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Home enter a word or phrase: home people sports fun facts life world u.s. science homework center Visit our main site for even more information! Encyclopedia Awolowo, Obafemi Pronunciation: [ôbäfA´mE äwOlO´wO] (key) 1909 87, Nigerian.

Encyclopedia Smithsonian:SIW Nigerian Art Reading List
Dedicated to exploring the full scope of modern culture, Smithsonian World was produced by the Smithsonian Institution and WETA-TV between 1984 and 1991 and examined a variety of...

Femi Olawole - Author of The Price of A Reckless Past, which deals with the marriage institution and African cultures and orientations.
I'm an Author, Poet, Columnist, Blogger and Speaker.  I'm also into consultancy---manuscript editing, proof-reading and ghost writing. As a public speaker, Olawole has been privileged to speak at various occasions and places such as colleges, high schools, religious gatherings, Kwanzaa celebration and family re-unions. His subjects have covered different issues such as the followings. Nigerian Authors, Yoruba, South West, Arts, Writers, His literary works, on the other hand, have given him the pedestals to contribute, across the world, columns to newspapers, essays to journals and poems to anthologies.  And as a personal philosophy, he has endeavored---most often---to craft his essays, works of poetry and books as a social commentary on his immediate environments.

Handmade oil paintings of well - known surrealistic, impressionistic and cubistic artists... art, posters, frames, masks...

Gallery Chiefs and Spirits -  Dedicated to the promotion of contemporary African art, including the work of Zimbabwean and Nigerian artists.

G. I. Jones -- S.E. Nigerian Art and Culture
Welcome to the - G. I. Jones - Photographic Archive of Southeastern Nigerian Art and Culture This is an archive of digitized photographs depicting the arts and cultures of southeastern Nigeria. The collection includes examples from Ibibio, Igbo...

Gwendolyn Doak
Gwendolyn Doak Below are links to all of the archived ECLIPSE articles written by this person. Articles Alpha Kappa Alpha Hosts Black Artists at Annual Happy Hour (November 25, 1997) Interactive Nigerian Exhibit at the National Museum of African...

Flora Nwapa page
Flora Flora Nwapa Nigerian Literature - Cries of Protest Nigerian literature expresses the struggles of a country that has survived the exploitation of colonialism and capitalism as well as the devastation of civil war and authoritarianism. Given...

Fulani Woman: Ram Images
Displays a photograph of a Fulani woman, but most of the page profiles the entire ethnic group, discussing historical heritage, economy and social status.

H A R R Y  S A R A T O G A
An informal monthly survey of art, design, fashion, and music as seen through a fresh tilted view. Submissions accepted from artists.

Great sight for the Igbos.It has several images relating to Igbo culture and tradition. It can only get better. Visit and see for yourself. Igbo people inhabit the large and fertile region of the lower Niger river and its adjoining territories.The current population is estimated at around 30 million people.

Ijele: Art eJournal of the African World
Ijele: Art eJournal of the African World , an ejournal devoted to the promotion of research and scholarship of importance to the global African community and friends of Africa. We are proud to be a viable force in the international arena of African studies.

Ile Orunmila African Imports
Based in San Bernadino, California. Sells musical instruments, Nigerian tapes, palm kernel nuts, chewing sticks, cowrie shells consecrated for divination, Ogboni sash, etc.

ImagensReal: Dante Ozzetti
Brazilian born jazz musician Dante Ozzetti is transforming the Brazilian music scene by creating an eclectic mix of rhythms on his latest cd, "Ultrapássaro". Entertainners, concert

indigenous - Cultural Survival NativeWeb NativeNet Aboriginal Links Roma
History Ugbajo Itsekiri Itsekiri Survival Movement (ITSURMOV) Canada Canada-Indian Treaties Gathering Strength: Canada's Aboriginal Action Plan Eastern Europe The School of..

Integrity Ministries
A site with resources to enrich your life! A page for your children as well. No banners!. Religions, Organizations, Christians, Christianity, Clubs, Revivals, Worshippers, Churches, Jesus Christ, Lord, God, Believers, Prayers, Followers, Disciples. 

International Models Database and Cool Wallpapers
Do you want to be model? Do you want to be seen? Hundred beautiful women and men. Cool Wallpapers. Enjoy  in our world! Choose the next world top model! Win with us! models, model, supermodel, supermodels, desktop, desktops, cool, portfolios, portfolio, scouting, agencies, fashion, topmodels, forums, bulletin boards, naomi campbell, kurkova,tyra banks, tyra, alexi, gisele, kate moss, claudia schiffer, devon, model agency, new york model agencies, elite models, q models, boss models, ford models, img models, women model management, company model management, next models, dna, click models,   style, stylist, culture, nyc, new york city, manhattan, zine, ezine, clubs, nightclubs, clubguide, nightlife,

International Soprano Jennifer Bynum
A brief biographical history of Jennifer Bynum and recorded Negro Spirituals.

Internet Bible Study
An interactive Bible study course entitled "Are You Sure Of Your Eternal Salvation?" consisting of 25 lessons.

