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Abuja International Film Festival
The Naija film festival Organisation is a company out to represent a peak moment on the film calendar of Nigeria. It's primary objective is to expose the Nigerian movie industry to the international market with a view of allowing Nigerian's experience a feast of top film from Nigeria, Africa and around world. Movies, Arts, Festivals, Artists, Crafts, Cinema, Plays, Theatres, Music, Sound Track, Tourists, Tourism, Directors Guild, Movie Directors, Lagos, Abuja, organizations.

Adeola Balogun
Adeola Balogun was born November 17, 1966, Ota, in Ogun State. He graduated from Yaba College of Technology in Arts, Design & Printing. Exhibitions, lecturers, teaching, Portraits, Oil and Glue Canvas, Drawings, Metal Works, Metal Arts, Galleries, Artists, Arts...

Adire African Textiles -
Adire African Textiles has been established to share our love of the creative works of African textile artists, weavers, dyers, and embroiderers, and to make high quality African textiles accessible worldwide.History, background, and photographs of adire, adinkra, kente, bogolan, Yoruba aso-oke, akwete, ewe, kuba, and nupe textiles.

Adire African textiles Nigeria women's weaving introducti...

The capital of the ancient Yoruba speaking kingdom of Ijebu, its women weavers produce a distinctive style of highly ornate cloth known as aso olona, cloth with decorations or art. Bands of.

Africa: Peoples & Cultures RESOURCES & IMAGES  Resources for 306 - Angola 1/19/99 Hausa-Yoruba violence in Lagos 11/29/99 Lecture Notes 2-1 Bantu expansion 2-1 Origins of food production 2-3 Nubia 2-15 Colonial administration and indigenous groups 3-14...

African Art at the Ralph Proctor Gallery - Wrap-up to
"Nigerian Traditional Artifacts," an on-line exhibit of  Ralph Proctor Gallery presents its seventh on-line exhibit of African art,

African Authors - Contemporary Literature Links
Resources on African author pages and author interviews.

African Cultural Paitings
Rooted in Culture. My art is rooted in the culture of my people and indeed my environment. I try to strecth colors to its limitless end as I discuss the traditions, the culture and the environment of the African poeple. Art, Paintings, Culture, African paintings, Africa, Figurines, Masks.

African Drum & Dance - Arts & Culture -  IMPEX International brings them all to YOU Orisha (Festival of the Gods) . . . Find out how this can be brought to a Theatre near you, go to our Special Events page...

African Images
Traditional & Contemporary African Art & African American Heritage Gifts. A Unique Gift Store Featuring African Art And Ethnic Gifts. Authentic, Traditional & Contemporary African Tribal Art & Unique Ethnic Gifts to accent home and office decor. Books about Africa, African Art and decorating with African accents. Book Mark us and be sure to frequent the Bargain Basement of Africa Imports at unbelievable prices. african home decor, candle holders, candleholders, tuareg jewelry, dogon doors, granary doors, etc.

African Literature: Collections
African Literature: Collections New titles - March 1997 New Poetry from Africa R. Johnson & D. Ker et al 150pp. 1996 University Press, Nigeria $12.50/Pound6.95 pap 1994 Zimbabwe Women Writers Anthology Norma Kitson 252pp. 1994 Zimbabwe Women...

African Modern Art
Virtual gallery of modern African art presents paintings and sculptures by artists from the nations of Nigeria, Angola and Zimbabwe.

African Music Archive
The archive at the Institute of Ethnology and African Studies, Johannes- Gutenberg- University, Mainz, Germany, has a collection of modern African popular music recordings and videos.

African Music Home Page, The
Focusing almost exclusively on the music of Senegal and Nigeria, this site offers discographies on most of the major African artists

African Odyssey Interactive Performance Profile
ARTS AND CULTURAL CONTEXT THINGS FALL APART STUDY GUIDES FOR THINGS FALL APART Study Guide by Paul Brians, Department of English, Washington State University. THINGS FALL APART: Chapter by Chapter Study Guide for the novel, including poem by Irish..

African Shop for African fashion and Nigerian fabric African Fashion - A collection of exciting African outfits combining style and comfort. All the outfits come in free style (i.e one size fits all).

AfroCentral Art by Ronke Lawal-Campbell
Browse an index of pencil sketches by artist R. Lawal-Campbell that were inspired by scenes of everyday life in Africa. is a Website that promotes Nigerian arts and entertainment to the world through the World Wide Web. is the perfect online destination for information and entertainment, also presents a variety of Nigerian media contents, ranging from audio to video, graphics to literature. At you can read exciting literature, listen to nice music, watch video clips, view interesting pictures, play challenging games and search the web.
Movies, Arts, Festivals, Artists, Crafts, Cinema, Plays, Theatres, Music, Sound Track, Tourists, Tourism, Directors Guild, Movie Directors, Lagos, Abuja, organizations

Amos Tutuola
Amos Tutuola (1920-1997) Nigerian writer, who gained world fame with his story THE PALM-WINE DRINKARD, which was found on Yoruba folktales, although in his own country he was accused of falsifications and uncivilicized language. The novel is a...

