially endorsed political campaigns.

ALL NIGERIAN REUNION 99 - Sponsored by Lagos-Online.Com ALL-NIGERIAN CONFERENCE/REUNION '99 (USA) A Reunion to Remember! ATLANTA, GEORGIA Meet old Friends, new Friends, Alumni and prospective Business Associates from all over

All Peoples Party - APP
One of the major political parties in Nigeria contesting the 1999 presidential election. ALL PEOPLES PARTY is a new political association of Nigerians who have shown genuine concern for the plight of our great country, who are determined to work together, conscious of our varied background and ethnic origins, prepared to offer selfless service, and provide new direction for peaceful co-existence in the country.

Almubins Islamic Organization
'ALMUSTABSHIRUNA BINABIYY SHERIFF ISLAMIC ORGANIZATION (ALMUBINS) is a non-profit, religious and educational organization dedicated to serve Islam with a special focus on Tasawwuf (Sufism), a beautiful path to love, peace, and happiness, established in established in Nigeria in 1999 for the purpose of raising the awareness of people to the presence of God in day to day life using the teachings of Sufism/Irfan and the Islamic teachings in general.

Amnesty International Letter for Christine Anyanwu
General Sani Abacha Chairman, Provisional Ruling Council State House Abuja Federal Capital Territory NIGERIA Dear General Abacha: I appeal to you to free Christine Anyanwu who was sentenced to a long prison term after a secret and grossly unfair...

Anambra Association of Ontario-Canada
Anambra Association website was created as a medium of communicating information, news events and networking among people from current Anambra State of Nigeria. Our affiliation extends to all Nigerians and well wishers. We encourage articles and announcements from anybody. We also invite business people to advertise their businesses through our websites for a token to the Association. Organizations, Clubs, Societies, Social Clubs, Non Profits, Ibos, Igbos, Igbo, Ibo, Easterners, Eastern Nigeria, Nigerians, Niger Delta, North America, South East, Nigerians in Diaspora.

ANC statement on the detention of Ogoni leaders
ANC statement on the detention of Ogoni leaders

Anglican Church of Nigeria
The Church of Nigeria has experienced eventful years of her history as an autonomous Province in the Anglican Communion worldwide. The story can be traced to 1906 when a conference of Bishops in Communion with the Anglican Church held in Lagos. It was there that the need for a Province of West Africa was first highlighted. The Vision is clear. In summary, it is to the effect that the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) shall be bible-based, spiritually dynamic, united, disciplined; self-supporting, committed to pragmatic evangelism, social welfare and a church that epitomizes the genuine love of Christ.

Arinze, Cardinal Francis
Cardinal Arinze is on a short list of candidates to succeed Pope John Paul II. He is President of the Vatican's Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue.

Asaba National Association (ANA)                                          
ANA was formed to help many of the citizens of Asaba currently in the United States to unite to celebrate their heritage and share the blessings of their “new home” with family and friends back in the motherlandOrganizations, people, delta, ibo, asaba, benin, edo, Itsekiri, Urhobo, Isoko, Anioma, Ibuso, non profits, tribe, niger delta, clubs, society, groups.

Thank you for visiting ASABA on line. The purpose of this home page is to give all Asaba people, home and abroad a place in cyberspace that they can collectively call home. It is a place all Asaba people young and old can visit to learn a little bit about their home town.

Association of Concerned Africa Scholars (ACAS)
ACAS is an organization of scholars concerned with the policies of the U.S. govt. towards Africa, developing action networks with African scholars, and mobilizing support in the U.S. on issues related to Africa.

Association of Nigerians Abroad
Welcome to Association of Nigerians Abroad (ANA) Website. Our Association is all about Nigeria....

Association of Nigerians in Belgium
Home Page of the Association of Nigerians in Belgium. The A.N.B. exists to build a strong community of Nigerians in Belgium. Connecting on a personal level is an important part of our existence. In order to respond adequately to the needs of our members and of the Community of Nigerians in Belgium, the A.N.B. has opened six new Provincial Welfare Offices across the country.

Association of Nigerian Physicians in the Americas (ANPA) Home Page.. -     Welcome to the home page of The Association of Nigerian Physicians in the Americas (ANPA). ANPA is a non-profit organization of Physicians and Surgeons of Nigerian descent who are practicing in the USA and Canada.

Association of Nigerian Scholars for Dialogue
The Association of Nigerian Scholars for Dialogue was founded by a group of expatriate Nigerian scholars based in North America for the primary purpose of initiating conversations on the critical issues of governance facing their homeland.

Association of Nigerians in the Capital District (ANCD) 

Austinafricans - Home is a community service project dedicated by emekaSystems to serve all africans and friends of africans in Austin, Texas. To serve as the premiere platform for information of Africans in Austin. To promote African businesses, organizations, music, arts, and culture and finally, To promote computer literacy and full internet access in every home to ensure that no African is left behind. Organizations, businesses, Assocications, Africans, America, Americans, Youth Development, NGOs, Product Promotions, Export and Import, Importers, Exporters, Directories, Yellow pages, Portals, Produce, Goods, African Markets, News Updates, Media, Internet Services, Forums, Business Plans.

Awori-Kitigbe: The premiere site of Awori People
The site is the brain child of two illustrious sons of Awori land (Kayode Opeifa) from Orile Agege and Lanre Fagbohun from Akesan ) dedicated to doing whatever it will take to ensure continuous unity of Awori people and ensuring an enduring future for all Awori sons and daughters worldwide.

Baobab Project -
An investigation into why certain cultures, places, and periods encouraged creativity and innovation in the arts, directed by Suzanne Preston Blier, Dept. of Fine Arts, Harvard.

Baptist Boys' High School, Abeokuta, Old Boys' Association (UK Branch) A site dedicated to present and past students of Baptish Boys' High School, Abeokuta, Nigeria

Bible Society of Nigeria Home Page -    Bible Society of Nigeria started translating, producing and distributing Bibles about forty years ago in Nigeria under the auspices of the British and Foreign Bible Societies the result of which cannot be measured. The Bible Society of Nigeria exists to meet the scriptural needs of every Nigerian in general, Christian Churches and Confessions in particular and to help people interact with the Word of God.

It Is Possible For Black People To Be Pro-Black Without Being Anti-Anyone Else Your Guide To The Black Presence On the World.Wide.Web Nigerian Proverb: Until
lions have their own historians, tales of the hunt will always glorify the hunter Africa...

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