ITC Virtual Exhibition: Artisanal products, company Profile
ITC UNCTAD/WTO Virtual Exhibition Centre Company profile: GEMINI GLOBAL ENTERPRISES LTD. ABUJA, NIGERIA About the company In 1992 Mrs. Yasmin Othman and family formed Gemini Global Enterprises. She collects arts and crafts produced in the villages..

Janet GOLDNER African-Influenced Steel Sculpture
Biddington's visits the artist's studio of sculptor Janet Goldner who work is touched by the art and architecture of West Africa.

Ink/Colored Pencils ** Ajayi is a multi-talented artist. Besides being a visual artist, he's an actor, poet, writer and television producer. In 1991, he made his acting debut in the musical Sing...

Kanem Bornu and the Hausa Kingdoms - historical overview Kanem was originally a confederation of various ethnic groups, but by 1100AD, a peoples called the Kanuri settle in Kanem and in the thirteenth century the Kanuri began upon a conquest of their neighbors.

Ken Saro-Wiwa:  Ken Saro-Wilwa was executed by the Nigerian Government on November 10th, 1995. He was recipient of the 1995 Goldman Environmental Prize for Africa and he founded the Movement for the Survival of the Orgoni People in Nigeria's Rivers State.

Ken Saro-Wiwa Overview - includes biography, works, themes, and more   -:Ken Saro-Wiwa Overview - includes biography, works, themes, and more.

Kilima - Nigeria
Nigeria news, documentary and search from Kilima...

Kingdoms of the Medieval Sudan
An introduction to the history of Sudanic Africa (the states of Songhay, Kanem-Bornu, and Hausaland.) Discusses trade and Islam.

King Sunny Ade - All-Music Guide
Browse the biography available in six different languages, or view the discography. With links to King Sunny Ade and His African Beats.

Kolade Oshinowo
Kolade Oshinowo, the Master painter and portraitist, a veritable storehouse of creative genius. Over the years Kolade Oshinowo has consistently produced engaging works drawing the viewer in as a participant rather than an admirer. His paintings engage the world around him; communicating that indeed “art is life”. Arts, Art Portraits, Paintings, Frames, Art Gallery, Galleries, Artists, Creators, Collector's Arts, Master Piece.

Kuti, Fela - All-Music Guide
Examine the thorough biography of the inventor of Afro-beat, or rate any of Fela's many recordings. With related artist links.

Lightacandle: Munachi's Homepage of African Christian Inspiration
Features inspirational African poetry, quotes, stories, jokes, African theology, Bible studies, free Sunday homilies updated weekly.

Maison De France
French Cultural Center- French Alliance Organization, Language, French Programme, Educational Programme, Poetry, Library, Books, Dance, Internet Cafe. Top Wedding Photographer in Nigeria
MOdAMO.COM is a top photography outfit based in Lagos, Nigeria. Since 1999 We have consistently provided professional photography services ranging from weddings, to portraiture, to interior and architectural photography. Our passion for excellence; creativity and professionalism has endeared us to a wide array of discerning clients, at home and abroad.

Mumuye, Nigeria: Art in Context
Displays a human figure created by the Mumuye, an isolated group that has avoided Islamization. A brief paragraph explains the importance of figurines in this culture.

Museum Security Network
Site for information on threats to the world's museums. Little on Africa but has an article on thefts from Nigerian museums.

MYDRIM Gallery
Our objectives are provision of a conducive environment for the sale of quality artworks, promotion of talented artists and education of the public on the essence of art in human life. Arts, Art Portraits, Paintings, Frames, Art Gallery, Galleries, Artists, Creators, Collector's Arts, Master Piece.

National Gallery of Art, Nigeria
The National Gallery of Art is a parastatal of the Federal Ministry of Tourism, Culture and National Orientation, Nigeria responsible for the collection, preservation, documentation and presentation of Nigeria's contemporary plastic arts, with headquarters at the prowling city of Abuja, capital of Nigeria but with branches in the six geo-political zones of the Country.

Ndidi Dike
There are many aspects to the different media that i use in creating my works over the last 20 odd years. This section of my site introduces the audience to works in Sculpture, Mixed Media, Cloth Series, Adire, Installations, Ebony and Totem Pole series. Exhibitions, lecturer, teaching, Portraits, Oil and Glue Canvas, Drawings, comtemporary arts, Metal Works, Metal Arts, Wood Carvings, Curators, Galleries, Artists, Arts...

New York State Writers Institute - Wole Soyinka
Wole Soyinka Air Date: WMHT, Channel 17, Saturday, May 15, 1999, 6:00 p.m. Air Date: WMHQ, Channel 45, Wednesday, May 19, 1999, 9:30 p.m Hear Wole Soyinka talk about his writing. Wole Soyinka, Nobel prize-winning playwright, poet, and novelist, is..

.Nigeria: Languages & Greetings
You will find an introduction to the Yoruba language with a pronunciation guide that you can hear for a variety of the more difficult sounds and phrases.