ARC Art and Culture Index
ARC Art and Culture Index Sculptor Sokari Douglas Camp recently exhibited a series of dramatic new works at the Museum of Mankind in London. Play & Display - Masquerades of Southern Nigeria shows a collection of vibrant and exciting new works from..

Archaeology in Northeastern Nigeria -
Study from the University of Frankfurt which examines what archaeology discoveries in northeastern Nigeria have revealed about the history and culture of the area.

Art-in-Nigeria: the most eclectic portal to Art and Visual Culture in Nigeria.
This is the home page of Art-in-Nigeria, a virtual gateway to modern Nigerian art and a major resource centre for students, artists, researchers and art lovers from all over the world. Arts, Artists, Arts, Art Fields, Art and Cultures, Modern arts ,20th Century Arts, Crafts, Art Exhibitions, Art Exhibits, Art Conferences.

Arthur Hall Home Page, The
Read about the internationally known dancer and choreographer who founded the Afro-American Dance Ensemble in Philadelphia, access a chronology of his work and learn about theYoruba culture and religion of Nigeria.

Art in the Shadow:
Expressive paintings born of Nigerian political strife depict violence and harsh conditions that reach beyond geographical borders.

Artistic Ecology - Divine Living Art - God Perfect Blue
Dedicated Global Peace and Ecologic Harmony God Perfect Blue ­ Shonew Risen (Womankind) Will Gender-Splice The Gene Pool of God's Universe Archive. Great spirit, God perfect, universe archive, universe ark, ark of the firmament, living earth, gia, perfect blue earth, perfect blue, artistic ecology, ecologic peace, big apple blue, savior loved ones, believe in miracles, indigenous love, cogent love, global warming, sea line, sea line movement, sea level movement, sea level, old growth, old growth spirit, dreams, nature dreams and calligraphy. - Africa
Featuring unique African art and artists.

Auchi Art School
In Auchi, there exist in an Institution which houses a school among others called the School of Arts and Design. The school of Art and Design came into being in the year 1974. At inception, it was known as Department of Fine Art with 17 Students, 6 Lecturers and Late Dada Osazuwa as the Head of Department. By 1978 it metamorphosed into a School of 3 departments, namely Sculpture/Ceramics, Graphic/Textile and Painting/General Art Department.

Nigeria LAGOS Theatre Companies AYOTA ARTS CENTRE. Manager(s) Taiwo Segun - Directeur du Centre personnel un petit noyau permanent dont la plupart des acteurs ne sont pas professionnels work premises Ayota Arts Centre - 31/33 Oyedeji Str. Ojo Rd...

Babylove Digital Centre
We are an outstanding digital imaging company in many ways. We offer professional studio and location video and photography in Nigeria. We came early in the digital age of photography in Nigeria. We brought local content digital photography to Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria as far back as 1997.

Bambiscomm: We are the Nigerian based Bureau de change for African Images / Pictures
Apart from our competencies in integrated marketing communications, we also speak in pictures, purely African pictures, pictures of African masquerades, pictures of traditional events, royal/traditional dancers and others purely traditional African pictures. african home decor, abuja, ibadan, kano, kaduna, enugu, aba, edo, abeokuta, ijebu, ondo, ekiti, osun, oshogbo, ogbomosho, ilorin,traditional dancers, african artifacts, african-inspired, photos, african decorating accessories, lagos, African masquerades, yoruba, hausa, ibos, igbo, ijaws, fulani, ghana, mali, west africa, west africans, liberia, benin, dancers, ethnic home decor, unique ethnic gifts.

Bayelsa Council for Arts and Culture
The Bayelsa State Council for Arts and Culture is dedicated to the preservation, promotion and fostering the appreciation, revival and development of Ijaw Arts and Culture. The Council performs regularly at various ocassions, to showcase the Ijaw culture and present another perspective to the world. They have performed both locally and internationally in countries as far away as China. Music, traditional dance, drama, opera, niger delta, cinema, films, photography, folklore, oral traditio

Bibi Artist from Nigeria
Bibi, a young and energetic Nigerian artist, was originally born as Bridget Oronya. She was born on the third of March 1986 in Lagos. Everybody calls her Bibi since then. Bibi is combining different styles. She's working with oil and glue on canvas, with ink or... with every material that fits her creative boost of the moment. Her work is difficult to describe with only a few words, it varies from traditional to modern African, from semi-abstract to abstract or symbolic, from rough to extremely elegant. But... all of it is very colourful in a relaxing way. Portraits, Oil and Glue Canvas, Drawings, Arts...

Big Brother Nigeria Television Show
Big Brother , the hit reality TV format, has so far been prime-time viewing in almost 70 countries. These shows have consisted of variations of the orginal core concept: 12 strangers, locked together in a house with wall-to-wall cameras and mics, all vying for in-house and international popularity in order to win a substantial cash sum, Shows, Television programs, TV, Entertainment, Adverts, Arts, Music, People, Movies, Africans, Broadcast, Games, Game Shows, Reality Shows, Reality.

Biography of Wole Soyinka   Wole Soyinka was born on 13 July 1934 at Abeokuta, near Ibadan in western Nigeria. After preparatory university studies in 1954 at Government College in Ibadan, he continued at the...

