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Mallam Shehu Oguocha
Mallam Shehu Oguocha Mallam Shehu Oguocha's Home Page Nonyelum , my Princess. This page is under construction. I don't know when or if it will ever be finished. So, treat me gently if I cannot satisfy you at this time.

Mary Onyali - Official Website Mary Onyali-Omagbemi has truly made a name for herself in the track and field world, establishing several prestigious marks on the way. Popularly called the Queen of Nigerian sprints, Mary continues to hold the Nigerian 200 meters record, and is still ranked in the top 10 of the collegiate all time list in both the 100 and 200 meters. Mary Onyali is a fighter, Mary Onyali does not give up, and she's a competitor who places extreme pressure on herself. Well all of these attributes brought a bronze at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. Sports, Wellness, Aerobics, Olympians, Athletics,   Runners, Track and Field, Hudles.

Michael Olowokandi: ESPN NBA Player Profile
Get the stats for No. 34 with the L.A. Clippers. The 7'0" center was born in Lagos, Nigeria, and played for the University of the Pacific before being chosen number one in the 1998 NBA Draft.

Mr Tokunbo Fernandez
Entertainment. Africa Awakening is a collaboration of the visual and spiritual concepts of art. Its founder, Mr. Tony Fernandez has organised several exhibitions and proetry concerts which attracted a wide audience around London.

My Edifice  Bola Amoo's Home Page. Letters and suggestions, thanks for all your comments and suggestions From:

Welcome To Bunmi's-ABOUT NIGERIA.. About Nigeria & Africa Arise O Compatriot Nigeria's Call Obey, to serve our fatherland, with love, and strength and faith. The labours of our heroes past shall never be in vain To serve with heart and might, one..

My Personal Page
Hi Kids! Do ya like primus? Wanna see me stick nine inch nails through each one of my eyelids? bonsoir! Welcome to Dolapo's Home Page. Cómó estás? Hi, my name is Dolapo Mowobi and below is a picture of my brother, my sister, and I. P.S. The girl...

Naija in N.Y.C
Information on Nigeria, the Yoruba culture and traditional religion. Links to various Nigerian resources.

Naija NetWork For Nigerians and Friends of Nigerians
Global database for world traveling Nigerians. Matching those who are going with those already there--thru the net

NAIJA RELATED STUFF! - Bookshop, University of Ibadan, Nigeria
Almost everything you ever wanted to know about Nigeria (aka Naija), and then some more. An introduction to the history of Sudanic Africa (the states of Mali, Songhay, Kanem-Bornu, and Hausaland).

Naija Romance Discussion Board
Meet that special someone via this Internet-based message board used by resident and expatriate Nigerians.

Ndidi Dike
There are many aspects to the different media that i use in creating my works over the last 20 odd years. This section of my site introduces the audience to works in Sculpture, Mixed Media, Cloth Series, Adire, Installations, Ebony and Totem Pole series. Exhibitions, lecturer, teaching, Portraits, Oil and Glue Canvas, Drawings, comtemporary arts, Metal Works, Metal Arts, Wood Carvings, Curators, Galleries, Artists, Arts...

Nigeria - Africa -
Chidi Ekechi's Home Page, this is my Web Page. I'm currently a 28 year old MBA student at Kent State University. When not studying, I coach boys teams in the Kent Soccer Club and an assistant at Kent Roosevelt High School.

Nigeria: Autopsy Results-Chief M.K.O. Abiola
Press Statement by James P. Rubin, Spokesman July 11, 1998 Nigeria: Autopsy Results-Chief M.K.O. Abiola The United States Government wishes to express its profound ..

Nigeria Directories (ND)
NigeriaDirectories.Com the global business center point for all Nigerian Business, Associations and Investors. Uniquely placed at the heart of the www industry, NigeriaDirectories.Com is the only "e destination" that guarrantees every company registered unlimited exposure to the ever expanding global market that remains specific to your product. Directory, Businesses, Promotions, Computers, Online Yellow Pages, Web Developers, Designers, Web Hosting, Internet Services, Banks, Lawyers, Law, Computer Sales and Services, Properties, Management, Real Estate, Automobiles, Marketers, Directories, Portals, People, Customs, Advertisement, Media, Organizations, Small Businesses, Accessories.

Nigeria: One Country, Many Cultures - A NATION OF MANY PEOPLE.          Welcome to my web site! Hello, my name is Emeka. My passion in life is computers! I love html, java, perl, web development and administration, programming, etc.