Nigerian & African Video Films Forum - Home
Nigerian and African Professional filmmakers discussion forum, a place for all serious aspirants and Nollywood enthusiasts to interact. TV, Entertainment, Adverts, Arts, Music, sithengi, nigerian, nollywood, filmmakers, pro, professional, aspiring, top, actors, afirca, forum, discussion, cinema, video, films, sola, videos, cinema, artists, celebrities, osofisan, camera, cameraman, videography, bulletin board.
Home of Nigerian Arts and Artists on the Internet. Nigeria Arts, Nigerian Arts, Nigerian Artists, Nigerian Music, Lagos, Femi, Fela, Kuti, Lagbaja, Sunny Ade, Fela Kuti, African art, King Sunny Ade, Nigeria Music, African Arts, Femi Kuti, Nigeria Arts Culture, Africa Arts, Yoruba, Ibo, Igbo, Hausa, Rakumi, Nigerian, Sculpture, Literature, African Mask, African aesthetics, Olisadebe, Nico Mbanga, Sonny Okosun, Salawatu Abeni, Christy Essien, Nigerian aesthetics, Post-colonial, arts and culture, Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe, Ken Saro Wiwa, fuji, juju, nigerian film, african film Nigerian Art.

Nigeria: Arts Overview
Nigeria: Arts Overview The Aesthetics of African Arts Civilizing Scars Strength, Health, Fecundity, and Beauty Wealth, Health, and Beauty African Attitudes toward Art Objects: the BaLega Yoruba Aesthetics: Theories and Attitudes Mask Sculpture.

nigerian artists Chika Okeke, "Tyranny and Democracy", 1994 Georgina Beier, untitled, 1985 Adebunmi Fabunmi , "Missionary Activity in West Africa", 1969 Yusuf Grillo.

Nigerian Art & Culture
Nigerian versatility in art is so great that it is generally felt that all African nations should view Nigeria as the principal trustee of the most durable fruits of black artistic genius. The oldest sculptures found in Nigeria were from the Southern Zaria and Benue areas of central Nigeria. They consist of terracotta figures and figurines made by a people who achieved a high degree of cultural sophistication. These sculptures, together with other cultural elements, have been named the Nok Culture.

Nigerian Arts & Culture Directory
The official  website created to be a repository of  all works of art, artists, writers, musicians, art centres, tourist sites, museums and monuments, festivals, film, indigenous games, fashion, languages, cuisines and culinary institutions, practitioners and stakeholders, etc., of Art, Culture and Tourism in Nigeria.

Nigerian Entertainment Online Magazine
Movie, music, book review, model search, interactive forums, live radio and lots more... Your number one source for the Nigerian Entertainement Industry giving you a look at movies, music, books, fashion, beauty and more.

Owing to the ravaging influences of Western civilization and the non-chalant attitudes of Nigerians to the appreciation, promotion and preservation of our culture, some of our indigenous music like Highlife, Apala, Fuji, Juju, Makosa, Hausa, Ibo, Yoruba, Ijaw, Ibibio, Tiv, Kanuri, Igala, Sakara, Kalangu, etc, the instruments with which they are played, our appreciation of the musicians themselves and their hit tracks are gradually vanishing in our memories. In Nigeria today, our indigenous music is losing face and morals, and the younger generation are being assimilated into druggish culture. What we now listen to is organised noise . This website seeks to keep alive the memories of some strong breeds amongst Nigerian musicians for those who care to learn from the past so as to affect their future.

Nigerian Fabrics & Fashions
Nigerian Fabrics and Fashions takes the opportunity to thank our past customers for their loyalty and support over the past nine years. To those customers, who are meeting us for the first time, we welcome you to the family of the Nigerian Fabrics..

Nigerian Languages Website -   Description of a new website containing information on Nigerian langauges

Nigerian Literature: Oral and Written Traditions
Nigerian Literature: Oral and Written Traditions Laura C. Gardner '94, EL 32 [Semester I, 1990] Wole Soyinka's A Shuttle in the Crypt, contains poems such as "O Roots!" and "When Seasons Change" which obviously hark back to Nigerian ancestry and...

Nigerian Lyrics: Fastest Growing and Largest Collection of Nigerian Lyrics
Nigerian Lyrics dot Net is Nigeria's foremost dedicated lyrics website. The website has the ambitious goal of building the largest collection of Nigerian songs' lyrics on the Internet. With the proliferation of Internet use in Nigeria, a need arose. The need is to provide Nigerians with the Lyrics of their favorite songs. Naija Lyrics, Nigerian Lyrics, Nigerian Artists, Nigerian Songs, Naija, Artists, Music, Songs, Nigerian Lyrics Reviews.

Nigerian Music
France's National Audiovisual Institute sponsors this site on Nigerian music, with an alphabetical listing of musicians and groups and their albums. Also organized by musical style

Nigerian Recipes: Smithsonian Institute
In the mood for a little pounded yam or melon seed soup? These and other tasty delicacies come with ingredients, instructions and a list of equipment you'll need to prepare each dish. Food, Nigerian dishes, Dish, Arts, Masks, Statues.

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