Bi-Okoto's Repertoire
IMPEX International brings them all to YOU Orisha (Festival of the Gods) . Find out how this can be brought to a Theatre near you, go to our Special Events page.. Our Repertoire APEPE This dance is from the Ijebu, a part of the Yoruba land...

Bi-Okoto African Drum & Dance - Arts & Culture
Bl-OKOTO DRUM & DANCE THEATRE is a non-profit cultural arts organization composed of highly talented artists. A majority of the artists were born into African families and are custodians of African arts and culture: Bi-Okoto members are now "ambassadors" of traditional African music and dance. Educational Programs, Classes, Art School, Performance, Special Events, Artists, ...

Black Smart
African-American cultural resources-books, videos, chat, ads, music, art. For people of African descent and all interested in that culture.

Buchi Emecheta
Buchi EMECHETA From Nigeria writing in English Traduction française London-based Nigerian novelist, Buchi EMECHETA was born in 1944, in Lagos. The author of novels, children books and short-stories, her work is truly prodigious in its scope. Her..

Camp, Sokari Douglas
Beautifully done exhibit by the Museum of Mankind (British Museum, London) of the sculpture of Kalabari-born artist Sokari Douglas Camp. Her work draws on the masquerades of the Kalabari and Yoruba.

Chapito NGO'S . Cultural, social and educational areas. Theatre Company, School of Arts. Circus, Music, Video.
Collectible Ornaments African prints, Navajo prints, Accessories, Clothing & Home Decorations. Many other Services and Information. Chiamaka is an Igbo name. It means "God is great/ wonderful/beautiful …" and so on. Though Chiamaka is a personal name, I chose it as the name of my company for several reasons.

Home of African Contemporary Art" an award winning African art and cultural site, owned and managed by an international renowned Nigerian Painter, Sculptor and Poet Chidi A. Okoye whose visual and literal works have been reviewed, published, exhibited and collected world wide. The paintr of the popular "Sorrows of Eve" and "Dawn of tomorrow".

This is the official Web site of award-winning Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, whose latest novel, HALF OF A YELLOW SUN, recreates a seminal moment in modern African history: Biafra- impassioned struggle to establish an independent republic in Nigeria, and the chilling violence that followed. This Web site includes more information about the author, her other published work--including her first novel, PURPLE HIBISCUS, for which she was awarded the Commonwealth Writers and detailed information and background about HALF OF A YELLOW SUN and the Nigeria-Biafra War that lasted from 1967-1970, including photographs, images, an extended bibliography and more.

Chinua Achebe's Awards and Honors
Chinua Achebe's Awards and Honors Added by Melissa Culross '92 [from Contemporary Authors] Margaret Wrong Memorial Prize, 1959, for Things Fall Apart Rockefeller travel fellowship to East and Central Africa, 1960 Nigerian National Trophy, 1961, for.

Chinua Achebe's Biography and Style
Chinua Achebe's Biography and Style Added by Melissa Culross [based upon Contemporary Authors] Albert Chinualumogu Achebe was born the son of Isaiah Okafo, a Christian churchman, and Janet N. Achebe November 16, 1930 in Ogidi, Nigeria.

Chinwe Chukwuogo-Roy
Chinwe Chukwuogo-Roy's talent spans a wide and varied canvas. She captures the essence of her subjects with her life studies in oils and pastels and has earned international recognition. Although the subjects nearest her heart are portraits in oils, the artist also sculpts in clay.

Corruption: An African Problem? by Tayo Olokode
Aliyu Hayatu of the Today News, wrote. 'Nigeria We Loot Thee'. Never have I read a more succinctly placed words, masterpiece and art of penmanship. So, excuse me your Hayatuness while I concur and borrow some of your words. 'Nigeria We Hail Thee' in

Covenant Keepers
This publication is written expressly on issues dealing with marital conflicts and how to solve them through the application of bibilcal principles.

Cross-Cultural Inspiration: Highlife Music of Ghana and Nigeria
This page from contains a short article discussing the influence of American jazz on modern African music. There are also links to related sights for more information.

Cultural Policy in Nigeria
© Copyright IRMO/Culturelink 1996 IN THIS DOCUMENT... Introduction General Directions of Cultural Policy Administrative and Institutional Structuress Public or Semi-public Bodies Non-governmental Cultural .

Dele Adeyemo
Writers Novelist African Literature Arts

Dele Adeyemo
All about Dele Adeyemo the British born Nigerian novelist / Poet also a Photo-journalist an publisher.- Novelists, Literature, Arts, Books.

Dina's Exclusive Necklaces
A collection of my necklaces which I made from material collected on my travels through West Africa, The Middle East and Asia- Italian Trading Beads, Millefiori, Chevron, Amber, Pearls, Coral, Coconut, Natural Stone, Glass and Bedouin Silver.

Dudu Arts, the art of Ife Fidudusola
Ife Fidudusola, African Art, African Textiles, African Woodcarving, Modern African Art, Nigerian Arts, Masks, Artificats, Yoruba Cultures, Crafts, South West, Oyo state, Osun State, Ile Ife..

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