Our mission and goal is to build a worldwide community to promote communication, knowledge, humor and trade between all visitors to the site - whether they are looking for something or looking to showcase something. Businesses, Personal Web Sites, Directories, Portals, Europeans, Americans, Disaspora, News, Commentaries, Chat Rooms, Email Services, Sports, Football, Eagles, Organizations. Clubs, Parties, Politics, Investment, Technologies, Computers. Resources.

Nigerian Dateline- Personals : Singles : Romance : Friends
Black singles site; with 1000s of ads; a FREE community for those seeking friends and or relationships. african dating, afro-caribbean singles, african american singles,nigerian ladies, nigerian girls, nigerian men, black dating, ethnic dating, heterosexual, igbo, yoruba, dating, relationship, blacks in london, message forums, hausa, romance, marriage, blackdating, relationship, chat, message forums.

Nigerian Pidgin Sayings - Lolá's home page
"Some pidgin sayings and their translations" by Gaga Ekeh. On the home page of a graduate student at Univ. of Pennsylvania, Omolola Ogunyemi.Welcome to Lolá's home page.

NIGERIAN RESOURCES The following are some of the great Nigerian sites that you might want to consider visiting. ASABA ON-LINE This is perhaps the best Nigerian related websight on the internet. Asaba people have once again proven that they are...

Nigerian Singles
Webtroductions LLC Presents Nigerian Singles - Click with someone today! dating, dating service, singles, personals, personal ad, matchmaking, romance, date, love, girl, man, woman, relationships, Yoruba, Ibo, Igbo, Hausa, Fulani, Tiv, Itsekiri, Ijaw, Ibibio, Urhobo, Isoko, Igala, Igbirin, Kanuri...

Nigerians In London
A practical meeting point for the Nigerian Community. This club is basically for people to formulate friendship, undertake social & professional networking, exchange intelligent ideas, give advice and general support. Also an opportunity to learn about other cultures in Nigeria

Obasanjo, General Olusegun
1999 Presidential Candidate of the People's Democratic Party and winner of the Feb. 27, 1999 presidential election with 62.8% of the vote.

obi's web page
Premier Page. Obi's Page Wow you finally made it in! Hurray!! Welcome to my home page. Its a pleasure to have you here. Please take time to explore all the links below and get to know a little more about me. (Not much but enough) Feel free to make..

Ogbaru Home Page
The Ogbaru people are mainly farmers, fisherman, river traders and educators. Ogbaru people were among the first to embrace the Western education because of their strategic locations along the banks of the River Niger.
Members of the various Ogbaru USA Chapters who may wish to suggest an update to their Chapter information, should please contact their branch representative/focal point listed below.

Ojukwu & the Yorubas' - Nigerian Business Galleria Townhall [ Home | Contents | Post
| Reply | Next | Previous | Up ] Ojukwu & the Yorubas. Category: Politics Date: 22 Jan 1999 Time: 02:34:49 Comments

Oloruntoba Family Homepage -    WELCOME to our Homepage. This site is a family interest one. Our aim is to use this medium for keeping in touch with our family members and friends all over the world.

Olubunmi Faleye
Welcome! My name is Olubunmi Faleye. You are welcome to my home page. I have organized this page into different categories for easy browsing. Please stay around and explore my world. I hope you like what you see. Suggestions for improvement are...

Oluwatoyin Albert OGUNNAIKE 5 Akinhanmi Street, P. O. Box 5686, Surulere, Lagos, Lagos State Nigeria. January 1994-Date Toyin Ogunnaike & Co, Chartered Accountants,,Principal Partner Toyin Ogunnaike & Co, is a professional...

Onitsha Ado Improvement Union  A welcome message by the president of Onitsha Ado Improvement union, New York branch.

QueenDulce's Home Page
QueenDulce I am a 15-year-old Nigerian-American female from the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.I am 5'7" ,shoulder-length dark hair,brown eyes,medium complexion.I like all types of music but mostly rap, R+B, house and especially GO-GO. Welcome to Festus Oyedele's Homepage. We have a deal for you.

Philip Emeagwali - The most comprehensive source of information on anything related to Philip Emeagwali.

Raqib Bashorun
Art: This body of work doubles as a stock taken of events bothering on the mysteries of existence, and the search for utopia, which raises the question of how and where to look. In constructing these soulful surfaces, in practice the phenomenon of “ruin and renewal” is engaged in relevance to the condition of the material, which, is used with profound passion. Functional Arts, Pure Arts, Fine Arts, Sculptures, Exhibitions, Galleries, Lecturers, Professor, Art Education, Portraits, Oil and Glue Canvas, Drawings, comtemporary arts, Metal Works, Metal Arts, Galleries, Artists.

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